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  1. The Ms & myself have been playing this game since 2008. First thing we learned was (Bring a Pen/s). It's the first thing we have in hand before we leave the house. Not to mention the countless pens/pencils we have in our auto's. We'll forget our GPSr or geo backpack before we forget Pen/s. Now if we find a cache & the log is so wet it's unsignable or the log is full, We'll replace it with a new log that we have signed. We'll leave the wet or full log in the cache if there is room. If there is no room we'll contact the CO to see if they would like to have the log back and if so, We'll either meet them someplace or offer to mail it to them. Just hard to believe so many cachers would forget the number 1 tool in Geocaching. Just our 2 cents.
  2. None of them are in remote places that they would be nothing more than a Park & Grab or a very short walk on a well paved walking/bike riding trail, but we shouldn't have to go check on any of our hides after a single DNF Log no matter how long it's been since it got that DNF log. There are new caches popping up in the area of these caches all the time & we know that there are many cachers that live near by that havn't even logged a DNF for looking.
  3. Yes, Really, Now that DNF log might be a year old or older, but still with just one DNF in that time we shouldn't have to go running around checking on it.
  4. We use to check on the caches we owned as soon as there was a DNF log as we didn't want someone to go look for a cache & it was in fact gone & most of the time it was there right where we hid it, but with gas prices we started checking on our caches once they have gotten 3 DNF log's. We have some caches that have gotten just 1 DNF and the Reviewer in the area has Disabled them because of this. Sure a few of them have that 1 DNF that got that log a year or so ago but that doesn't mean it's not there. We thought this was all for the thrill of the hunt, not have a arrow at ground zero pointing to the hiding spot. Yes, We know it's up to us cache owners to keep check on our caches, but everytime someone can't find it & cries wolf? We think not. What you all think on this matter?
  5. If some of you would go to the listing of this cache in question here & go down the list of cachers that have logged a find on this. You will see there are many that have logged the find without a photo (From Cam or Personal Camera) and a few that have logged a find with photo's taken from their own camera's & none of them was deleted. This Web Cam cache in question is local to us and the Cam's are down 95%+ of the time. Proof you was there would be good enough to us to log the find.
  6. Rare exceptions do not a quality container make. I bet about 30% or more cache containers is 35mm film can's & they sure not water tight. If the container of any type works for a CO then it don't suck by no means. We use altoids tin's on a few of our hides with only one problem, Keeping them in place is our biggest factor.
  7. Maybe it's the final to a really crappy multi! Left Something/Took Nothing
  8. 2 points: 1) I don't think anyone was asking for status updates every 15 minutes. But at least an acknowledgement of the problem perhaps on the PQ pages themselves would have been reasonable. There was a complete lack of communication about a service which we are paying for here. 2) Part of good problem management involves keeping stakeholders (customers) informed. That means having someone who isn't actively working the problem talking to the people who are working on it, and passing information on when there is information to be passed on. This keeps the fixers focused, and the stakeholders informed. Amen to that!!
  9. There's a guy or gal in here that said they would pay us for the about 9 cents we each losing cause of this. Hate to tell that person but them Cents do add up after a while.
  10. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, lost 3 PQ's I ran yesterday. I wonder if GS going to give us Refunds for this??
  11. Same to all the above for us too. Who do we have to ^^$!*() to get a answer on this subject??
  12. Sorry, I'm 54 & I believe I can come up with a better cache than a tupperware container if need be,,lol
  13. Personal observation --if I came across this, I'd really freak. I'm terribly snake phobic. Could cause some people (like me) I agree. While im not phobic of snakes, I don't like dealing with em, and avoid them unless there's a glass wall between me and the snake. Unless, of course, the snake was clearly and obviously fake, but I guess that would defeat the purpose of the camo, eh? I guess its like the fake poop camo (which I also dislike)--it may be fake, but who REALLY wants to risk finding out? We have our share of fake snakes in, under & on caches here in our area. We have a few we plan to add to some new caches we hiding coming up soon
  14. Tri-State Geocachers has a Web Site now. http://tri-state-geocachers.webs.com/
  15. Ok, Your fine. It will only show you 48 caches that are closet to where you are with it. The other caches are there, but you need to move closer to them. If you loaded cache that will be along your route on a trip, Then they will show up as you come close. I have ours set to chime when a cache comes within 1500 feet of us while we travel. I think your good to go with it.
  16. Thought so. If it was here in the US, the top of the can would open. That was my thoughts too,,hehehehe
  17. UPDATE...It is now #1 favorite cache in Missouri. There is one of these over in Il. in the owners yard. We not logged it yet. but will someday soon.
  18. Tri-State Geocachers can be found on Facebook at this link http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=124182980960164 We're still working on our web site right now. We still new but have 50+ members already
  19. Well that's kinda of a long drive, I am in Vincennes so we are looking to get people closer to our area.But thanks for the invite! We are kind of new & still working on our web site, but if you Facebook you can find us "Tri-State Geocachers" at this link http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=124182980960164
  20. As said above, Using GSAK you can filter out or in who ever caches you like. You can even filter out the Micro & Likes too.
  21. I ran one a few day's ago & it did this. I thought maybe I did something wrong. Ran 2 today & same thing. I want to know if this keeps up we all going to get a refund?? We do pay for this feature & should be available to us 24/7 regardless if we run it up to 1000 caches or less. I know sometimes we don't get this sent to us right away, but we should get them sometime. Just glad I was planning on a road trip & needed to run my limit of PQ before leaving the house, cause ____ would be hitting the fan right now
  22. Nice cache... Anyone want to take bets on when the cache police are going to come out and b*tch that it was... *gasp* somehow or another placed under the surface of the ground? When they do, just point out that it is "buried" in pine needles. Based on the discussion in another thread, this definitely does not fit the guidelines. As much as I think this is a great hide, and have no problem with it personally, there is no way the pine needles extend a foot below the surface of the ground. As cool as it is, by the guidelines, it isn't allowed. As long as the hunter doesn't have to dig for it, Yeah, It's ok for this type of hide. Plus, The Pine Needles don't extend a foot under ground level. They can be a foot or more deep on top of the ground. Geezzzz Everyone should know this. lol
  23. Did you scroll through the list and look for "garmin-nuvi-exportgpx.gsk"? It doesn't always start at the top. Yes I did, I just couldn't find it as I did on mine. I think something is lost between your posting and my understanding Do you mean you can see the nuvi macro on yours, and cannot see it on your friend's? Or you can't see it on yours? I can go in my computer & see the Macro. I couldn't see it on my friends.
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