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  1. A couple things I did on my recent Alaska cruise that worked: 1) Wear a geocaching shirt while on the cruise. We had a cacher introduce themselves to us while in the dining hall. 2) Host an event at one or all the ports you will be visiting. We did this, and met some cachers on another cruise ship that was at the port at the same time.
  2. If the basic becomes premium, and doesn't go back and award the favorite....it's still remarkable that your cache would have > 75% favorites. That is, of course, if you don't solicit favorite points.
  3. Seems like everytime I push the "submit post" button, I think of another outstanding cache. If you find yourself in Hendersonville, TN. DEFINITELY check out Logging Station......VERY cool cache. Okay, I'm done for good! HAHA
  4. Oooo...almost forgot. Gallatin & Hendersonville, TN has a bunch of really quality cache hides. Caches hidden by Vandekamp5, TEAM SNAG'EM, & willwgw are EXCELLENT......especially the "Willie, Willie, Wough" series.
  5. Most of my puzzle caches can be solved beforehand. They are located in the Chattanooga area. We have MANY caches in Tennessee....you could literally spend weeks getting 100+ a day. Since you have limited time and your with the family, you might want to consider weeding out the micros and only going after regular/large sized caches. If you want a fun (but fairly quick) adventure near Nashville...check out Highland's Historical Aqua Dungeon. It my cache, but their are many more equally fun ones around Nashville. Another neat one that pops into my head right away is Geo Mojo #6 in the Shadow of the TITANS. Located at the Titans stadium. You will have a blast.
  6. Geocachers of Southeast Tennessee is hosting a series of exciting events in Chattanooga, Tennessee in a couple weeks that we would like you to be a part of. Are you up for the challenge? Be the richest Geocacher to complete the entire course by gathering as much geo-money as you can possibly get you hands into. Bring your loot to the awards event on July 26 to be eligible to win fabulous prizes. PRIZES INCLUDE: A DeLorme LT-20 GPS with Street Atlas USA 2009 on DVD A DAJO Adventure gear "Pack Rat" Hikers pack AND MANY MORE.... Make your plans now to join GEOSET (Geocachers of Southeast Tennessee) on this 2009 Bank Run Extravaganza. LINKS TO THE EVENT PAGES: GEOSET's "RUN ON THE BANKS" Recession Event GEOSET's "ARE YOU RICH ENUF" Bank Run Awards Event
  7. Man, kudos to you for actually planning out your vacations this far in advance! I'm not sure what your route looks like, I didn't really read over everything....but if you are traveling on Interstate 65 in Alabama, then a MUST FIND cache is XL Travel Bug Exchange VERY COOL CACHE!
  8. Try caching in Tennessee! We cater to the weather personalities from all around the globe. Take the middle of January for instance: If you like cold weather, then the high temps on the 15th will be 24 degrees! If you like warm weather, then the high temps on the 16th will be 75 degrees! If you like caching in the rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, or penny sized hail.....then we gottcha covered on the 17th!
  9. Santa, I would like a give-away hint on the cache that is the closest one to my home coordinates that I have not yet found, but attempted 5 times and is rated 4.5 on difficulty! PLEASE SANTA!
