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  1. Email and PM sent re the Route 66 Oklahoma coin . .
  2. Does it need any other software,etc...to be able to put pocket queries on.I am looking to go paperless and have never used one of these.Is it pretty easy to figure out.Do you need the keyboard all the time or can you just take the small unit and access the cache info on it?Thanks You will need to download some type of geocaching software to load pocket queries. I use Cachemate and find it to be very straightforward to use and have never had a problem with it. The keyboard is "extra". Actually, you don't ever need to use it for anything geocaching related. Just plug the Palm into the computer, download the PQ into Cachemate or similar software and head out into the world of paperless geocaching! I have one person expressing an interest in the package ahead of you. If that offer does not materialize, I will let you know. 6 Feet More
  3. Looking to go paperless? Have I got a deal for you! I have a Palm V that is in great condition and comes with a brand new (never used) Palm portable keyboard. Also comes with an A/C charging cord and a serial connector cord to synch with your computer. Package contents: Here's the best part -- it's all yours for $20 SHIPPED! Paypal preferred. email or PM to purchase . . .
  4. Today I went to the mailbox in hopes of receiving a Texas Route 66 coin that I acquired via a trade. I got to the box and discovered someone had helped themselves to the contents of my mailbox, ripping open every item (personal and junk mail) and scattering the remnants. Most of the stuff was of little concern. But my geocoin padded mailer was ripped open, the interior packing around the coin strewn on the ground and the Route 66 coin I had longed for was nowhere to be found. I've NEVER had anyone tamper with my mail before. I am saddened, angry, and bummed on the eve before Christmas Eve. Thanks for letting me vent. I think it did help . . . some...... P.S. - Does anyone have a Texas route 66 that you would be willing to part with via a trade or an outright purchase? This one was a sentimental trade and I hate to think that I've lost my chance to own this one . . . Thanks in advance....
  5. I am fascinated by all the games-within-the-game: a) collecting geocoins, path tags, etc, personal sig items, etc. FTF races c) Most finds (in a day, week, month, year, etc) d) Finding a cache in every level of the Difficulty/Terrain "grid" e) Finding a cache in every County, State, country, etc. f) Travel Bug releasing/monitoring Everyone has their own game-within-a-game, but we still all play TOGETHER!
  6. Email sent -- offer for a Compass Rose . . .
  7. Here's my trail hound. This is Zeke. He's taking it easy on the beach at Ft. DeSoto, FL (was rated the #1 beach in America recently).
  8. I got a new GPS for my motorcycle for Father's Day. My wife said I would never get lost again, and the kids say it'l lhelp me find more caches!
  9. I believe this was taken somewhere in Belgium....
  10. I have the following to trade. Am seeking Geo Guitars and picks, among others. Offers are welcomed! Compass Rose coins are the '08 version....
  11. I ordered two and have the Silver, Day coin open for trades. I am looking for a USA Geo Guitar.......among others. Offers welcomed!
  12. Seminole, FL (Between Clearwater and St. Petersburg, FL)" 5 Miles: 215 10 Miles: 399 25 Miles: 1139 50 Miles: 2829 And just out of curisoity: 1 Mile: 20.
  13. I couldn't resist either! Such a nice coin!
  14. Alright, this cointest is getting a little "old" (a little fossil-frivolity).... My last guess before bedtime: Emeleites multifida
  15. Asteroceras confusum (that last part seems to be the goal for this cointest!)
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