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  1. I hope not memorial day, I could have made it this year if it were a week later, but I have exams the week after. Literally, I have nothing at all planned now until the end of July.
  2. You should discuss that with them. How many people can possibly own a Colorado in your city?
  3. The link to the release is here: http://www.geomatejr.com/ To download the software they said they have, click the word "Here" or head to: http://geomatejr.appspot.com/geomateQtGuiApp.exe
  4. The link to the release is here: http://www.geomatejr.com/ To download the software they said they have, click the word "Here" or head to: http://geomatejr.appspot.com/geomateQtGuiApp.exe
  5. blb9556

    PQ Troubles

    Just fixed it. Thanks!
  6. blb9556

    PQ Troubles

    Welcome to the forums! I'm downloading them in GSAK right now, via the update with the API. They seem to be downloading...
  7. blb9556

    PQ Troubles

    I hate posting topics, as I always fear someone has already started one of similar discussion. Is anyone else having issues running PQ's tonight? I sent one to go an hour ago and it still hasn't ran.
  8. I love how people are all like "well I can't go caching because the website is down" blah blah blah, I'd love to see those people run the website
  9. Once I found a cache that was in a poison ivy bush,against a tree with the vines going up it. Didn't wash, kept caching for 5 hours and no PI. Walked thru it countless times and haven't ever gotten it. Same thing with other members of the family. Guess I was born to be a cacher Just wish I could share that attribute with everyone else.
  10. I remember you saying at MWGB you had it..... Can't assume the cacher was at MWGB. Email kcepenn, he should be able to help
  11. Basically just keep talking when you call Garmin....
  12. Get the GC too. I occasionally use my iPhone with my handheld, especially under heavy tree cover. As people said, the GC is much more rugged, and the entire device is geared towards caching and nothing else. If you don't have insurance on your iPhone, you drop it or whatever, you get to pay a nice $630 (assuming you have the 16GB model )
  13. Yes. In the notifications area, when you see all of the notifications you have set. Basically you have to create duplicates of those but at the bottom put in a different email address. You have to do that for each one.
  14. I appreciate the fact that you're following up on those that are claiming to complete the challenge when in fact the didn't complete the challenge. It's kind of mind boggling that when issuing a challenge to take a photo of a specific river that someone will claim to have completed the challenge while knowingly posting a photo of a completely different river. Hopefully, after the novelty wears off we'll start seeing more challenge creators that have some pride in what they've created and will politely inform those that are not actually completing the challenge as intended that "no, you did not complete the challenge" as you have done. At least we don't have, take a photo with some cacher no one ever sees.
  15. Yeah this is just stupid. Some police already hate running into us, let along us asking them for a favor.
  16. No thanks. Reviewers have zero involvement with this new feature. It was designed that way and must stay that way. If you mean "get a new group of volunteers to help Groundspeak with these", that's a different question Hey Keystone. Yes different reviewers. I could not possibly imagine you guys publishing all these.
  17. This challenge system needs to disappear ASAP, sorry yours included. If it mean't all of them going, I wouldn't even care losing mine. Groundspeak really does not want us making worldwide it sounds. They have a feedback area to suggest worldwide challenges.
  18. Yep, I was wrong. They do count. A lot are armchair. Reviewers anyone?
  19. The lackeys said they were bringing back virtuals. Some challenges, like the one I posted above are virtuals. I guess worldwide is locationless, but most are armchair. At least when we had locationless, we actually had to walk outside.
  20. Challenges do not count as caches? Armchair challenges are going to be bad
  21. Ike, yes I did change it. I could not imagine a challenge that is simply take a pic with corn.
  22. Paddle cacher, yeah I've noticed. I bet they change the ratings to be like geocaches so you have to find it first.
  23. Probably should be so you can only rate after you do it. This is happening to a lot of othe challenges too. War of the challenges.
  24. http://www.geocaching.com/challenges/view.aspx?cx=CX7
  25. Don't make fun of the corn. It's location sensitive. We have a concrete corn field in my town. You take it there. It states a location.
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