  10. I saw that we could post two stories for the cointest, so here is my second story! It takes place at the Copper Mt American Flyer cache in Colorado! This was a very amazing cache because I am not used to caching in the snow. I was visiting this area with a school group of 60+ people who was enjoying their spring break on the slopes. I looked up some select caches on the slopes to go get and voil-la, I grabbed three of them. I was with an 8th grader who was excited about the caching idea when I told him about it, so he agreed to go down the blue slope with me to get it. We were at Union Creek at the time and needed to go over to the Center Village to hit the American Flyer lift to get up to this cache. So instead of taking shuttles, we decided to ski! I turned the GPS on at the High Point lift and was amazed at how much mountain there really was here. The cache was well over 2 miles away from Union Creek. Once at the top of High Point we skied over to Center Village and found the "Lights and Music" cache before getting on American Flyer to find this cache. Got to withen 200 feet of the cache from the lift and got an idea of where it was going to be located. We went down the mountain really slow taking great care not to miss the cache by accident which would mean having to bring the lift back up and doing it all over again. We found the right trail in the trees on the first shot and found the cache almost right away. For anyone who happens upon this cache in the future...check out the new wedding proposal in the log book!!! She said YES!!! I came back the next day with my "girlfriend" to show her the cache in the snow! Good news and bad news... Good news: I was showing her the log book with all the entrys and she came upon the "Will you Marry Me" in the log book. I was down on one knee and she was very surprised. She said yes and we are now engaged! Bad news: We are seniors in high school and the engagement was required for our LifeSkills class. We have a due date to have the engagements complete, and then the senior "wedding" is next month. So this whole thing is fake! I just used this spot and idea for my engagement proposal. Thanks for the cache to serve as the memorial for Super_Nate's first engagement! There will only be one more in my lifetime and that will be the real thing. Edit - I wanted to include a picture of our group, and I forgot when I pushed the submit button! So here it is:
  11. Here is a story for the contest entry! This entire story is posted on three logs on the cache Sunset Travelers in the country of Belize This cache proves to be one of the most adventurous caches that I have ever attempted in my 3 years caching sofar. I have been through some serious stuff while finding caches that made memories, but this expedition will account for one of the most unusual and notable of all time in the history of Super_Nate. First of all I will say that this cache is my first find outside of the United States. I was here with my senior class from Nashville, Tennessee while on our senior class trip in Belize. This cache was the closest one to where we were staying for the first week of our trip, and I started to put my feelers out to the class sponsors to see who was remotely interested to get a “quickie” 4.5 miles down the Western Highway. On Friday night, while a bunch of us guys were sitting on the porch of our “house,” the Geocaching topic arised and I talked 6 people into tackling “Sunset Travelers” sometime before our departure to the islands. It was agreed that we were going to attempt this cache on Sunday after breakfast since we had nothing to do but rest from the workweek until lunch. We figured that we were going to have an hour-long absence from the place we were staying due to the fact that it should be an easy find. I was optimistic, but I did give a disclaimer to the departing group that since it was indeed a foreign country to us and due to the fact that I was unsure how caches were hidden in Belize, we had potential for mysteries and surprises. There were a total of 6 of us that went. It was myself as the leader of the cache group. The principal of our school and his wife went. One of the gymnastics coaches from our school and his wife went. And one of my classmates went because he said there was nothing better to do on a dull Sunday. So we set off in the hospital van in search of the described resort in the cache listing. I will say that I was a little nervous on how far off Western Hwy. the cache was according to my GPS map of the area. So that meant we were going to have to gamble on which 2 mile long resort driveway off of Western was the right place to contain a cache. About 2 miles from the cache location we saw a great big sign that pointed off from the main road that signified a resort. The cache listing said their was food nearby, and the big sign said “food and drink” along with a bunch of other things that would make this be a place that “a family would fall in love with immediately.” So we went for it. The road into this resort was no different from a typical Belize road full of ruts and bumps that digest food faster than you can say, “I’m full.” It was about a half a mile long and ended up at a modest resort. It was a nice place out in the middle of nowhere, but not dreamy like we were picturing. Upon looking at the GPS, we were still well over a mile away from treasure. So our first order of business was to find Ben. Looking around we found a reception place that was locked. Music was playing nearby and we saw someone down a little ways away so we went off to do some asking. She was a nice person, but she was positive that there was no Ben that worked there. She called up to the owner of the place (which was not a Ben) and thought he might have some