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Portrait Of A Geocacher

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The only geocachers I've met have been those I have introduced to the game, sport, lifestyle... My questions is: Who is the average geocacher? How old? Other hobbies? Family? I'm curious.


My only interaction has been online and I must admit, I am impressed with the kindness and honesty of the geocaching community. In order for this game to work there has to be a certain level of intergrity and honesty and it's refreshing to see that in today's world. Of all the internet forums I frequent, this is by far the most enjoyable to read. There is little flamming, rude behavior and there is a general feeling of welcome that you geocachers harbor. Thank you.


I'm 22. I usually geocache with my girlfriend and/or my 3 little brothers. I enjoy the outdoors, flyfishing, rock climbing, camping, etc.



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Of all the internet forums I frequent, this is by far the most enjoyable to read. There is little flamming, rude behavior and there is a general feeling of welcome that you geocachers harbor.


Interesting. Many visitors here have left because they felt we were a hostile, rude and inconsiderate bunch. Some have gone as far as leaving this sport altogether because of the "horrible behavior" they encountered in the forums. I guess its all a matter of perspective and what forums you've visited before you come here. Personally, I think your view is closer to the truth, with some rare exceptions.


Anyway, to answer your question, 48 (how'd that happen? Last time I looked I was 29), married with 1 stepdaughter. Into all things outdoors like skiing, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, fishing and snowshoeing. Also play some softball and soccer and I coach soccer. The full story is in my profile.

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The only geocachers I've met have been those I have introduced to the game, sport, lifestyle...


Go to some geocaching events. You won't regret it. :D As of yesterday, I have been to 44.


I'm 22. I usually geocache with my girlfriend and/or my 3 little brothers. I enjoy the outdoors, flyfishing, rock climbing, camping, etc.


My questions is: Who is the average geocacher? How old? Other hobbies? Family? I'm curious.


Remember, you asked for it...... :lol::blink:


My biography is posted on my geocaching profile page under latest news. :lol: Here's a tiny bit about me:




Early Adopter (Got my first GPSr in 1995. I buy DVDs all the time, but I forget to watch them.)


Never been married and no kids that I know of, (I’m holding out for a rich woman who is too proud to have her husband work.) but I have the best darned girlfriend in the world, SalmonGirl.

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. On a good day, I only score in the high 130’s on I.Q. tests.

I moo at horses just to see the shocked expression on their faces.

I have been playing Poker since the mid-eighty’s. That’s wayyyy before it became fashionable.

I’m not musical, but I do own an electric guitar. I can ONLY play the first part of “Smoke on the Water.”

I’m sure I have vast undiscovered artistic talents, but I’m a bit of an underachiever. Did I mention that I was holding out for a rich woman who is too proud to have her husband work?

I spend at least a week alone in the Sierra Backcountry every year. So, I guess that means I like the outdoors.

I never had much use for computers except for doing paperwork and Geocaching.

I have NEVER downloaded music, or porn, from the internet.

I played D&D as a teenager for the same reasons that other teenagers smoke; peer pressure.

I liked the Indiana Jones Trilogy (OK, the second one really sucked.) I bought them all on DVD, but I still haven’t taken the time to watch them.

I love dogs, I have a deer head Chihuahua named Cujo.

My friend’s and family’s dogs go outta their minds with joy when they hear my car drive up.

I’m mostly indifferent to cats, but kittens are fun for about 10 minutes.

I never really ate paste, but I did try it once when I was in the first grade.

I read allot of fiction. Sci-Fi is a favorite. I actually try to write Sci-Fi and Horror, but I never have really finished anything to my satisfaction.

I never rode the short bus to school.

I NEVER believed in Santa Claus.

I don’t drink coffee or beer.

Krispy Kreme is just another donut to me.

I haven’t picked a sweet watermelon in over 4 years!

I like them French fried potaters.

I drive a red, 1998 Volkswagen Jetta and a 2005 Xterra.

I haven’t cut my back yard in over 2 years. (Antonio does that for $25 twice a month.)

I almost never shop at Wal-Mart.

I sometimes wonder what napalm really smells like in the morning.

Not counting my Mom, I have never helped an old lady cross the street.

True story: I once broke my right femur trying to fly.

I make way too much money for someone without a degree.

I baby-sit adults for a living and if they're really good I let them play with guns.

I never met David Bowie, Mick Jagger, or Geraldo Rivera.

I have seen a blue whale close up.

I have been mistaken for a Phd. twice. (Once by a nerd from NASA and another time by a really cute marine biologist.)

Fact: More than a dozen people have told me that I would be one of their lifelines if they made it onto Millionaire.

My father really was a rocket scientist at the time I was born.

I actually “Get” Andy Kaufman’s humor.

