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Design an icon contest!


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The First Version of the "forums coin" is almost ready to sell, but it's missing something....again....YOU!


We need an icon for this coin, something new that's not the actual coin art, something that embodies what this coin is all about! Think you can design such an icon?! Give it a shot, post your entry here in the forums, we'll give you till the end of the week, 11:59 pm on Saturday night (eastern time I'm in SC). Keep in mind the icon must be made in two sizes, 32x32 pixels and 16x16 pixels.




We don't have a name for this coin yet! Toss your 2 geocoins worth in and help us name this coin! Post your idea here in the forums before 11:59 pm Saturday (again eastern time)


To the Winner of each contest will go a special Artist Edition coin!


Winner will be decided by myself and Oakcoins.

Edit: Below is the coin in question...


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You could also call is "who's in your mailbox?", since it has everyone's names on it...but then I have images of a clown car (guess it would be a cacher mailbox), with more and more people filing out of it. Sorry, it's been a loooooong day.


Or who's in your pocket? LOL I carry a sample coin with me!

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I really think it to be appropriate that this is the icon for the coin.....




Resize it to whatever it needs to be...this is the idea to submit.


This gets my vote for the icon :) Is there any other option? :)


As for the name I agree with those posters further up, "Geocoin Forums Community coin" Or "What's in your Mail Box Today".


Guess I'm not in the running for the special coin :D Oh well I will be happy just to get my hands on the standard released coins, which will be coming out to try meet you all :D

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Name: Geocoin Discussions '07


Icon: smileypostman.gif

(that's a smiley postman with a coin mailer envelope...)


I think that the year should be represented in the name to provide for a possible different coin next year, with possibly different set of names on it. After all, this coin represents those who are hyper-active on the forum *thisn* year. :)

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