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  1. This has been great fun watching the landing! Can't wait to see pictures it'll send back! Very cool.
  2. I've looked through the forums and the help stuff, but can't seem to find an answer to this. I still want notifications of new caches in my area, but we've had a problem with two new accounts that just popped up, and I don't want the notifications of their caches. These are two accounts with oddly suggestive names, and they've been publishing hundreds of caches all at once. Normally I'd be happy to see new caches, but these are all the 'bit of paper in a pill bottle' variety and they have horribly suggestive names that make me feel dirty just reading them. And they way they're putting out new caches, my phone is blowing up with hundreds of texts with the nasty names and I just want no part of it. So if anyone can help me figure out how to program "ignore" on those accounts, that would be great, thanks!
  3. Yeah, it seems like there's some sort of glitch in the "official" app. My phone is up to date, but the app won't work. All the other apps work, so I'm just not able to use my bought and paid for Groundspeak app..
  4. Well, yes, it is a problem with the "official" app. It just doesn't work on my phone since the last update. It used to work, and everything else on my phone checks out just fine, but the "official" app will no longer navigate. It would be nice if the non-samsung phones were considered when writing app updates; there's a lot of androids out there and many of them are used for caching. Hopefully the "official" app will be fixed and useful again some day.
  5. Nope, the app is useless. I've tried everything short of doing a factory reset on my phone (which I'm not going to do) and it won't navigate. Thankful to have cgeo! Had a chance to grab a cache during lunch today and the official app wanted no part of it. I don't normally carry my GPS with me while working, so would have been really bummed to have a few minutes and not be able to cache.
  6. Yes, I did check that location was on and that the app had location permission. ? I checked out that other link, but my phone's model number is not included and it's as up to date as I can make it. The app was fine until it stopped showing the blue dot, and ever since I downloaded the latest version, it's useless. Today I tried to look at a couple of new ones that were published and the map won't even display properly. I don't think it's the phone, since everything else, include cgeo, is working.
  7. It's on Android 7.0. And yeah, I get the arrow pointer and a blue line, but that's it. I started with 3.5 miles to the cache, drove to the cache site, and the app still said 3.5 miles. It didn't navigate at all, just kept saying 3.5 miles. I tried with several different caches, and clicking start or navigate brings up the aerial view and the pointer line, but then it just sits there and never moves.
  8. I just updated the gecaching app because it no longer had the blue dot to indicate my location. It would navigate and everything else worked, but there was no way to plan which way to go when I had no icon on the map. Well, now the new version with the trippy satellite zoom in thing (which I really don't like!) won't navigate at all! No matter how far I drive, the app stubbornly remains right where I started. I tried to find a cache the other day and couldn't get it to work at all. Fortunately I had cgeo in my phone, so I was eventually able to find it. But I have trouble with cgeo, it's not intuitive for me and I get confused a lot when I try to use it. So for those times when I have an unexpected minute to play and don't have my garmin with me, I like to use the regular app. I uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted my phone, everything I could think of, but the app just won't work. There's very little help in the app; hardly anything available in settings to customize it. Does anyone have some advice? I'm using an Honor 6x. Thanks.
  9. I did put a note in when I logged the cache where I think I lost it. We also went to the cemetery office and inquired, and asked around at the restaurant we went to that afternoon. No luck. What is "geochums"?
  10. Couldn't find a topic niche for this one. We lost our Garmin GPS on Friday in Cleveland Ohio. Most likely in the Lakeview Cemetery, but possibly at Gust Gallucii's. Cash reward for it's return if someone found it. Thanks.
  11. My logs are usually directly related to the quality of the cache experience. A 35 mm film can tossed in a bush in a wonderful old cemetery that could have had a good-sized hide with a side helping of history - that will get a "Found it." A cache page with history of the site is really appreciated, and a larger cache container even more so, and my logs will reflect that. I've gotten thank you notes from COs who liked my logs. As a cache owner, I like it when folks say something to acknowledge the work I've put into it.
  12. I got all the pieces but never got the email. And my email doesn't have any special characters in it, aside from the "@" that they all have. Who do I contact about this?
  13. By the logic I've seen here, there's no more reason to forbid new virtuals than there is new traditionals. I've seen many regular caches that were dumb, boring, uninspired, located in a lousy parking lot, absentee owners and so on. I'd rather take my chances on finding either a cool new virtual or a stinker, than to not have the chance at all. I can certainly use my log to say whether or not it was worth it. And I'll have to check into whatever Waymarking is, I've never heard of it before.
  14. Actually I think I'm more really disappointed and a bit upset, beyond just sad. I found a virtual today, a wonderful, historic spot in a town where I used to live, and I realized I remembered the site as it used to be. Made me nostalgic, and it also reminded me how much I enjoy virtuals, and what a shame it is that they're not an option anymore. There's tons of film cans in corners, and they have their purpose, but the virtuals are special. I've seen old train engines, a Coast Guard light ship, a breath-taking avenue of flags, and several caves, among other wonderful experiences that I would never have had without geocaching virtuals. And there's never a worry about getting snark from muggles, or finding something nasty in the container. So many times there's a beautiful view, a historic building, or fascinating museum that doesn't have good place for a physical cache, but is still worthy of attention, and that speaks to the best part of geocaching, that seeing something new in your own back yard. It's just a dirty rotten shame that they can't be done anymore. There's been so many changes to the website, the app, and geocaching itself in the last few years that just don't make any sense and that take some of the fun out of the hobby. Ok, guess I'm done with my rant now. :-P
  15. Kewl! Thanks for the input. I downloaded locus last night and will play around with it this weekend. Maybe this will be my chance to quit struggling with Groundspeak's whims.
