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"From your home coordinates..."

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87.2 miles....but it would be over 135 driving miles to those caches


79.6 miles to get 200


When I started there were 5 caches within 100 miles.


93.4 miles for cache #200. Fargo, ND. There really is nothing up here. Only 84 within 47 miles of home.


At least 300 miles to collect 200 caches, about 60 (other than mine) within 50 miles. That's why its taken me a year to find about 130 caches, and I'm only in rural Australia, not the out back, where the distances would be in the thousand mile range.


167.8 miles


Yeah, it's that sparce. :(


Go go rural cachers! for us it was almost a perfect 2 cache per 1 mile radius ratio with the 200th closest cache being 100.3 miles away from home. If we filter out finds and our own hides, that distance swells out to "too far"

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http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx seems to have a 50 mile limit - I only get 47 in total! 200? I can but dream.. :laughing:

Add an ?dist=100 - or some other amount of miles to then end of that URL to see more - it means distance=100 miles from start

Thanks, after a lot of messing about I finally got that to work (doesn't work from my profile page where my home coords are) when I actually tried http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?dist=120 ... d'oh!


.. the one at the bottom of page 10 is 106.5 miles away :laughing:

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This question had me scrounging for a bit because I'm not actually completely sure of my exact "home coordinates" and my GPSr is in the car and it's raining and I'm ready to go to bed, so I just did it from my zipcode and came up with 7.4 miles (but actually, I looked at that one on the google maps page and it's really about 10 miles, so my final answer would be 10. Whoo!... ok i'm now ready for bed.... :ph34r:

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Well, I guess I am no longer a lurker (if you bothered with that thread).


18.5 miles to 200 caches

50 miles to 691 caches

100 miles to 9365 caches (this includes most of San Francisco bay area and Southern part of Sacramento.


Obviously some people find this interesting and thought provoking because we took the effort to look it up!

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