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Caching Through The Snow Too Coin

Team Rampant Lion

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We hosted the Caching Through The Snow Too! event this past weekend and it was an awesome event. Perfect weather, great caching hike, great event, great people - the best way to kick off the holiday season.


We had a coin made for the event attendees in a limited edition of sorts - 100 silver coins [sOLD OUT] and 200 bronze coins. At the end of the event, we have 61 bronze coins left and so I am offering those here for sale to the first comers.




Here are the rules for the sale:


1). Coins are $6.50 each (including shipping & handling - any international orders may need adjusting).


2). Limit 2 coins per geocacher.


3). Post your interest on this thread - no emails please. It's the only fair way I can come up with a first come first served approach.


4). Need to pay via PayPal but no credit card payments as I'm not set up for that.


5). Once the magic number of 61 is hit, everyone after that will be considered on the wait list.


If you order the coin, it brings you the spirit of the event and the best wishes for the holidays.

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Here is the final tally. Sorry we had so few to offer but it was a popular event this year.


Caching Through The Snow Too Coins

Order Confirmation List

Junglehair - 2

Cache Dragons - 2

Ranger Rick - 2

Team Sand Dollar - 2

Cornerstone4 - 2

Cascadepkr - 2

Team Nazgul - 2

Bugeye59 - 2

Dressel Dragons - 2

Pepper - 1

Elmosmelmo - 2

Southbayday - 2

Team Donutdog - 2

WYlostinMA - 2

Chaos A.D. - 2

Prairiepartners - 2

Parrlet - 2

Go JayBee - 1

Passing Wind - 2

DutchBoy - 2

YemonYime - 2

Drexotic - 2

Bikinibottomfeeders - 1

Teamhawaii1981 - 1

Mr & Mrs. Smith - 2

Instant Coffee - 2

Prairiepartners - 2

Shop99er - 1

DLiming - 2

Dorkfish - 2

AtlantaGal - 1

Krauss-McClurg - 2

GeoCrickets - 2

SharpShin - 1


Waiting List – 1 coin each if become available



Lemon Fresh Dog

Golfin’Fool and Me too!

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