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  1. I wouldn't say you are a snob, but choosy, as others had said. I have often had high expectations of a cache, only to get there and do more CITO than caching - sometimes recording a DNF for the cache. hikers say "hike yourenjoy own hike", and I think caching is the same way. Look for what you want to look for, and enjoy the game. I tend to remember the drive to the cache, the scenery, etc. For every boring cache I've found, I can think of 5 that have given me some good memories, stories, and sometimes scars.
  2. well, after reading other posts, i think I answered my own question...it is now marked as missing.
  3. I had a travel bug on my cachemobile but had to trade it in...how do I retire the bug that was on the old vehicle?
  4. thanks for the help...think I have it figured out now!
  5. I have a TB on my vehicle; I wanted to show it as being "taken" to a chace so I could get some mileage, but I dont have the option. I have tried to move it to inventory,and to keep it in my collection> How do I "take" it and get the mileage?
  6. I want to place an EC, as they are my favorite type of cache to find. I am also very much a student of weather, particularly severe weather. I want to buildn an EC around the Tri-State tornado of 1925, and the damage it caused. would be a great educational opportunity. Meteorology is an earth science, so would this type of cache work as an EC?
  7. I'll take a stab at 23. Nice coin. If I don't win, I need to order it!
  8. I have found a few that used lines in trees...one in the same woods I deer hunt in, and still took me three trips and a PAF to find. Another looked like a squirrel sitting on a branch - took forever to locate the 550 cord to lower the cache, but was very cool. The best was a two litre bottle sewn into a stuffed animal (skunk). Have scars from running from the cache in fear of getting sprayed.
  9. US Navy Seabees, 1989-1994 Active Duty. Indiana NG, 1997-98 US Navy Reserve Seabees, 1998-present Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist Operation Desert Shield/Storm Operation Enduring Freedom x2 Operation Noble Eagle Packing the seabag now for another ride.
  10. This is why we carry extra logs on caching trips...
  11. If you're taking the kids, take some water or other drinks for them. Don't forget the camera as well! When I first started taking my daughter, I found several good photo ops to have pics with her. Most of all, have fun.
  12. Gonna try to make it (as long as the wrist is in a cast, Uncle Sam can't take me away to that bad place). We talked at Moonshine at the picnic table right before the raffle. Good to meet you finally!
  13. seabee89

    ISQ Finds

    Nice! We need to start one for Southern Indiana and the Vincennes area.
  14. I would love to purchase any version of this coin if there are any left over, or if you re-issue. They look great!
  15. I have found some proxies, and have moved them on. I totally understand why proxies are used, but also know the feeling of finding the actual coin. I'm good with either.
  16. How would I find out the amount of coins minted and the date released? I am making a spreadsheet for keeping track of a GC collection I have just started (by buying the coins only) and would like to include this for informational purposes.
  17. Blue and Red are back for a little while in the store. Here are the direct links: Crimson Tide Nickel Blue Just purchased one of each, blue and red. Great looking coins for my first purchase. In fact, these coins made me want to start collecting GC (the proper way!).
  18. You've got the perfect job for this. Welcome to the game.
  19. Try LEGS...Little Egypt Geocaching Society. There's a yahoo groups page at LittleEgyptGeocachingSociety@yahoogroups.com
  20. CACHESTATS has a great map, like INATN. I use this. It automatically opens your "my finds" query and you can then copy and paste to your user profile.
  21. I'll post a DNF if I looked, and wasn't successful. I always ask tose looking for my caches to post one so I can at lest check on it. At the very least, I can help newbies find one using a PAF, and possibly get the favor returned later on! I think DNFs are part of geocaching, so I'll post one if I can't find the cache I'm looking for. It's good for laughs at the next event at any rate (trust me, I've been laughed at a few times. Well, chuckled at anyway).
  22. Thought about a CITO...going to deploy very soon, so some friends may have to start. Thanks for the suggestions.
  23. Short of posting a message on the Midwest Area board, how could I find cachers in my area? We have a lot of new cachers (12+, probably college kids) here recently, and thoughts of a club or group are forming. Am I making this more complicated than I need to? Many of these new cachers are getting DNFs on alot of our caches due to the uniqueness of the caches, and I hate to see them get frustrated this early. We could help with that as well in a group. Thanks!
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