I would NEVER pay what they are asking for tickets to see The Blue Men.

I own EVERY album by Alan Parson’s Project.

I once paid over $200 for a rock.

I cry like a wee girl at the end of Bicentennial Man.

Fact: I can totally whup ANYONE at Halo.

I think the theory of an Ekpyrotic Universe makes allot more sense than the traditional Big Bang models.

I can’t decide which of Dali’s works that I like best.

I believe that Plastination is really an art form.

I don’t care if someone ends a sentence with a preposition.

I've never been bitten by a spider. (knock wood)

I mow my neighbor's yard because he can't.

I have a Yamaha V-Max, but I haven't ridden it in almost 8 years because I think it secretly wants to kill me. I won't sell it because I love it.

My highest score at Sporting Clays is 92, but I only average 75.

I never got an email from Mitsuko.

I have only ridden a Vespa scooter once.

The first thing I do when I get to work is check my internet email.

I aspire to out-weird Oregone.

I never say "Cheese" when I get my picture taken.

I've only had one cavity in the last 20 years.

I almost never listen to sea shells.

I can say Cinnamon, Aluminum, Linoleum, five times fast.

I constructed a Psychomantium in my guest bathroom, but nobody from “The Other Side” has bothered to say, “Hi.”

I’m 6 feet tall.

I love fried squid.

I pulled skeet for Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top/Got my Eliminator album signed too.) among other notables, when I was a kid.

All my “Exes” really do live in Texas.

I hate to valet park my own car.

I can say dirty words in more than 6 languages.

In the town where I was born, lived a man who sailed the sea. Of THAT I’m sure.

I’m pretty sure that if I bought a round bed, people would never be able to ask if I got up on the wrong side.

Whenever I hear, “I’ll have 4 fried chickens, 2 slices of dry white toast, and a Coke,” I can only “Think” about one thing.

I bought a mountain bike in 1989 and I rode it like, twice.

I’m Agnostic, and I wish to God people would stop thinking that makes me an Atheist.

I misplace my car keys all freakin’ the time at home, but never at work.

I really did buy a book on “How to stop Procrastinating,” but I put off reading it.

I have to wear a uniform unless I’m teaching a class.

I have ALL of Stephen King’s novels in hardback. (Except the one’s that never had a hardback edition.) True Story: I check every Stephen King hardback, in a used bookstore, for red page numbers. I haven’t found one yet. Darn.

I won’t eat eggplant either.

I never met a Geocacher that I didn’t like.

I have read “The Clan of the Cave Bear,” at least seven times.

I actually saw Wang Chun & Men Without Hats in concert. YES, of course I did the “Safety Dance.” It didn't seem so gay then.

I HAVE to use the 10% off coupons that Best Buy sends me in the mail. I secretly think they coat the paper with a chemical that makes me crave new DVD’s.

I never wanted a pony.

I’m on the national “DO NOT CALL LIST” for telemarketers.

I won $87 bucks on the Texas lottery (4 numbers) in January 2004, and I can’t find the freakin ticket!!!

I can’t retire yet, but I’m vested at 9% dollar for dollar.

I know the Latin names of all my favorite Cephalopods.

I know that steamundus is not really veriovundus, but I’m not really sure what it is.

I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

If you poke me with a pin, I'll bleed, but most likely so will you.

I'm a concealed handgun instructor, but I almost NEVER carry a gun. Is that wrong?

My Mom is 81 and I'm 38. All my brothers and sisters are at LEAST 10 years older than me. Heck, I have a nephew that is a year older than me. I think I may have been an accident......

I didn't vote in the last election. I couldn't bring myself to choose between an idiot and a liar. Eh, six of one.... I planned to complain either way.

I haven't been to the Zoo in like, 8 years.

I really hate getting "ice cream cone" headaches.

I can speak, read, and write a little Arabic. (not fluently)

I'm pretty indifferent to reality TV, but I love the Osbournes.

If I had multiple personalities, they would probably inhabit the town of Cicely, Alaska.

I have hidden like a half dozen new caches, but I'm not motivated to post them for some reason.

Conium Masculatum is poison ya know!

If anyone has an old NES copy of Black Bass, try this code to catch a MONSTER bass: P2AAJI2TGGNQY1VN I keep hoping that the next time I drink tequila, the brain cell that code is stored on will get fried. Strangely, I worry about burning the one with my phone number on it.

I got 100% in coding on the ASVAB. They made me take that section again and I got 100%.

I have never seen Morgan Fairchild naked.

I bought my first car at the age of 12. A 1961 Olds F85. I bought it for my brother for $200. He needed a car.

Last year, I had a face to face encounter with a 600+ lb. bear. (not my first) He just walked away.

