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Announcing a Coin for the Community!

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These are just examples- Not done yet! But my back is killing me and I am way tired.



This is how it would look at 2 inches. The first picture is enlarged to see the names.


And this one is at 3 inches. It fits a couple more names onto it.


You might have noticed they are not in the same order. Each time I move names around to get the best fit. I love those small names!

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There are already 3 pages on this thread :rolleyes: & we haven't been posting for even a day yet! I know it's too late to get my name on this coin, but maybe you could do a second coin. Maybe with just different colors or something. I bet it will sell well! If you end up doing something like that add my name. Thanks.


I'm really not sure, it's not my call to make. It would mean 2 more dies. :(:wub:


I had wondered about a second coin too. Maybe one for American cachers and one for internationals. If the names could all be fit on one side by splitting it in half then you'd only need 3 dies (common front, different back with the names).


Or maybe you could mint the first 4" geocoin. :wub:

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For anyone who is already on one of the two lists I have created, if there is anyway to shorten or abbreviate your name PLEASE let me know. I would really love to be able to fit everyone on this coin, but due to my slip up I can't. I've maxed out at about 80 names.


You've done a great job so far!!!

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save 1 letter in mine by dropping the last E.

Guess it could all add up to another spot for someone.




BPR could use one of those 3..... :wub:


You are up awfully late - no doubt beating my dad (R-L-Painter) to FTFs. :wub:


a bit of insomnia lately, but here I am up n about early this morning. No new caches to go running after last night :rolleyes:

after that one the other day where the hider didnt leave the container, Im a bit burned anyway. That was super lame. :( I was out of town and missed out on the ftf hunts during the weekend.

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I'd like to be on if there's room


If 99er's on there, then I know it'll be a HECK of a party on our side. Count me in!


YemonYime <--- save yerself a space! :rolleyes:


If you were cuter......


Speaking of cuter, I'd gladly be a gentleman and give my spot to "The Truly Unpleasant Mrs. Shop99er". Yes, mainly because chivalry is not dead, but I'd really just enjoy seeing that on a coin somewhere.


I will bring that idea to her attention....


For the OP...can we fit "The Truly Unpleasant Mrs. Shop99er" on this thing?


Edit--I see she made it.

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Speaking of cuter, I'd gladly be a gentleman and give my spot to "The Truly Unpleasant Mrs. Shop99er". Yes, mainly because chivalry is not dead, but I'd really just enjoy seeing that on a coin somewhere.


Yime, I thank you from the bottom of my cantankerous, sneaky, black heart..... I think.... You'll notice Mr. Shop99er didn't offer! And they wonder why I'm grumpy. Harrumph!


Hugs and kisses on your cheeks.....both sets!

The Truly Unpleasant Mrs. Shop99er



The 99ers at one of their wildest moments.

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Here is how to fix your problem:


Sell the spot on the coin for $20.00 for each name. Give the named person 1 coin special finish and then give the balance to charity. Bet that would get the name list to a manageable size.


My Thoughts!


If he doesn't pick up on it, YOU could do it! *nudge, nudge*




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Since you are short on space, you can remove my name from the back.


I truly am honored that you had placed my handle there in the original mock-up, but since space is so tight, I'll let you free up some of that.


There are so many coins anymore, I've had to limit myself to personal coins that I trade for, trackable state coins, and event coins. I probably won't be buying this one, so I shouldn't take up the space on it.



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This was mentioned earlier in the thread, what about names on both sides of coin ?? Will allow a lot of more names on the coin, this also would probably help the sales aspect as folks that have their names on the coin will be more likely to buy , Just a thought.

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WOW, this whole thing sure took off, more than I expected. So let me explain a couple of things. First of all, this isn't MY coin. Meaning I am not paying to have it made, nor will I be the one selling it. I came up with a design and submitted it to Oakcoins, who said they would like to produce it. It was accepted as it was, and I thought it was kinda bland. So, an idea popped into my head! "Why not fill the background with some names from the very thread I got the idea from" So I went to that thread, I started with the most recent post and worked my way backwards. When one side was full I sent the art back to Oakcoins who thought it was cool, but that I would need to get permission from those posters to use their names. So, oddly enough, a similar design showed up, and the artwork was mentioned so I popped in here to let ya'll know about it. I proposed to add some names, and BAM! 4 pages later I've got well over 150 names. The problem is, that even using both sides there just isn't enough room for all these names. I never thought this would be so popular, and now I feel so bad because I know I can't fit all these names. So what to do? There's no way I'd charge you to use your name. Perhaps a contest? Maybe I should draw names randomly from a hat? *sigh* I want to be fair here. So let me think and talk to Oakcoins and get an idea of what can be done.

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Thanks for the great design and I hate to see you concerned over disappointing people. After all, your intentions are good. Instead of making it complicated, you could go with your original idea; put what you want on the coin. If someone is unhappy because they were not included, then they are welcome to submit their own design, same as you did. But I don't think people will be that disappointed if they don't make it on the coin.


Lets ride the spirit of generosity wave that started at Christmas just a little bit longer.


Holiday Cheers,



PS and if you need a good laugh go here

and scroll down. :ph34r:B)B)

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It's a great idea for a coin and lots of fun. But agree that you should design it how it works for you. It was neat to think everyone could be on it but that is clearly not feasible and not necessary. Those you can and want to fit on will be there. When the coin is revealed it will be a suprise to all. Have fun. That's what this is first and foremost suppossed to be - a fun (obsessive, crazy, insane) hobby. :P Don't worry! Be Happy! :ph34r:B)B)

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I agree with all those who have posted recently. It's your coin and you are not going to please everyone, those that are selected should feel honoured. It's not worth loosing sleep over trying to fit everyone on, or upsetting those who miss out.


We will be keeping an eye on how things develop.


Best of Luck,

Mark (Elmo) :ph34r:

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