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  1. I thought I put it into my log, but it looks like I didn't. This is one of the caches that I use to own, but was adopted out when I moved, its a difficulty 1.5 terrain of a 1, its GC20DYM The White Tower of Minas Tirith I was out doing a maintenance run with my wife, and we were stopping by all of our caches, this was one of the last ones we did for the day and while walking across the flat, handicap accessible terrain, I placed my foot into a gopher hole, and almost broke my foot, instead I injured the tendons in the arch of my foot, and almost put me out of work for a few days.
  2. Part of a group in Illinois that is still trying to get it's foot in the door www.geocachekankakee.com its the Kankakee County Cachers & Campers
  3. the reason being is where i'm at i think theirs only 2-3 payphones left
  4. sounds like fun but what if say instead of using a pay phone let them call from the cell, or their house? (posting question on Groundspeak as well)
  5. here here. my wife loves the nerd life of geocaching.
  6. myself (bryan) 23 my wife (leanne) 23 our son (dylan) 1. dylan only goes when we can't find a baby sitter and it depends on the terrain.
  7. my wife and I just started geocaching, were going out today for the second time, this time were taking friends and family with us. We learned about geocaching by way of mouth. I'm in the guard here in Illinois, and while on AT in Ft. McCoy, WI one of my army buddies told me about geocaching. I guess what I am saying is that anything can slow down if people don't tell others about it. I mean the best way to get new geocachers is talking to friends of yours that you think might be interested, maybe take them out with you when you go.
  8. And all I got was a trekking pole! I need to talk to my kids! This was from my wife, not from my kid can your wife talk to mine? she got me a new fishing rod.
  9. my wife and I have a one year old, unfortunatly she's a worrier, we took our son out with us once, we used a snuggly (its an item that straps the kid to your chest). It made bushwaking kinda difficult.
  10. she just got home and I got her to do the survey before heading out to find a cache.
  11. I just did the survey, and I am eagerly awaiting the results. I'll try to get my wife on for a little while so that she can fill out the survey.
  12. I'm new to geocaching, however, I like the idea of a magazine too. I also have a little (very little as it might be) in newsletters, and free web page design. I can try to get something off the ground, if I can get some people to help out, the main thing comes down to which one would be prefered, an e-mailed newsletter or a message board set up to list your adventures, or a web site that is updated every so often with tips and adventures that people have been gone on recently. Please let me know which you would prefer and if you would like to assist, once I see what kind of response this gets I will see about setting up a site on angelfire. you can either leave a message here or send me a message on yahoo, my pager is haplo02.
  13. A rusted out 93 Chevy Cavalier RS station wagon with 175,000 miles on it, and a car seat in the back seat.
  14. ouch, sorry to hear about the broken foot.
  15. my wife and I just started 2 days ago, we will most likely be lurkers since she doesn't like using the computer and I'd rather chit chat with my yahoo pager than on message boards. Granted we will probably still lurk around and maybe respond from time to time.
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