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  1. I notice that there is still no way to filter out caches on the "ignore list" as there was on the classic app. Is this still in the plans to add? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. I echo some of the earlier posts. Please make it possible to edit the bookmark first before saving it. I work on Delorme challenge caches and have to go back, find the cache and then edit. I have resorted to having two tabs open, one to the bookmark list page and one for the map.
  3. Are you saying that finds and/or owned caches still appear on the app's map when you check-mark the "Hide my Finds" and/or "Hide my Caches" options in the app's Filter settings? Those settings are working for me (Android), although I do have to click on the magnifying glass and then back to the map for the settings to work after making a change to the filters. Are you using iOS or Android? No. I am able to turn off my finds and owned caches, just not those on the ignore list. iOS 10
  4. Thanks. It will now allow me to hide my finds and my owned caches. It would be great to hide those on the ignore list too.
  5. In the classic app it was possible to turn on the "Apply Ignore List" so caches on that list did not appear. Will it be possible to do this on the new version?
  6. Thanks. I had overlooked the search box on the home page. I am used to going directly to "quick view" and forgot it was there
  7. Is it possible to search for a cache using the GC code? I don't see any way to do that with the new search feature
  8. I do better than that. If the cache is near a road,I'll look at it in google maps street view. Sometimes you can guess where it might be.
  9. Your unit (the GPSr) must be actively engaged in "Go" for that particular geocache in order for you to read the hint. Garmin units do that --- oddly. You cannot read the hint(s) willy-nilly. I found that out by accident. Entered "go" and then I can press enter from the main menu and a list comes up with the hint. Doesn't make sense to set it up that way but it is what it is.
  10. I have a new Garmin GPSMAP62s which supports paperless geocaching. I have sent the GPX file directly to the 62s and also downloaded the file and copied it directly to the unit. It shows all information on the cache page including D/T, container, description, etc. Everything but the hint. What am I doing wrong? Any insight appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I know a little HTML but was unfamiliar with the "title" attribute. I tried it and it works. Another mystery solved
  12. I recently saw a cache listing where there was a small picture on the cache page. When you stop the cursor on the image, a text block appears with a message in it which disappears when you move cursor off of the picture. How did they do it? I assume with HTML code, right?
  13. If this is in the wrong forum let me know. This puzzle on the cache page is supposed to contain co-ords and logging instructions for a cache. I have never seen anything like this. Help please
  14. Thanks everyone for the quick responses. The link dfx posted does what I want. I also installed the LeetKey add-on for firefox suggested by Bear and Ragged which has the rot13 option. Does just what I wanted. Thanks again
  15. Is there a program that will decrypt text like the one on the cache page. Maybe an excel formula or something. Typing in the crypted text would output the decrypted text.
  16. Just checked mine and same here. Just the first page. Was working fine a couple of days ago. Bummer.
  17. Shux, I didn't notice this same question was asked earlier. But I will add this question. Where is a good source of pictures for the background/border?
  18. Where do you get the background images I see on some cache listing pages? I would like to add one to a new cache I am getting ready to post. Thanks
  19. Interestingly, my Garmin nuvi 350 fits all your requirements except it will not accept AA batteries nor is it waterproof. I only use it because I already had it when I began caching. A little awkward to carry but works well for me. Wouldn’t recommend it however for caching only though.
  20. This question has to do with a GSAK macro. I have posted it on the GSAK forum as well. I had a macro that would switch from the google map to Microsoft Live Maps and show a pushpin at the cache location just as is on the cache listing page. The button was labeled "live". I have somehow lost it and can't remember where I got it. I can't find it in the GSAK macro library. Does anyone know about this and where I can get it? Thanks
  21. I discovered the "My Finds" query after I posted the question and used it. Thanks for the replies. It returned the correct totals and locations.
  22. Another question. I am trying to set up a PQ for caches I have found in order to set up statistics with GSAK. The radius block will not accept higher than 500 miles from my home co-ords. I have found caches 2500 miles from my home co-ords. How do I get it to show these finds? Thanks
  23. First thing I look at. I need all the help I can get
  24. I just received a eTrex Legend as a gift. Has anyone had any experience with this one as far as geocacaching? How well does it do etc. Pros, cons etc. Thanks Sorry about the double post.
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