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    How would people feel if the owner wanted to release a copy because the original went missing? The description could say that it's paper and the reason for it, so those in search of the metal can pass this one by. Would that make it legit? I've been thinking of doing this simply because I've had a few coins go missing with coin icons and there are those that do like to collect the icons. Cheers, nooks
  2. It would be a good way to commemorate a bit of the history that is fast fading into oblivion. Cheers, nooks
  3. Lots o' people use the IIIxe even. Can get them on ebay for less than $30. Me, I have a t/x that I use it for nursing school and happen to have cachmate on. The number of caches seems to be the limitation. I know someone who keeps about 2500 on her Z22. Also, better to go cheaper if you're worried about losing or breaking while caching.
  4. Glen- I see this restriction a lot and I don't understand it. Since your coin is a hand-off coin, what does it matter if it goes to an event? Cheers, nooks
  5. It's been a looong time, but I finally got my OshnDoc Penguin coins and boy am I delighted, now if I could only get a two tone penguin! Cheers, nooks
  6. Only once have I managed to actually see caches in the last couple of weeks and that was after midnight PDT! Usually I go to sleep after cheeking w00t. Before then everything worked great for about 6 months. I have the 200 views version. A local board thought that it was a Groundspeak server issue. Would love to see this updated. It would make caching life so much easier! Ibook g4 Google Earth 4.0.2722 Cheers, nooks
  7. I wanted to add that your own sig item, meaning something personalized in some way, is far more appreciated than generic stuff. I bought some great little flashlights until I figured out what I was going to do for a sig item. Very gratifying to leave your own thing. FIMO clay is a great medium and a local geocaching sage puts on workshops to help people out. Cheers, nooks
  8. Wash-n-wear tungsten! About 2 weeks ago my tungsten went through the wash with my sheets. Here I was getting ready for an out of town trip for a week, looking forward to caching and no palm. I was sad, very sad. Came back after a week, crossed my fingers and toes hoping that it would power up now that it was dry. No luck. Stuck it in the cradle. OMG, it powered up. I was even able to sync it. But when I took it off the cradle, it died. Bought a replacement battery, installed it (very easy!) and voila, my Tungsten is almost as good as new. In honor of this trusty stead, I would like to get one of these coins and release it. So please put me on your list. Cheers, nooks
  9. I wonder if everyone who was affected knows. Since the offending trading list is down, there is no public record. Anthus have you emailed everyone on the spreadsheet apprising them of the situation? Or, would it make sense to list here the coins that have had blanks listed for trading from said list, or do we go with the assumption that everyone who had a coin made had blanks made and possibly traded. Cheers, nooks
  10. I maybe wrong but I think that would be on the page that is the coin. Then go down to where it says Recalculate Distance scroll down to Mark Item Missing. But I may be wrong. Maybe wait for someone else to post on here for sure how to do it. you were right. Thanks!
  11. Same note but a little different. I have two coins that were stolen out of their caches. How do you put a coin into an unknown location? Thanks cheers, nooks
  12. I vote for frivlas as well. I'm really bad at guessing game scores. Cheers, nooks
  13. Wow, 2 coins for less than 9 buck and trackable, too. Thanks for this! Really! Cheers, nooks
  14. tick, tick, tick.... Somebody tell a joke!
  15. The car featured in the film is a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T, with a 440 cubic-inch V-8, and not a 426 Hemi V-8 (as is often believed). Five white Challengers loaned from the Chrysler Corporation were used during the filming. yet more from IMDB Now I want popcorn and to watch a good movie, Like Time Bandits, which I'm watching now. and I"M thinking up trivia questions
  16. deal was struck between 20th Century Fox and the Chrysler Corporation for the loan of several brand-new 1970 Dodge Challengers for a film (the first year for the Dodge Challenger). Director Richard C. Sarafian was approached with the question, "Can you do a movie with these cars?" which he said he could. A script was commissioned, and the result was this movie. Five cars were loaned, four were damaged beyond repair, and the fifth was stolen by a prostitute, but recovered by state police a short time later. -more IMDB
  17. There was actually four 440 Challenger R/Ts and one 383 Challenger R/T, which was an automatic with green interior. This one was used for some exterior shots and it pulled the 1967 Camaro up to speed so the Camaro could hit the bulldozers. All chevys -IMDB
  18. Just adding my crappy reply:
  19. Nice recommendation; to be able to do all of this on a virtual handshake. I wanted to mention another possible use for blanks would be replacement coins. For reasons I don't understand, and don't want to discuss here, I am the black hole of coins and by that I mean an over 50% loss rate for ones I've put out. So the opportunity to replace one with the original tracking number would be something I would consider purchasing. Of course, I would want the owner's permission, meaning that I would want to purchase from the owner. Some people do offer blanks for sale but they do not contain the "trackable at..." wording on the coin. Just a thought. Cheers, nooks
  20. It's not that they should have a value, but that they do have a value, regardless of what you personally feel. We may wish it not to be so, but the market will give it value as being rare. If traded, most likely they will find their way to an auction site. At the very least the designer will then have to field a barrage of questions regarding this new rare coin and no one wants that. I took a look at the trading list that D posted and this does look like a time bomb about ready to go off. So I hope there is an explanation and those really aren't meant to be traded as blanks. Cheers, nooks
  21. Thanks, Karma. Nice detail on them. Cheers, nooks
  22. Is it a one-style thing? I don't wear men's shirts, am I out of luck? Cheers, nooks
  23. Hi Atwells: I want to tell you that I love the one coin I have (Earth). It is the perfect weight for a zipper pull. This past weekend I wore it to an event at let people discover it. That was fun. I would love to purchase a couple of the non-trackables now that I have a great use for them! Would you be willing to sell those? Cheers, nooks
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