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  1. Here are a few gems on 2 caches on the same trail that have never been found for 5 years. Oddly enough they only posted a note on a third cache but then that one had been found once a few years earlier, and is now apparently missing. Cache #1 Found it 08/31/2013 We searched for it both on the Saturday and the Sunday however we could not find anything but a single small shiny nail in a tree at GZ. Likely a muggle went to check out the tree stand and took the cache with them. Our suspicions were confirmed when we found another cache with the same kind of nail. XXXXXXXX replaced it with one of her containers. Found it 08/31/2013 We were very excited approaching this cache on the way up to XXX XXXXX. Five years and no one has found it so far... We spent thirty minutes on an extensive search, using hint and pictures as aids, but came up empty. A lonely nail driven into the tree trunk at about shoulder height was the only thing we came up with. We decided to try again on our return. After another twenty minute search, we conceded that this one had likely been muggled some time in the past five years. So we took the liberty to replace the cache with a container and log of our own. It is now a clear small plastic container covered by rocks and branches at the foot of the same tree where our GPS zeroed out. Coordinates stay the same. Cache#2 Found it 08/31/2013 As with the first one, this one was missing as well. Looked for it both on the Saturday and Sunday. I had a micro in my backpack for when I found the perfect spot. We left it in a pine tree close to the original coordinates. Found it 08/31/2013 After missing out on the original XXXXXXXXXX Camp Cache, we were eager to find the next cache in this series of old FTF's. But again, we came up empty-handed. Our GPS zeroed out at a tree just at the edge of the forest, and we extended our search to a 30 m radius. It was evident that many of the lower branches around the site had been broken off and used for firewood. We decided to continue up to the Glacier cache and try again on the way back. Again, no luck. We replaced the container with a micro of our own, hanging it from a young conifer about 3 m west of the original coordinates. New coordinates are N XXXXXX W XXXXXXX but the old coords will work just as well adding bounce and inaccuracy to the equation. I'm uploading a picture of the new cache site for reference.
  2. The lost art of logging went along with the lost art of hiding.
  3. Don't be suprised when one person rappells down to it and either lowers it to a waiting group to sign or signs to log for several others.
  4. There are only two trails of any significant numbers, ET and Route 66. There is, or was, one down by New Orleans but not quite in the same league as I recall. Just about all others are a 100 or less, hardly enough to bother with creative logging and certainly not enough to get any reasonable numbers at minimal expense. So once you get your 2300 on these two trails your pretty much at a stand still. Probably the best and most creative way to bump your numbers is to armchair log caches. Unfortunately I have seen several cachers use this method frequently. You're forgetting the now archived "Trail of the Gods and "ET version one" that many got in on before the trigger was pulled. There is a trail developing up in Canada that should yeild 1500 or so when its complete. No doubt there will be more to come.
  5. I find it amusing to think that people still give an online log count much weight or merit at all. Seriously? Given all the creative ways to up the numbers that have come out over the years. The latest being what, leap frogging or three cache monti a numbers trail as if the trial itself wasn't padding enough. Perhaps there is a new and faster way to bump the numbers I'm not aware of yet.
  6. Aw yes, the never ending race to nowhere. It can get quite entertaining watching em find any piece of crap for a number :laughing:
  7. I'm sure you are going to really hurt their feelings. Whatever,
  8. I just roll my eyes and move on when finding a blank log. But that's ok, I own an Iphone with the caching app and I'll be sure to pay them back if/when they hide a cache.
  9. I own a few caches that I placed while boating. I have found several including this one GC153MV as my 2000th find. We had a Paddle down the river event back in 2005 and there is one, GC2NVPJ in close proximity to and the same week as the mega event in Alberta
  10. I'm fine with people hiding a cache on their property but I'm not really interested in seaking those caches. I will ignore them or on occasion go with another cacher to find them.
  11. Nice job! Nice to see people put effort into their hides plus the cans seem to hold up better when painted. I donated a cammoed ammo I did up for the 1st Cache in Alberta at a 5 year event back in Nov 2005. After 5 years it seems to be holding up well.
  12. Rather then give an off the cuff reply of " they are all crap" I thought I would think about it for awhile and came up with this cache GCR86D Since it is now archived I can reveal that the hide involved a hollow log full or 150 or so 35mm film cans but the real cache was a larger 90mm commercial type film can well concealed a few feet away. Now that I looked back on that cache I see that dropping by there this spring is warranted, to see if the area was ever cleaned up. Besides that one, the rest were all crap
  13. Caches along wilderness trails are my favorite
  14. Maybe a cold homeless guy was looking for cans he could recycle to get some money to buy some coffee. Or a blanket. Have you actually emailed the FTF and asked him about it before dragging him in front of the bus in a public forum? Seems to me that you're the one dragging someone in front of a bus. The op didn't mention a name of the ftf or the cache. You don't know who he is until you go looking for it. You on the other hand, posted the guys picture on the forum. NICE
  15. I don't agree with either practice so I have to say NO. I think the CO's of these numbers trails are missing a golden opportunity. They should be rating all these caches in the 3 to 4 d&t range. If you're going to enable people to "pad" their numbers then you may as well accommmodate a bump to the d/t averages as well. edit: spelling
  16. IMO, the whole apples to apples thing goes out the window when you set foot on a power trail.
  17. Some days I really wonder what goes through some people's minds. shezzz oh yea IBTL
  18. I would guess that most cachers have had a cache go missing at ssome point. I lost a few ammo can along with some loc n locs and also a home made horse shoe puzzle that got passed on to me from my Dad. My caches are getting placed further and further down the trails.
  19. Fair, not imho but I guess it is up to the CO if they are willing to, selectively, hand out hints. I just noticed today that a puzzle cache was logged the other day after sitting unfound for nearly two months. The ftf stated he begged for hints. You would think that any hints passed along would be posted on the cache page to give everyone a level playing field. Whatever floats their boats I guess. I can't imagine it has impressed the other avid puzzle cacher around here.
  20. If you have a look along the Alberta mountain range you'll find a ton of long hike caches many on top of mountains.
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