  16. locus works very well, and can provide offline navigation/tracking , along with storing ALL your finds in a pretty slick database, just in case someone wants to restrict access to your favorite caches in the future. Is this the one you mean? http://www.locusmap.eu/ How long have you been using it? Is it intuitive and easy to use like the old geocaching app?
  17. Not so. My phone is set for feet/miles for everything - intellicast, weatherbug, gcdroid, google maps, the original (and SO much better) geocaching app. Only the new geocaching app decided to go metric. I searched and searched and couldn't find any 'settings' on the new app that allowed me to make the change, until I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Then magically it appeared and I could finally set it to feet/miles. Not that it did any good, the stupid thing still crashes every time I try to use it.
  18. Hmm. Seems to be yet another useless change done just for the sake of change. It's fun to view caches in areas I'll never get to, but a world-wide search has very little practical use. And the home page thing? Bad idea. That new search is clunky, counter-intuitive, hopelessly limited, annoying and useless for anyone who doesn't live in an urban/suburban environment. Making it the first page for anyone who is logged in just rubs salt in the wound.
  19. I hate the new app. It's a mess. I can't even find a way to make it switch from kilometers to miles. The interface is clunky and cartoonish and it has very little functionality compared to the original app. It takes forever to load caches and positioning lags way behind where we actually are. The original app is MUCH better, so why replace it? It's like Groundspeak isn't happy just ruining the website, they have to mess up the app too. Does anyone know a good third party app for android? I've been using GCDroid but am puzzled by some of it and can't find any instructions.
  20. I tried using the new app yesterday. What a mess. Couldn't get it to work at all; couldn't even find a 'settings' button of any description to change the stupid thing from kilometers to miles. And the giant pointer covers half of the roads around the cache I'm trying to find. Took forever to load caches and the interface is clunky and cartoonish. Why release it when it's so not ready?
  21. I'm getting very frustrated with the whole mess. First they make a hash of the search on the website, now this. Ever since my existing geocaching app was mysteriously updated and called "Classic", it will not display any maps. So today I download and install the new one, and the same thing happened. No maps. What's up with that? I tried uninstalling and re-installing the classic version, since that's helped in the past, but no change. Except that my offline lists disappeared. But still no maps with either app. My other apps, such as CDroid and WeatherBug, that use maps, have the maps. So it's not my phone. So how do I get the maps to show up again? And why did my offline lists disappear with the "classic" update? I wish you coder types would just leave well enough alone.
  22. I've really been trying to use the new search and it still just irritates me no end. It does take a LOT more clicks and is just so counter-intuitive that I can't puzzle it out. When it finally decides to show me some results, the page is hard to read with all the white space. I do keep falling back on the old search. I just don't have any faith that Groundspeak is going to do the right thing and allow us to continue with it. It's going to be the hard way or the highway, and that's a real shame. The old system was so simple and intuitive and useful! Why can't they simply improve the old, instead of dumping it completely? And if they haven't yet figured out that 30 miles is NOTHING to a cacher, well then I doubt they ever will. The default should be no less than 100 miles. And for those who think we should study and learn and spend tons of time trying to adjust to the new stuff just because it's new and so easy, here's a thought for you to put it in perspective- what if all you've ever driven is an automatic transmission car, and suddenly someone took that away and gave you a standard transmission truck? Logically you shouldn't complain, since it is still transportation, right? Have fun learning how to use the clutch, operate the stick shift and find a parking spot without any guidance or even an instruction manual.
  23. I just had to find a thread on this so I could post a rant - THE NEW SEARCH IS USELESS! WHY DOESN'T Groundspeak LISTEN TO US? The way it is set up is so counter-intuitive, difficult to use, and restricted, it makes what used to be a fun hobby an exercise in frustration. So they set up the Summer Road Trip stuff - great! Something to try. However I live out in a rural area, and the 30 mile limit is MUCH TOO LIMITING! Every time I click on the "search for events" I get nothing helpful. One event, which won't happen until after the road trip is over. I had to crawl through these forums to find where some kind soul had done a link for a Michigan event search and use that. Guess what, over a hundred came up with that search! And last night I was able to get that souvenir with a trip to an event that was 60 miles away. Which the stupid new search would never pull up. I really hate what has been done to the website. If they take the link to the old search away, I may have to give up my favorite hobby, since the new search discriminates against anyone who doesn't live in an urban area. Bah humbug, Groundspeak!
  24. I'm trying to do this road trip thing, but I have to say that the new web page really makes it impossible. I can't express how much I HATE the new search...trying to find events is a nightmare, there's nothing within 30 miles. I know someone posted in these forums a better link for finding events but I can't locate it just now, I no longer have the computer where I saved it as a favorite.
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