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  1. I was just looking to see if I could find the oldest or longest traveled bug. my Oak island Geohound was released in 2007 and has logged over 33,000 miles. He started on the US East coast (NC) and has been to Alaska and back to the US, totally coincidentally stopped a few hundred yards from my parents' house in PA, took a Baltic cruise, and is now boppong around Switzerland and Germany. I love getting updates :-)
  2. I just noticed that i've never found a cache on the 4th of any month. I'm torn between running out and getting one this April 4 and scrupulously avoiding caching on that date from here on out.
  3. I couldn't find the website forum, so i'm coming here with this question. It seems I can no longer post pictures to a log. When i try, I get an error message and a link to the Groundspeak home page. Did something change? Are my pc files too big or something? I"m not doing anything different, but now there is some problem. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  4. If you shot down the ISS to get to the cache, I'd be all kinds of in favor of you claiming the smiley. Just sayin'
  5. I asked for one this morning and haven't gotten it yet, either. It's odd, usually comes in minutes.
  6. I love the term "duck island" and will use it whenever possible until i die. Thank you. And I'd love to find a cache on one, even if i had to go to the Netherlands.
  7. Thou shalt not take thyself or thy hobby so seriously that it inhibits the fun of thyself or others
  8. themes aren't really nessecary, but sometimes can be fun,both for hider and seeker. We gave some of ours a pirate theme (we live on an island) and some we named after places in the Lord of the Rings that our hiding places reminded us of.
  9. My son just likes taking something from the cache and picking something to put in. Often the Mctoys or whatever get taken from one cache and placed in another, kind of like unofficial travelers. It's really finding the cache and finding out what's inside that's fun for him, no matter what that turns out to be.
  10. hide a cache in your front yard. They'll find you.
  11. A camera. If you're getting out of geocaching the best it has to offer, you'll see some wonderful, beautiful and just plain odd things that you'll want to capture, either as a memory or evidence.
  12. Any cache WITHOUT a snake in it, rubber or not, is fine by me. I hate snakes.
  13. Play as you wish, there's no "rules" for you to break, really. But having said that, it's pretty darn cheesy to log your own cache as a find and if you did and others found out, they'd probably mock you. Which would be fun for them, so go ahead.
  14. My first GPS is the Garmin eTrex legend I still use to geocache. We've since gotten a Nuvi for the car, but the Legend is just fine for finding a cache. I bought it after earning a bonus at work just because I love maps and thought it'd be fun to "geek out" with. I found out about geocaching while reading reviews of gps units on Amazon.
  15. According to my wife, that'd be me. I get to stick appendages into places clearly not meant for them to see if perhaps someone stuck a tupperware down (or up) there.
  16. All good advice, but bumbling around in the wilderness for a while will give you lots of amusing stories to tell when you get to an event. And there's no shame in bumbling, or not finding the caches, it's all part of the fun.
  17. This is my very favorite log on any of my caches. The story is wonderful, but the picture makes it. Here's a link as i can't figure out how to bring the pic over. funny log
  18. just a reminder to us all to keep our friends close and our boogers closer.
  19. Mine's out in the Atlantic Ocean a ways. Odd, since I haven't found anything East of there. I think the whole "centroid" thing is too much for my brain. It's not a "center point" at all is it? Anyway, it's cool to find and watch it move around. Maybe sometime I'll go visit it and see if I can catch a fish there. Who knows, maybe I can eat my centroid for dinner, grilled with white wine and some tomato.
  20. I thought canoeing out to an island to hide a cache was cool. I'm so not worthy. You guys rock!
  21. 200th cache is "Picnic and a View" at beautiful Greenfield Lake. Exactly 23.3 miles away. I'm sure how it throws it off, but most of the area east and south of me is ocean. filtering out finds, I get 26.7 miles to a cache at one of the houses used for a Weekend At Bernies" set. How cool is that?
  22. That's a great idea. Sure we should all be maintaining our caches anyway, but an organized "month" may give many of us that extra kick we need to go the extra mile. An idea: Perhaps we could involve free doughnuts. I went to an event cache this past weekend that featured free doughnuts, and it made my weekend. I, personally, would perform maintenance on a cache in the pits of Hell for free doughnuts. Just a thought. Seriously though, we perform "Beach Sweeps" on the various islands around here and the difference is amazing. One weekend where everyone who picks up trash as a matter of course does it at the same time really shows results.
  23. We only spent a week there, and caching was a secondary activity at best, but I was highly impressed by the caches in the Florida Keys. All the caches, both those we went after and those we didn't, seemed to be in a location that someone had a reason to show off. Now granted it's hard to find a not beautiful site in the keys, but still. Caches pointed out some of the lesser publicized state parks and natural areas. I didn't see on in a big box store parking lot. I found myself wondering sometimes why there weren't more. "Ohhhh! That would be a good spot!" escaped more than once. But the local cachers went for quality over quantity and I really ended up appreciating it.
  24. "Blackwater Creek" even sounds chigger-y. I've been there too. My condolences. Hey, at least it'll feel good when it stops.
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