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  1. I used the Geocaching.com app for Android this week and noticed curiously that the app used .24GB of foreground data and .44GB of background data. What is the purpose of this app using almost 1/4 of my data allotment for just background data?
  2. Same here - Garmin sent me two different units on top of the one I purchased and all were awful. Traded in and paid the difference for the Oregon 700 and couldn't be happier.
  3. I got feed up with the issues with this unit after three different units were experiencing the same problems that I ended up trading it in and paying the difference for an Oregon 700. Couldn't be happier.
  4. Just got an FTF on a cache that had been published for two days presumably because there was no notification email. I didn't get one and I asked several friends and they didn't get one either. GC6PNNZ
  5. I am considering upgrading to this device from my Dakota 20 - have the freezing issues been resolved with the newer firmware?
  6. I got an email for a trackable of mine and wanted to see the cache it was placed into. The GC code for the cache is GCEC8, but the email took me go GLEC8. Caught me off guard for a moment because the "GLEC8" log is on an archived cache only 20 miles from my house. Here is the text of the email, with the relevant part bolded at the bottom: You are receiving this email because you are the owner of this listing. Location: California, United States myersjj placed Soaring Eagle Geocoin #145 - Acceptance (Soaring Eagle Geocoin) in Green Thumb at 11/12/2011 Log Date: 11/12/2011 Dropped in Green Thumb Visit this log entry at the below address: http://coord.info/TL2AB6C2 Visit Soaring Eagle Geocoin #145 - Acceptance http://coord.info/TB3AA26 Profile for myersjj: http://coord.info/PR2QJZF Green Thumb http://coord.info/GLEC8 Thanks!
  7. Good, some peoples' workplaces allow GC.com, but not YouTube (and you can get in trouble for video streaming), so shoving auto-loading videos down peoples' throats is never a good thing. I've had to use a different news site since they started putting auto-loading videos on the pages, and we get in trouble for streaming video.
  8. Add me to the list of (Not Published) in my email for my published caches. No special scripts or anything. You are receiving this email because you are the owner of this listing. Location: Missouri, United States Chia53 found Casualty (Not Published) (Traditional Cache) at 11/10/2010 Log Date: 11/10/2010 Thrid time is a charm for me on this one! TFTC Visit this log entry at the below address: http://coord.info/GL4PXY01 Visit Casualty http://coord.info/GC2DEF6 Profile for Chia53: http://coord.info/PR44H19
  9. PARKING! Please post parking coordinates to your caches. I'd rather search for the cache, not search for parking.
  10. Open the cache page. Just below the coordinates is a distance "from your home coordinates" - what is that distance? S 1.5 mi from your home coordinates. It is also listed that way on the "filter out finds" option, where it is second on the list, in correct order, between a 0.8 and a 1.6 miles. Chances are you are using a different set of coordinates for your instant notification than your house. Check your notifications at http://www.geocaching.com/notify/ and confirm that the origin coordinates all match your home coordinates. DOH! Thanks, it's just that not many events post that close to me and that one just stuck out. I have no idea how the coordinates that were in there got there anyway.
  11. Open the cache page. Just below the coordinates is a distance "from your home coordinates" - what is that distance? S 1.5 mi from your home coordinates. It is also listed that way on the "filter out finds" option, where it is second on the list, in correct order, between a 0.8 and a 1.6 miles.
  12. I just had a cache that was published 1.5 miles from my home, but the notification email says it's 4.5 miles from home. Cache in question is GC2FMK4. This is the first notification I have received since the site upgrade, so I don't know if it has something to do with that.
  13. I found one under what must have been a 20-pound skirt at a Texas rest stop. Take a look at the picture of the guy sitting the wall; you can see the skirt on the pole behind him. Yes, it's that big! GC1J8XY
  14. This was a forum long before the 5/5 discussion. He had a large amount of booty in the cache container when this started, and it had well been plundered by the 10th find. By the time we got to it, there were at most 10 trackables (I didn't get a real good count as it had started raining) and I think a $1 bill. And the notes about the 5/5 are a good read as it seems to be a microcosm for all sorts of opinions on what merits a 5/5.
  15. I'm going to be up in the area for two months for work. So I will have lots of free time to cache. I'm looking for good places to hook up with people and go caching. I end up going into work nearly every day, so there won't be many opportunities for 'full day' excursions, but I still would like to cache with someone. Before you ask, I am flying up a few days early to get the triad and to hit Canada (not literally!) So, I guess my questions are: - Are there any good message boards for the area? - Would you like to go caching with me? Email me for availability. My travel dates are 9/30 and 11/22. - Caches that I must try for in the area? Don't mind high difficulty, but I really try to stay away from high terrain on the road.
