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"From your home coordinates..."

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2.9mi for the 200th nearest cache.

4.9mi for the 200th nearest unfound cache.


The 4 caches nearest to home are: a mystery cache (series finale) that's really 10+ miles away, a grandfathered traveling cache that's now 80+ miles away, a multi-cache with a final stage that's 20+ miles away, and a 4-star puzzle cache that no one has solved/found yet.

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:unsure: Here's my original reply in August of 2006:


We have 9 miles.


Interesting to see the difference now:


200 caches: 6 miles (20 of those caches are mine, and 10 more are immediate family)


200 unfound caches: 15 miles (unfortunately, I haven't been caching much in the past year or two or so nearby)

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Looking at our "from your home coordinates" list, I was surprised how many caches are within a certain distance. So, I decided to see how many miles away the cache is that is listed at the bottom of page 10 (that would be 200 caches).


We would only have to go 14.7 miles in any direction to find 200 caches. (Most of these we have already found).


Just curious how far 200 caches is from other cachers home coordinates. Do share.


I'm still gas friendly here in Denver.

200 was withing 5 miles and so is 300.

My 500 cache PQs still only go out about 7 miles

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200th cache is "Picnic and a View" at beautiful Greenfield Lake. Exactly 23.3 miles away. I'm sure how it throws it off, but most of the area east and south of me is ocean.par-ty.gif


filtering out finds, I get 26.7 miles to a cache at one of the houses used for a Weekend At Bernies" set. How cool is that?

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