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  1. So the reason it not just to reduce confusion that you might find a different cache then you are looking for but also to reduce (or rather limit) the number of caches in a particular area. TPTB have decide that caches should be spread around more and not just place a ton of cache near each other so someone can set the record for most caches found in a hour or whatever. This is the rationale behind the power trail clause as well. If five caches are enough to get people out to find the caches on the trail, there isn't really need for 10. Deciding how many caches are needed to get someone to hike a trail is somewhat more subjective than .1 mile separation rule, which is why there is some controversy over what constitutes a power trail. Alright, that was what I was really getting at. I originally thought that the guideline was to prevent confusion; so that no one could accidentally find a cache that was not the one they were looking for. Thanks for the opinions, and I agree that cache-crowding isn't good for the game.
  2. I recently placed two caches, but both were too close to other caches to be published. Admittedly I should have checked for the first one, which was only 67 meters (around 200 feet) away from another cache, but the second was about 120 meters (around 360 feet) from a micro stage of a multicache. I thought I knew the area well enough, but I didn't remember either one being close enough to invoke the power of this rule upon myself. Anyways, I cannot conceive of a way that a person with a working GPSr could possibly find one cache when looking for the other. The first one (67m) is across the street, and about 15 meters up a hill. The second one seems to me to be a reasonable distance. The point of this post is to clarify (from reviewers/mods/veteran geocachers) the purpose of the 528ft/161m rule, and to get people's opinions on this rule. Is the purpose (A) To prevent stray geocachers from finding the wrong cache in their search, and prevent confusion in such an occurence. ( To prevent overcrowding of caches where 528ft/161m is judged the appropriate proximity for cache crowd-control. © Other? My personal opinion is that overcrowding in the range of 50-100 meters away should be avoided (unless geographical features are in between), and that the range should be made smaller (120-140m), or done by common sense. Of course this would be much harder to review. I await your opinions.
  3. Email me at general.tupperware@gmail.com, or contact me through my profile. I haven't been caching very much lately, and have decided that I don't need all of the coins I have. This is for you to reserve coins that you are interested in. I have not posted pictures yet, and will not be shipping out for a few weeks. Some of these are already activated, but will be adopted over to your account. None of these coins have traveled (unless specified). Most of these coins I will be asking $10 Canadian + Shipping. Here is a list of the coins that I am planning on selling: Activated: Anthus Laptop (Black Nickel) Geocaching Top 40 Vinyl (57 Chevy) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Nickel, Shaped) Signal September BCGA 2007 (Black Nickel) Geocoinfest Multi Event 2007 (BC) Canadian Micro Puck (XLE Team Geocaching Colours) $14CAN + Shipping QuigleyJones Original (Gold) Hogwildstuff Travelling Coin (Gold, Travelled) $5CAN + Shipping Unactivated: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Nickel, Round) Team Geocaching Hockey Geocoins (Nickel or Black Nickel or Gold, General_Tupperware #92) I also have a couple non-trackables which I will be throwing in with random orders (these are NOT being sold). Again, I will be posting this again with pictures in the next few weeks, but you can order the ones that I have here before that. Thanks, GT NOTE: I will cross out the coins that are spoken for in this post for as long as I am able, and afterwards will post below.
  4. sdkonkle - Montreal Canadiens (1) E&Cplus3 - Philadelphia Flyers (4) Frank n Beck - Pittsburgh Penguins (4) LadyBee4T - New York Rangers (1) rgbgal - Detroit Redwings (4) Droo - Colorado Avalanche (0) Camel680 - San Jose Sharks (2) Fastest Turtle - Dallas Stars (3) New York is out. Battle of PA in the East.
  5. I just got an email about this coin this morning. Thanks Goofy_Cacher!
  6. Great idea for a cointest, but proffesional cointest missers like I can manage to not get an entry. No hard feelings though, and kudos to you for putting out the effort . GT
  7. I'd like to thank all the people who run contests in this forum, tsunrisebey in particular.
  8. Although I don't know much about the coins in your list, I believe that $15 is on the high side for most geocoins. Unless most of your coins are quite rare, then you've overpriced bigtime. Just hoping to give understanding. GT
  9. There were 2 jamborees that had coins this year. One of them was British Columbia's Pacific Jamboree, and I'm not sure what the other was. GT
  10. Wha? Did they delete the old thread to save on the space? Testing...
  11. I think it would be quite neat.... if it could work. I don't think that it could work, unless everyone in the community was 100% honest, and unable to make mistakes. I think that a digital accout keeping system along these lines would work better than a physical coin system, but still would not work. My answer is no. GT
  12. I like the idea. Personally going to go for national trades... saves $$ on postage : ) . But this trade was awesome! GT
  13. Sex: Male Birthdate: Nov. 25 Time: 9:04am Weight: 9 lbs 4 oz Height: 18.2 inches.
  14. Offhandedly told Vagabond about these coins, and found out he'd be interested in one. First time he's showed interest in geocoins, lol. As I'm now getting it as a Christmas present for my dad, I can afford it . Would have loved to get a gold LE (Time Bandit), but missed out on those I guess. Ordered a Maverick, and sent you an email. GT
  15. Bumpèd. Auction's at $560 for 50 + 2 coins. Pretty good hauling for charity, but still fairly low in comparison to the amount of coins you get.
  16. LOL, I was wondering why the title seemed familiar. We watched "The Deadliest Catch" TV series when it was on a little while ago. My dad used to be an Alaskan Crab Fisher. Don't have the money to get one of these. : ( Nice coin : ) GT
  17. Keep the thread on track guys, this is very informative.
  18. I recieved my coins around a week ago, thanks . I went out to mail my coins on Saturday, but found that my post office had closed 30 minutes before. Then it was closed until after Remembrance Day weekend, so I sent them off this evening. Sorry guys. Thanks for organizing this great trade Team zZZz, and I'm hoping to get one organized for Canada in the near future. GT
  19. I found it very odd to read this thread.
  20. There's a cacher in our area, that when he finds a good micro writes something like: "Took: 2 rounds over the bow Left: a depth charge" For a submarine themed cache, or: "Took: tire pump Left: spare tube". For a bicycle themed cache. I don't know if you can use that in any way, but I always find such logs amusing. GT
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