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  1. Haha, fair enough. I thought y'all might have some insight but if it's really just up in the air, then alrighty! Thanks for the help
  2. I just bought a state medallion geocoin from the Groundspeak store and it comes with two coins (a regular size and a micro) both with the same tracking number. Now, I want to release one of them, but I don't know which has the better chance of survival. Any opinions? It seems to me that the little one is more likely to get lost and the large one is more likely to get stolen :/ So. No idea what's better.
  3. Ok, I only have my phone to take photos with and it's terrible! So here's a list: I have a round "tuit" geocoin, it's copper and red. I found a pic here but there's no price info. The next is a Red Parrot that I won from a cointest (it even says "cointest winner" on it). I wouldn't want to part with it but I curious about it. Next is a Tengwar coin, this one is activated so again I'm just curious. I believe it's the antique silver one, it looks like this one. Next is a Garmin Colorado coin, looks like this one. The fifth one seems to have walked off my desk... I can't really describe it well without looking at it so I'll post that one later if I can find it. Thank you for any help! I feel like such a newbie
  4. So I have a few coins (okay, 5), most of them I've had for a while, and I was wondering how I know what they're worth? I know people sell/trade a lot but it all seems very overwhelming. I did a search for the one I think is most valuable in the "want list" forum at the top but the most recent post on it seems to be from 2010. So I can't imagine that's still right, ha. All the ones I'm interested in are unactivated except one (and I wouldn't want to sell that one, I just curious). I also don't know how you tell the difference between metals. I mean I get how you can tell copper from nickel, but nickel from satin nickel? Is there a guide somewhere? Should I just post them here and get opinions?
  5. Aha! I figured it out after some googling. I downloaded GSAK and loaded up the .gpx file. Then all I had to do was find the "send to gps" part. All set now!
  6. I was a member a while back and just got my membership back again. I remember being able to download big chunks of caches into my GPS at once but I don't remember how I did that. I know it had something to do with Pocket Queries, so I made one of those. But, well, I don't remember what to DO with it now that I have it. Can someone please give me the rundown? Thank you! EDIT: I suppose I should clarify. I have a Garmin Venture HC so I don't need to do anything fancy, I just need to get the coords with the GC codes into my GPS. No extra info or anything, I have my phone for that.
  7. I saw this on someone else trackable the other day, and went to see what it meant and set it for my own trackables, but I can't find any info anywhere? What is this? I can only set it to "yes" or "no" and I don't know what those mean? I must be missing something obvious, but I just can't sort it out.
  8. Actually it can be done by the cache owner or the bug owner. I had to do it for one of my coins. And thanks BD, I'll start doing that too.
  9. GC263Z0 was placed 4/3/10 and has not been found yet. Of course the requirements are pretty challenging! That's the longest I've seen one go....
  10. I posted a note today on TB1213F because the bug was not in the cache (not surprising, it's supposedly been sitting there since 2007), which I do a lot. What's weird is this bug is showing up in my trackables moved/discovered list. That's never happened before, and I usually post notes for any missing TBs. Is this new? Just a glitch? I don't want to be getting credit for bugs I haven't actually seen. That's just cheating.
  11. I usually don't mention what I take or leave except for trackables. Maybe it's a regional thing, no one around here seems to log that wort of thing. I'll sometimes mention it if I find/leave something I really like, but usually I don't.
  12. There should be a six-digit code on the coin somewhere. You can go to the trackables page and put that number in, which will take you to the coin's page. Then go to the top right corner and click "found it? log it!" and fill in the blanks. If you took it from a cache, select "retrieve from..." Then, once you place the coin in a new cache, there will be a list at the bottom of the page where you log the cache where you can select a coin to drop into the cache. So just pick the right one and you're good to go! Hope that makes sense. If you already moved the coin and no longer have it in your possesion, you can go back to the cache you dropped it in and get the number. If it's not there then hopefully who ever grabbed it will log it, and you'll know for next time.
  13. Does anyone know if there's a Prairie Dog geocoin? Or one with a prairie dog on it? Yes I googled it already
  14. Yup, there's quite a lot of looking that has to happen. I usually start with "If I was going to hide something here, where would I put it?" And don't get too disheartened by the DNFs, sometimes the cache just really isn't there! We had one cache we looked for 4 different times and didn't find (and it was a pretty easy Dif/Ter, so we were feeling a bit stupid) turns out everytime we went to look it wasn't there.
  15. We'll release it in the 100th cache we find (we're getting close) and post a picture here.
  16. Depending on what you're looking for, sporting goods stores are good (Galyans, Dick's, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop, etc) for some things, military surplus stores are good for some things (awesome caching bags and AMMO CANS! just to name a couple) and your friendly neighborhood wal-mart is usually not to far off track either.
  17. I agree. If it was JUST the paper, it might be misconstrued as an advertisement, but with all that other cool stuff it's just extra (relevant) information. I found a meteorite piece in a cache once. Second-coolest swag find ever.
  18. Wednesday was my first day at my new internship, and this, surprisingly, is my contribution. Up to now I have been working two jobs, one of which required me to drive 15 miles non-highway almost daily, usually for less than 3 hours worth of work. Thanks to getting the internship, I have been able to quit that job and now, instead of that daily 30 minute drive (that plus the other job used up a tank of gas weekly) I have a 10 minute drive on the highway, and should be using half (or less!) the gas. Also on wednesday we did find one cache, but there was nothing to CITO (we looked, though). Hope this rather odd contribution counts, even though it's not really caching related. EDIT: to clarify, since the post doesn't make much since (lol) I wanted to post what I actually did ON earth day not just in general.
  19. I have no money so I can only wish you good luck. I hope it does really well!
  20. I would be a little concerned going after this one though that it hasn't been found since July 09 and the last 3 logs are DNFs. *shrugs*
  21. I agree! I want to make one like this. But that's just because I'm evil.
  22. I'd suggest leaving the poison ivy be and just giving your cache the poison ivy attribute. That way people (the ones who pay attention) will know what they're getting into and the others cant complain - you gave them fair warning. Less work and less death: it's a win-win.
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