insight as to what we were here for. I was alright with this as the cache has been active for well over a year on the internet. Since nobody has ever found it, (according to the GC logs online) the former Ben might have left, and let the new owner know about the cache existence. After a few minutes, the resort owner showed up and soon gave me a wave of assurance that we were at the right place and that he knew exactly where the cache was located. He said that it was down a 3 mile loop trail which he pointed the trailhead out to. We thanked him for his kindness and we were off. At this point, I was feeling great because the owner of the establishment assured me of the correct location…and a mile on a trail through the jungle can go by fast if you have a direct line. We entered the jungle on a very clear trail. About a tenth of a mile into it, the trail forked. The needle was pointing for us to go right so we did. It took us up a very steep hill. As we were ascending, the trail was getting more and more narrow. At the top, the trail disappeared and there was no way for us to want to bushwack. So we went back down and took the left approach at the fork, which was going away from the cache. The next time that the trail turned enough to cause us to gain on the cache location we had already backtracked .5 mile for a grand total of 1.5 miles left to walk. Anxious to find a Belize cache we trekked onward. For the next full mile of walking we went from full, perfectly maintained trail down to a full case of bushwhacking on a so-called path that was probably better classified as a leaf-cutter ant trail. We had fork after fork, and multiple tree-hopping experiences that contributed to misery. The question was asked several times that we hoped we would find our way back, but I had the track-log feature turned on my GPS so we could follow it if needed after finding the cache. About .85 miles from the cache we suddenly saw a very clear opening in the woods. It was a welcome sight to see light, so we went toward it. It turned out to be a 20-foot wide grass trail that was boarded by jungle on the left, and barbed wire fence on the right. It led as far as the eye could see directly in the direction that the cache was located. We walked on it, and we were very happy to note that by the time the next turn came it had cut off .3 miles to the cache and we were down to .5! Soon we came upon a pasture and a trail that led around it. Since we didn’t want to go through private property to continue the bulls-eye streak, we took the trail around the pasture. This trek added .15 walking in a parallel fashion of the intended target. Once we were finally on the other side of the trail and back on track we re-evaluated which direction the cache was, and found another trail that followed the directional logic. About 100 feet into the trail that we chose to take, it did a 180-degree turn in the opposite direction of the cache for about 300 feet. That was hard for us to see the arrow pointing behind us, but we were going to trust the trail that it would right itself eventually. It finally did when we came upon yet ANOTHER connecting trail that took a rather sharp turn to the left that righted quite beautifully for us. This trail was about 200 feet straight down a very sharp hill ending at a road with some people. We had a ray of hope as we found our first bit of civilization to come across since starting at the first resort. At the bottom of the hill we came across two people. One looked to be a guard, and the other was driving a truck. The biggest disappointment of the entire day came when these people were from a different resort than when we started out from. We told them the story thus far and their eyes got wide. They were in awe that we had just hiked from such a long ways away. They said that we had well over 4 miles under our belt and that it was a 7-mile drive back to where we started. At this point we had major discouragement from every single person in our group…myself included. I knew we had worked hard for the past three hours bushwhacking through the thick jungle, but we had gotten way off the beaten path and everything that we had just hiked we would have to do again after finding the now worthless treasure. We grimly thanked them for the information and stood staring at the GPS. We were .20 miles from the cache, but I was already giving up. It was 90+ degrees outside and I just wanted for it to be over. Becoming an international cacher was not appealing to me anymore. Two people in my group were dead-set on finding the cache whether it meant dying first. “C’mon Nate, it is only .2 away!!! We CAN’T QUIT.” So we started shuffling down the road. With every step that we were taking, we were getting more and more discouraged! It didn’t take long though before we were seeing a major thing happening on the GPS screen. It was counting down by feet before we got to the cache, which meant that we were less than 528 feet away. What’s more, the road we were on turned to a nice gravel path pointed directly toward where we were supposed to go. About 300 feet from the cache, the gravel trail opened up to one of the most beautiful jungle resorts that I think I have ever seen. It was one of the most welcome sights for some very weary eyes and tired legs that our group had. We were a little disoriented due to the fact that this was a different resort then when we first started and that we were going to have to hike all the distance all over again to get back. To see civilization though was well worth the push to get the cache before turning and walking back. So, what the heck…lets see if this is the place where Ben works! We walked to the closest building and found a guy sitting at a desk and we asked him if there was a Ben that