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  1. There is actually a cache down here where the guy found it earlier and put a ring in it and took his then gf to find it. GCMXA6
  2. That is why most people dont like their tb's placed in distant of hard to access caches. You could try to email the owners of the cache and see if they will move it for you.
  3. i would suggest the Garmin GPSMap 5012
  4. I think that it is "ok" to dip a travel bug as long as it is physically dipped, and not virtually logged. Some do this to help a travel bug complete a journey. Say the bug wanted to go to Florida and while you are in Florida the only cache you were able to find was a micro and it wouldn't fit. Then i believe it would be ok to "dip" a tb as long as it is actually dipped and not virtually logged. As far a personal tb's or Coins go many cachers have a personal coins of tb that they "dip" into every cache that they visit, or there absolute favorites. Virtually logging will get your tb or coin locked.
  5. stryder717

    TB Race

    i had the same problem. It keeps saying "GC.com Username does not own TB. Check spellings. Please try again." but im pretty sure i own my travel bug. Thank you for telling me about this error. I was not aware of it. Of course, this functionality was tested and used to work. However, my server has had changes which affected other parts of tbrace.com. I was not aware the registration was affected as well. I will post an update here once it is fixed. Sam The Registration error has been fixed. Please register. If you run into any more problems like this or anything else, please let me know. Thanks, Sam yay it worked. thanks for fixing it so fast.
  6. stryder717

    TB Race

    i had the same problem. It keeps saying "GC.com Username does not own TB. Check spellings. Please try again." but im pretty sure i own my travel bug.
  7. wow thanks so much i have been looking for this cache for a couple of weeks now.
  8. isnt that what work computers are for...jk
  9. Weel congrats on a successful travel bug journey. your tb is one of the few that actually make it to its destination.
  10. well dang if you have so much laying around why not send some down here.
  11. stryder717


    Someone deleted your DNF? i wonder why.
  12. yea i say take it to NY with you and leave it in a cache up there. so it cam travel about.
  13. Oh! were just looking around No were not casing the joint.
  14. How about the travel bug bug in its side with the number below itlike this
  15. on my hiking stick i have the rubber bottom grip off a crutch. it has been on there about 8 years and is just now starting to dry rot.
  16. ok i looked today and the nearest cache is .15 miles (792) away all i have to do now is get to container ready.
  17. this is one of the funniest threads i have read so far. i think i may have lol'ed.
  18. one day while i was at work i received a text message from my roommate and it said, " dude were going geocaching." so when i got back to the apartment we went and just the area the cache was in and the whole hunting experience itself was what got me into geocaching. And it is a great excuse to get out and explore.
  19. yea they are usually pretty fast in my experience, but it depends on alot of thing such as: the cache meets all guidelines, how much the reviewer has on their plate, if the reviewer is in town/has access to a computer, etc. But i have had fast results when it came to getting caches published.
  20. stryder717


    I think that DNF's are common for everybody regardless of find count.
  21. when i first saw the forum title i thought you wanted help with getting magnets sticking to caches. I probably could have helped you with that but not the cache magnet you are talking about. HOWEVER... i would suggest this though http://cachemagnet.googlepages.com/ click on documentation on the left column it brings up the user manual.
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