  16. I found a cache the other day which was hidden at the beginning of June, and about a week later, after the first few finds, the wasp logs starting coming in. So after having a close encounter with them (and several others fighting them just to get at an LPC), I decided to go spray them. I picked the day because it was going to rain that evening and wash all that spray off. Limits the risk. Turns out the wasps were angry because there were like eight larva there. Considering the poison will be gone by the time they hatch, the wasps may continue to occupy the post. Anyone know if wasp spray works on unhatched larva? DISCLAIMER: In nearly 3 1/2 years in caching, this was my first major encounter with wasps while caching. Don't like the things. Plus I have no idea if I will break out in hives if stung, so that's why I went the macabre route. EDIT: Just looked at the can of wasp spray I used. Doesn't mention anything about being less harmful after drying, but all the precautions address getting hit while sprayed. I would think that stuff would knock you cold, but it just seems to be an irritant. *shrug*
  17. I know it's a bit late, but try http://mogeo.ipbhost.com/
  18. I regret to inform anyone who was interested in this coin that the collection was stolen from our rental car while Webscouter and I were on the trail to claim the Project APE cache. Our vehicle was one of two that were broken into and every one of this coin, along with my entire personal collection, my passport, Webscouter.'s USB GPS, his power inverter, and multiple cables and splitters were all stolen. A combined value of around $1000 dollars, about $700 of which were geocoins. By the way, we could use any assistance out there. If anyone happens to see these coins pop up on eBay anytime soon, especially in a larger quantity, please contact the King's County Sheriff's office at (206)296-4155 with information regarding the account trying to sell them and whatever ID number is associated with that particular sale, alongside contacting me. Sorry to anyone hoping to purchase this coin but thought I would post an update. I also have a complete list of coin codes, so this afternoon I will be retrieving all the coin codes, activating them, and leaving a 'nice note' on all of them. If they were to be found and to get into my or Trip's hands, I'll either use them myself or adopt them out.
  19. I won't be able to go, but TripCyclone will have some of my personal coins in tow. Coins come in three finishes: Nickel, Copper, Gold, and only the Gold color has epoxy. Will also trade for others' coins, but most will be for sale. I'm trying to raise some funds to create a new geocoin and I'm hoping they'll go like gangbusters
  20. I applied for the Platinum EC Master on May 2 and have not received the package yet. Colorado is a great place to help increase your EC numbers I have 27 finds in 8 states and 3 placements in 3 states.
  21. My father, who is still alive to this date, and will live for a long time afterwards (he is 68 right now, in excellent health), I have to consider my best friend in life. He is the type of person who will just walk up to kids and chat with them. Now, this can be embarrassing at times, but I know where he comes from, being his son and all. He currently drives a school bus, where he can interact with children and enrich their lives every day. I believe that he is making up to kids as he could never seem to get along with his older children from a different marriage. They still currently do not see eye to eye. He has always been there when I needed him. When I fell off my bicycle and had three small pieces of gravel embedded in my knee in the wound, instead of rushing me to the hospital, he took them out himself. I always ran my school essays through him for his insight, as he is great with words. He always involved me with house projects, no matter how time-consuming and difficult, because he wanted me to learn a few things about fixing things around the house. Of course, I didn't like it then, but now that I own a house on my own, I know how valuable that knowledge is. Whenever I need a helping hand with any project, large or small, he is always the first person to lend me a hand. The first time I was in a car accident, which totalled my car, he blew off work and drove right to the accident site. I had hydroplaned on the left side of the highway and spun out in the middle of the road, then was T-boned by a semi. Another few inches to the front of the car and I would've been meat. Now imagine him getting in that car and driving it back home. He then lent me the rest of the money (interest free) to purchase a new car. Took me four years to pay him off, but never once did he want extra money. When I graduated college and there was no need for the rest of the money, he gave it to me as a birthday present, whereas many parents would just keep the excess. One of my favorite stories of his is when the draft was instituted for the Vietnam War. When he went in to fill out his draft card, it was uneventful. When his name came up in the draft, he received a notification that he was not eligible for the draft. Why? The clerk who took his information down accidentally put his birthday down as the date he registered for the draft! When he bought me my first video game console, he would sit down with me nearly every day and play games with me. (At least until I got too good at them! ) His work would give him free Royals tickets, and he always got the game that was on my birthday, so for many years I got to go to the ballpark and watch them play. Whenever I am out of town nowadays he will take care of my house, including my yardwork, when I have an extended trip for business. He will sit at my house if I need something repaired during the day so I don't have to take off work. He has had some health problems, which has allowed me to avoid and prepare for certain things. I can remember when he was having heart problems in 2001. He was in the hospital multiple times as his heart was going into atrial fibrillation at least once a week. I had just received my license the previous year, so I had to go pick him up several times. The last time I did, I could see him slipping away from me. From that point forward, I knew I had to spend as much time with him as you will never know when your father will pass away, and I don't want to miss a single moment with him. My mom eventually had to force the hospital to put in a pacemaker as the doctors were going to just give him some more drugs (as required by the insurance company). He also ran several laps at the local high school every day, causing him to require a knee replacement surgery on his right knee (based on the direction he was running). I will not run when I am outside working out. Some people would say I am 'too dependent' on my dad. Not too many people would consider their dad one of their best friends. So I respond by asking how much time they spend with thier friends. Every time we see each other, we greet each other with a big bear hug. It will be a very sad day in my life when my dad passes away, and I already know he will leave a large hole in my life. And as always, thanks for the cointest, and Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there, and especially to my dad.
  22. jadefalcon

    Trip to KC

    Try these: GCX612 - Castle Northmoor If you have time, GC11JN4 - Kansas Legends If you fly in, don't forget GCRDJ8 - Travel Bug Terminal Closest to the Truman Sports Complex (Royals and Chiefs): GC1T0VR - Hound Dog
  23. I have a used Legend HCx but the rubber gasket is separated from it. Just Google search "Legend HCx gasket" for a description of the problem. If you can repair it, it's yours for $70, including shipping. It'll have the box and software.
  24. I would like that as it would eliminate having to copy and paste the code, then copy and paste the log for my trackable collection as I move them between events.
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