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  1. I have the Dell Axim x5 with a Compactflash Globalsat GPSR and used RichesseGPS. You can use LOC or GPX files for full paperless caching and enter coordinates manually. The compass worked fine and marked locations for new caches. You can mark caches as found / unfound and make notes. No maps that I am aware of but never thought I needed them. Usually knew roughly where I was going to be and the compass did the rest. I have absolutely no complaints and best of all RichesseGPS was free. I used it for a couple/three years before buying another GPS. Still use it on occassion.
  2. If there is a compact Flash slot on the Palm you can purchase CF GPS to add to the Palm, Install some GPS software and get along pretty well. I have used a PPC (Dell Axim x5 with a CF GPS) for quite a while with great success. A CF GPSR can be had on Ebay for around $40
  3. As a "member" you can download the LOC file for the coordinates to the GPS
  4. I have it and have managed to find many a cache with it, You will have to enter the coordinates manually. I do suggest turning it on before arriving at the site to allow the GPS r to lock on. You may have trouble getting a lock from under tree cover but it will serve you well.
  5. You CAN download the LOC file It has the basic information for your GPS The Cooordinates and name
  6. As a regular member you can only download Loc files. I would assume you could do something similar with them you will only get items listed as 1-4 above or you may be able to drop them directly into the GPS
  7. The reviewer should disable the cache and send you notificaton of the problem with the datum. You can also go back to the cache page and change the status until you get the correct coordinates (conversion). Post a note to the reviewer to let them know what is going on.
  8. Is it physcaly broke or just not working properly. If by chance it is that the screen does not respond properly to taps and seems to lock up it could be a burn in the ribbon cable to the screen. Had the same problem. It's an easy repair and instructions can be found on the intertubes. Requires only a piece of tape over the burn after opening the case. Just thought I would offer the suggestion in case that is the problem Otherwise an Axim x5 can be found on ebay for around $40-$45
  9. Yep... did that too. ( the wasp nest ) Gets great logs. and something similar to the dragonfly and the pine cone and a hollowed out tree limb And I thought I was original on some of them. How about a mud daubbers nest? .... Did that too.
  10. Using the wifi connection orients the compass arrow from the wifi source NOT the Touch making it even less useful other than the general direction
  11. As a regular member the Touch will allow you to save the cache pages for caches you intend to search for (in the browser). The GC app permits saving pages as well as locating nearby caches. (from a wireless connection) It will not help you find the cache (app or not) I have one and sometimes keep pages for the extra information the page will provide but thats it. The app is to have an update that will allow you to log your find but again you need the wireless connection.
  12. You should still be able to download the LOC file with the coords and cache name using the above method as a regular member. Just the basic information is included in the LOC file.
  13. You should still be able to download the LOC file with the coords and cache name using the above method as a regular member. Just the basic information is included in the LOC file.
  14. Once you enter the coords for your cache on the form you can go to the cache page and "look for nearby caches" It will give the distance to the nearest caches BUT not the final location of mystry caches. For those you must solve the puzzle or complete the multi. or take the chance of being too close.
  15. Go to the site, get within about 20' of what you determine to be ground zero and put away the gps and start looking. If you rely on the gps too much you could miss it. GZ may continue to move from here to there. Is it an urban or woodland cache? for both look for out of the ordinary. something too orderly or out of place, sticks piled up in a line something too straight. nooks and crannies. Have an idea of the size of the container from the cache page. Read the cache page. Maybe read some of the logs for clues. solve the hint if you have one if you need it. The gps will get you about 20' from the cache if not right on top of it. Consider that both your gps and that of the placer have an error margin. Straight lines are not natural. When it ceases to be fun looking, move on.
  16. From the iphone go to app store, hit catagories, select navigation. It was the third one down when I did it just now. Sale is over, it's $9.99
  17. From the iphone go to app store, hit catagories, select navigation. It was the third one down when I did it just now. Sale is over, it's $9.99
  18. With the Touch you could download the individual cache pages and save it for later viewing in the browser. You can also obtain the GC App to search for and save nearby cache pages while on the road with a wifi connection. The compass will not really work on the Touch other than to point the general direction and distance of the cache from the wifi source. I believe the app works with both gen 1 and 2 (I have gen 2)
  19. I have a Dell Axim and use the Richesse GPS. It allows me to download POI (caches) and select them to search for. With a CF GPS installed it points to the cache. You can then mark the cache found, not found or normal. Notes can also be taken for each cache. If you upgrade to Premium you can download the GPX file and have the cache page in the same system. Since I am not a PM (like you, only a member) I occasionally download the cache page with Sunrise xp and view with VadeMecum. I had not seen the Turbo GPS until now.
  20. I have an Axim x5 and recently added a CF GPS. GlobalSat SIRFStar III. It works great with Richesse GPS for the GPS function. (about $40 on ebay) Came with additional external antenna and a PCMI adapter for the laptop. It is a battery hog though. I use it for the caches that don't require long walks to the site. I'm getting an extended life battery to use along with it and have the ability to charge in the car already. It has been a great addition but my old Garmin GPS is a better choice for regular use. (battery life, durability in an accident) The new CF GPS does allow me to download LOC files directly to the unit and keep track of finds on the PDA which I don't have with the Garmin. As I am a regular member I also use Sunrise XP to download cache pages for use on the road
  21. I have used the H for over a year. It sat unused for several years before I started caching and during that time I lost several rows of pixels on the screen. I still use it today. It has been a trusty companion and works well enough. There are directions on how to fashion your own serial cable online if you have the connection on your computer and want to try it. It's not that difficult to construct. Entering the coords myself is not difficult and you will need to be able to do this anyway for those multi caches that require entering them onsite. You just get comfortable and efficient at doing it. All that being said I now desire to have a better unit with more flexibility like downloading the coords rather than entering them all by hand. The mapping issue is not of much importance to me. I usually take a look at the google map on the cache page to get an idea of where I intend to look and how to get to the general area but have never found the need to actually print maps. The etrex alone is sufficient to find the cache
  22. "Did you get permission from the bird?" Must be private property.
  23. Well think about lugging a laptop (no matter how small) around in the woods or park, jumping streams and logs in the rain. Don't slip and fall. The etrex will be much easier and I doubt the software you will have on the laptop will provide a compass to point you in the right direction. Handheld is the way to go. Download files (if your a premium member GPX) or input the coords and let it point the way.
  24. To add home coordinates you will actually just input the street address as "Home" On the menu page select "where to" then "my locations". Select "go home" you will be prompted to enter the Home address at this point.
  25. The Garmin site has a plugin for downloading caches to the unit. I'm not sure if the "download to Garmin " works off the GC site for this unit. I have attempted this with the c340. If it's located in a parking lot or right aoff the road it works fine but when you get off road your pretty much on your own. There is no way to input coords and no "off road" settings available.
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