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Geocaching Organizations in the Midwest


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Any active groups in the Columbus, Ohio area? Thanks!


I am also looking for the same. I live in Licking, County, Ohio.

There are several active geocaching groups in Central Ohio. Here are some upcoming events in this area:


Licking Area Meet-n-Greet: East Meets West, to be held in Heath on June 5.


Cache & Winds May 2012 - Reynoldsburg, to be held on May 19.

This one is hosted by Central Ohio Geocaching.


Buckeye Geocachers Society May Meet and Greet, to be held in Lancaster on May 20.


There are other events scheduled in the next couple of months, but this should get you started. We're a fairly active community in this area, I think you'll enjoy attending one of the events and checking out the local groups.



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We have a new GeoCaching group for people in Shenango and Mahoning River Valleys which cover Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. The group is still in infancy, so we're encouraging all users in the Sharon, Youngstown, New Castle area to come on in and see what's happening. Your feedback will help contribute to the direction of the group.


You can sign up for and contribute to the GeoMaSh (Geocachers of the Mahoning and Shenango) forums at the following link:





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Are there any groups in the crawfordsville, indiana area??? NEw to geocaching. actually found my first one about 20 minutes ago.

Welcome to your new addiction! :rolleyes:


There are 3 groups, all on Facebook, but none are centered in Crawfordsville. Wabash Valley Geoachers is probably the closest group to you with members from Jamestown, Brazil and Greencastle (to name a few). Southern Indiana Geocachers is another group but obviously focuses on southern IN. Finally, the largest group is Indy Area Geocachers based in Indy but has members from all over central IN and they usually post if they're going on runs to see if anyone wants to join up!

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I live east of Indi and have recently started geocaching. I'm looking for a group of people to go out and do some weekend caching with. by the way i am in my 20's. as it seems we are a rare breed i figured i would say something


If you're on Facebook, the easiest way to connect with a bunch of cachers in and around Indy is on the Indy Area Geocachers page. There are some cachers who live in Greenfield, Knightstown, and Shelbyville that are on the page. A large majority of the cachers on that page don't frequent the forums so you won't get nearly as much feedback here as you would there. We frequently post when we're going on runs, be it weekday or weekend. If you're farther east (closer to Ohio) there's also a FB page you should take a look for called OKIC. They run frequent Sunday trips (create events on the FB page!) around Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. A few of them frequent the forums but again, not nearly as much as they do Facebook.

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Southern Illinois Geocaching


Connect with other geocacher's located in southern Illinois. You can post pictures of containers, geocoins, trackables, or anything else associated with geocaching. We want you to share great hides or areas of interest on our page. Whether you have a cool Travel Bug that you wanna show off before you put it into circulation, or have an idea for an event or gathering, you can post it here! Check us out on Facebook to see what's happening, and don't forget to "Like" us! :P


Check out Southern Illinois Geocaching on Facebook

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We have a little group called the Monday Caching Crew or The MCC. We started this group as a group of geocachers whose children had gone back to school and we all had Mondays as a day to go geocaching together. We typically pick a trail (paved or in a forest) to hike or kayaking area and then enjoy each others company at a local establishment. Upcoming events can be found on Facebook at the Indy Area Geocachers and everyone and anyone is welcome.


You can also email me, Jeff Romig (a.k.a. The Romig Boys) at romigjl1@yahoo.com.

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Is there a Indiana group?

Indiana has a few:

# Indiana Geocaching (IN-GEO)- Statewide

# INdiGo - serves Indiana's south and central caching community

# Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana Geocachers (OKIC)

# Bloomington Geocachers

# Central Indiana Geocachers

# Fort Wayne Geocachers

Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana Geocachers (OKIC) has a new domain name,website and forum. Stop by and check it out!!




Mostly here now



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Looking for a NE Ohio geocaching group. Gets lonely doing it by myself :) I see there used to be a NEOGeocachers, but I can't find any evidence they still exist. Anyone know of anything?


NWOGEO letting you know that our friends in Northeast Ohio are very active...like most groups, loosely structured with their websites, etc run by volunteers...


for a geocaching NE Cleveland area meet n greet event Geauga Garmin [kathy] is putting on the next one... Sittin' Round; Talkin' Cache...GCK5E6


or in the West Cleveland area, contact Gmarkusic [george] or Lorain area LuvWahoo [marci] for Makers event -GC4ZHF3 or flash mob event -GC508ZX


geez this was an easy one - all ya gotta do is walk in, say howdy and find yourself a geocaching partner in no time B)

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Hello! :D


I just moved up to Akron OH from Florida. I spent some time looking for geocaching groups around the Akron/Canton/Cuyahoga Falls area. I don't see anything very local besides the loosely organized Northeast Ohio group. I was surprised given the proximity to the University of Akron. I know at UCF there were some very active Geocachers.


I thought maybe I'd try to organize a local group/club. I don't have any grand plans but have some activities/possible events in mind if the interest is there. The more people interested the bigger and more in depth we can get in events. I'd love to get something organized going and meet some people who share my hobby.


Join the Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1443566382597174/


I also made a "page". Not sure if the Facebook "group" or "page" format will work better- https://www.facebook.com/northeastohiogeocaching/


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas!

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We have started a geocaching club in the Northwoods, In Beautiful Northern Wisconsin (based in Langlade County, but covering all of Northern Wisconsin), we are a family friendly club, that is very active in the local community, and with county and city government, allowing for better access and policies for geocachers in our community. We are looking for new active members, since this is our first year, but we are already weeks into holding our weekly meetings, handling all promotion and planning of all events and gaining members.

This is not a Facebook group, we are a real life club offering numerous events(activities) all year long, including outings, geocaching trips, meetings and much more.

We also have in the works now, the creation of the 1st annual geocaching event in Langlade county, which will be a large family friendly event taking place in the end of summer (August), where we will have tons of activities for cachers young to older, also including instructive activities for new cachers or visiting tourists who have never cached a day in their life. So if you want to be part of a fast growing geocaching club, with lots to offer, let us know by visiting the club page and join.

Web: CLICK HERE==>>>>>>>> CLUB PAGE <<<<<<<<== :rolleyes::anitongue::grin:





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