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  1. I am a pharmacist, so I also have access to many stock bottles just as you pictured......they definitely are not waterproof, but what here is what I do. I use a larger stock bottle, then cover it with camo tape.......then I put the log into a 35mm film cannister and put it in the bottle.....I also have a photo lab in my pharmacy so they are free also.....that way you have the log double bottled and protected better....seems to work ok
  2. One of my friends is a retired state police detective, and a geocacher.....he still has his badge and does some undercover work.....I love it when I go geocaching with him, because I know that no matter what I get myself into he can help us out.
  3. I found these benchmarks while vacationing in Puerto Rico. Interesting, but can not find them to log on the geocaching.com website......any help?
  4. That is exactly what I thought when I read the article and scratched my head. Then when I read the document, I was even more sure they did not understand it, but I wanted someone with more expertise on the issue to give their opinion. I also thought they were trying to say it was some type of a natural occuring anomaly. Thanks for the info
  5. I have hunted and found benchmarks in the past, as well as geocaching. Recently my local newspaper ran this article, written by a local person. I found it very interesting, but upon further investigation, It did not seem that this article was very factual. I was wondering if someone with more knowledge than myself would read it and give me their take. Here is the article link. magnetic station found I found the document he quotes at this site in the year 1908. It does not seem to support some of his statements.
  6. I heard of a cache that was an ammo can. When you opened the can, a double contact alarm went off until you closed the can back up. The catch was that the can was filled with aquarium gravel, and their was a micro container hidden in the gravel. You could not close the container until you sifted through the gravel and found the micro. So the alarm went off the entire time you looked.
  7. I only have the Ipod Touch.....no gps....so I just use it to view the gpx files.
  8. If you want an iPod app that will process gpx files.....then try igeocacher. Works great for me.
  9. The new app looks nice, but because I only have an Ipod Touch, I need the ablility to use gpx files. I don't want to have to save cache to have access to it in the field. I will stick with the Igeocacher app until the Groundspeak app adds the ability to parse gpx files.
  10. Could it be that it is in the system, but just does not register in the searches. If we had a name we might be able to find it. Jeremy, would it be possible to at least post a readme file for it, or a manual for us to see, while we wait.
  11. I do some of my geocaching by myself, but my wife goes with me when she can. On my days off, and the kids are in school, we go somewhere interesting, find some caches, and eat out at the nicest restaurant in the area. It makes for a great day together. I like it when my wife is with me because she has a whole different mind set on finding the caches. I can not tell you how many times I would have given up and left with a DNF, then she finds the cache.
  12. Just go to the post office and get some of the mailers made from Tyvek.......they work great....cut them into the desired size and use the side with no printing. They are free, but not an approved use.
  13. I hid a cache a few years back and listed that it contained 10 bucks as a first finders prize.....the first finder was delighted. Here is the picture she posted after finding the cache.
  14. Here is a power trail of 40 caches that were set up along hwy 40 in Illinois for CYBret's 40th birthday. this is a neat idea 40 on 40 for 40 bookmark list
  15. Here is my take on campus caches. I don't feel comfortable looking for them. I have found a few....and on one occasion I was stopped by plain clothes campus police and questioned on campus at Indiana University. I had nothing to hide, and one of the campus cops had heard of geocaching, so they understood. It is just another set of "officials" you have to explain yourself to. This does not mean that I would not look for campus caches, but they are not my favorite.
  16. I noticed that this cache is hidden very near the Westroads Mall, where the shooting occured in Omaha. Stay away from looking for this cache for awhile. GCVDWJ
  17. I had the garmin V and I upgraded and decided on the quest.....it is a good substitute for the garmin V, because it does both auto and trail pretty well. I have not found it to be as durable as the V...and they already had to replace it during the first year because of antenna issue......If I had to do over again...I would have gotten the gpsmap 60cx.
  18. I had to quit using charter for my email from Groundspeak because they would never come thru.....when I switched to gmail.....i get them like a charm.........gmail rocks.
  19. I have a cache that is located on a nature trail that weaves it's way between the holes of the course. You dont have to pay to use the trail.....it is a fun cache, and you can pick up a lot of practice balls in the process. I also have found a cache in a woods that borders a driving range. The woods is not owned by the range, and I found 18 balls without ever leaving the trail. I love golf ball caches.
  20. The best part about being FTF is that you can move the cache and give others fits.... just kidding, of course.
  21. My prediction is 3398 DutchBoy Washington, IN
  22. The best way to get free AA batteries is to befriend someone in a photo lab. I have a 1 hour photo lab in my pharmacy, and the disposable cameras have them. When someone brings a disposable in to get developed we just take out the batteries and throw them in a bin. Almost all of them are near 100%. There are a few that are bad. I never buy AA batteries.
  23. I have the Indiana delorme grid in mapsource format (gdb).......and in gpx format for other applications......If anyone wants it....just email me. DutchBoy
  24. I had a few hours to kill, so I plotted the delorme grids for the state of Indiana. I have both a gdb format for mapsource, and an gpx format for other applications. If you would like either, just email me. DutchBoy Washington, IN dutchboy47501@gmail.com
  25. I called coins and pins....they still carry the 100 finds coin and 100 hides, but they took them off the website cause they only had a few.......they will re list them on the website when they get the next shipment in.
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