worked there. It turns out that he was Ben, and we had indeed found the correct spot. What a relief! We spilled out our story and he was amazed that we had gone through all that work to find this cache. As if we were at near death, he brought forth some of the best lemonade that I have ever drank in my entire life for everyone in our group. He was also kind enough to show us down to the cache. Laying my eyes on that cache container was the most beautiful sights that I had ever seen. All the work paid off, and we had come in for the prize. Of course we had to take pictures….I will post them on this log when I get them. To put the icing on the cake, after we were all done with the logbook signing and the story telling and the trading and the picture taking, Ben went out of his way to drive us back to our van at the other resort 6 miles driving distance away. WHAT AN ADVENTURE! So it would seem like the story would end there…..well, it doesn’t! We found this cache on a Sunday. Our class went to Caye Caulker on Monday through Thursday. On Thursday we boarded the plane in Belize City bound for the states to conclude our senior class trip. Lo and behold if I don’t hear a familiar voice while waiting in the ticket counter line in Belize City saying “Hello Super_Nate….” as I turned, I was shocked to see none other than Ben himself. To make it even more unusual, Ben was on the same airplane that we were on to go to Miami! All I can say is, this cache was worth 100 smilieys. It will go down as one of my all-time favorites. I met a really good friend, and you can bet that the next time I am in the Belize area I will visit and trade more things in the cache. The moral of the story: This cache is located less than 250 feet from parking! If you feel like you have to hike at all you are in the wrong place….keep looking! I placed three trackables from the United States into this cache. To the next people who come upon this cache….please take the trackables and move them to another cache soon! Had a lot of fun…thanks for the adventure and the outstanding cache and hospitality. ~Super_Nate (Chattanooga, Tennessee … United States) THE END
  12. I wonder what cache you found inspired that comment!
  13. I think 'film canister' should be their own size category.....what do y'all think?
  14. A couple years ago, the geo-dogs took over the forums with a forum thread and a large geocaching event! It was a lot of fun. Check out the archives: Here is the forum thread Here is the event page
  15. I personally know and have cached with three of my reviewers! They are very nice folks and do a great job in our area. Some reviewers start off by staying under the radar while they get the hang of their work.....but their comes times when a reviewer is ready to greet the world with style....such as the case at this unique event!
  16. That is where we cross the line into the cheating category
  17. If you have a family member, or know of another cacher in that area who would be willing to maintain the cache for you, then it is more likely to get published. It would have to be a physical container because virtual caches are no longer allowed. The only type of virtual cache that is still allowed is the earthcache.
  18. In my opinion, you can play the game any way you want to. As long as you follow the already established rules such as trading even, signing the log, and replacing the cache better than you found it....then the actual hunt is up to you. I personally enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and a metel detector would take that away from me. But if you want to use a metel detector, then go for it.
  19. Their is an owner option to recalculate distance on the travel bug page....so this might help for a quicker result.
  20. I found a travel bug 3 months ago in Florida that was not activated. I have held onto it ever since, checking on it every now and then to see if it would ever activate. I would be willing to activate it, and if the owner can ever send me an email and describe what it looked like then I would let them adopt it. I hate to have a travel bug sit for years and years and just stall out like that!
  21. HAHA!!!! This was really funny. For someone who has opened hundreds of ammo cans, this was just priceless.
  22. I didn't really think to much about this until now....when it is time to renew my account again. I'm gathering from reading this that I can't send in a check anymore? For me, this was the easiest method.
  23. Notice that Fuzzywip didn't ask for the coordinates to be included in the email....so clicking the link is still required to hunt. I think its a good idea because it will save time for non-premium members to figure out which ones to hunt or not.
  24. I agree with this comment! The 60csx is indeed a SUPER AWESOME GPS that is affordable and geocaching-friendly. I have one, and I have no plans to upgrade anytime in the near future. As far as the topic at hand: I have found that the needle will point all over the place if you are not holding the unit level. If you look at the bottom of the screen while you are navigating, it will sometimes say "hold level" ....if you are not holding it level, then you will be wandering everywhere trying to find the cache. Also, echoing what others have said, when you get withen 20 feet from the cache the GPS is not going to help you anymore for the most part. It is up to you to stick on your geocaching cap and start looking for the container.
  25. I have a puzzle cache where you are required to find 6 traditional caches which all contain a portion of the coords for the final in the log book. Is this what you are talking about? Use that link regarding the cache types...I think it will be helpful.
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