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  1. I recently traveled to Italy and purchased "City Navigator NT"MicroSD/SD Card for Italy/Greece for $69.99 for my Garmin Nuvi 255. When I went caching I just popped the micro card into my GPSmap 62st. Worked like a charm! I checked the Garmin website and it says that the software is compatible with your Nuvi 550. Here is the link... https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=253&pID=8424 Laurie ~ bugeye59
  2. E-mail sent for 1 gold and 1 silver. Thanks
  3. Please put me down for two brass and 2 copper! Thanks
  4. I managed to get a Benchmark the other night. I'm really looking to trade it for a Police Geocaching Squad - LE Gold Anyone? Please.
  5. Interested in purchasing one or two when they become available.
  6. Nice looking coin!! E-mail sent.
  7. same problem here....password not working
  8. E-mail sent to increase order. 1 Black Nickel 1 Gold
  9. I know I should have read the fine print first but could you post a list or update us if any antique silver are available. I ordered 4 and was looking for both metals.
  10. Gotta have one, no make that two! Thanks
  11. E-mail sent a few hours ago. Still waiting..
  12. Paypaled for 3 coins and 3 pins. Thanks
  13. Paypaled, Looking forward to these coins! Thanks
  14. Sent e-mail for 2 additional coins. Thanks
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