My favorite color is red.

MY MANTRA: Some day my Ferrari will come. (Please god let me have all of my teeth when it does.)

I have always been suspicious of Dr. Quest and Race Bannon's relationship.


I can post some more later if the picture is still fuzzy... :blink::rolleyes:



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I guess its all a matter of perspective and what forums you've visited before you come here.  Personally, I think your view is closer to the truth, with some rare exceptions.


I do to Brian. :blink:


Strangely, my first visit to the forums was in March of 2003. I had NEVER been on an internet forum before and with tensions building about the NEXT Gulf War at that time, this wasn't a very friendly place to enter from my perspective then. It took the urging of a few new geo-friends to coax me back here. If I hadn't decided to attend a geocaching event, I might never have been heard from except in online logs.


It IS very much a matter of perspective. The same people who urged me to come to the forums almost NEVER post anywhere but on our local forums. :rolleyes:

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An Upstate NY'er, for the last 21 years calling Maryland's Eastern Shore home. I'm now 47, married and have two sons, one in college in Rochester NY and the other a senior in high school. I also have a golden retriever who I love and my wife has a cat that I can't stand. I generally cache alone. Other hobbies include sailboat racing on several styles of boat, sea kayaking and the occasional backpacking trip. I am very fond of traveling wherever, and when I do, I try to work in a cache or two to mark my visit.

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As we say in our profile, we geocache, but we don't consider ourselves geocachers. If we are planning a hike or other outing, we will check to see if there are caches along the way. But only infrequently do we set out specifically to find a cache. Cache hunting adds another dimension to a hike. Instead of just walking X number of miles, it gives us an additioal goal. While on vacation, when we decide to go for a walk, the presence of a cache helps us decide which path or trail to follow. That can be helpful in a strange place.


So, considering we've been at this for quite some time, our numbers are modest. From my perspective, we're also a bit overloaded with virtuals, but that is mainly the result of a recent trip to Washington. D.C. where there are few traditional caches. We're avoiding virtuals now -- unless they lead us to a truly fascinating and otherwise uncachable locale.


I do pop into the forums a few times a week, and, yes, most of the regulars are much more serious about caching than we are. But when I started out, I learned a lot just by lurking, and I am not intimidated by the Big Number Guys. Never sensed any hostility, although there have been a few times when I felt my rather insightful postings were being ignored.


The vitals: one of us is 62 (today!), the other is 53. One is a writer/editor, the other if a finance person. One or the other of us likes model railroading, woodworking, crafting and rubber stamping. One grown married son (who joined his first cache outing yesterday and actually found the sucker!)

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We are the rugged outdoorsy types. Surprise, ain it? We are 42 and 37, and have been married a year after both of us were single for freaking EVER.

Joe flies planes, loves on his Jeep, hugs cats, messes with computers enough that he qualifies as a geek, and writes music. (he says it's crap, I say it's amazing).

I love to scuba dive and do anything that has to do with water in general.

We cache, 4Wheel, kayak and ski together, and I am sure that list will grow over the years.

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New to geocaching as of the last three months. I'm female, just turned 33, and have a career as a global procurement strategist for a large international corporation. I am soon to be married to Mr. Paugh. He's waiting for the weather to cool down more before he joins us caching, although he's been on a couple late-night micro hunts with me over the summer. My usual caching buddies are my future stepsons (they're like my own) -- 9 year old Julian who is my warrior, and 7 year old Ryder who comes with us often, but not always.


I love anything to do with the outdoors, although I'm not in the shape I once was as a former athlete, due mainly to a severe back injury that took me several months to recuperate so I could even walk normally. My favorite caches are those involving long hikes, steep climbs, and other challenging terrain. I also like puzzles and multis.


Besides caching, other hobbies include traveling and seeing concerts, although having two young boys and the current gas prices have curtailed the frequency from what it used to be. We also collect and trade live concert recordings (legal - authorized and encouraged by the bands). Mr. Paugh has a band and they just released their first album. Music is a huge part of our lives. We also like video games -- usually Tiger Woods and various RPGs and Action/Adventure for PS2. And I have other hobbies that I squeeze in in bits when I have the time (not often) -- reading, knitting and other artsy-craftsy stuff.


Oh yeah -- LISTEN UP SNOOGANS! -- I also know the secret to getting rid of ice cream headaches.... Make a fist with the flattish surface made by the thumb and first finger facing you. Place your mouth over the sort of hole that makes, and blow. Within only a second or two it will completely disappear, because your breath will have warmed the sensitive roof of your mouth. It works! (I can also wiggle my ears.)

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Well I'm 29 wifes 27 daughter is 14 months(first cache she was 2 months old GCKK7X) Older Dog(2.5 yrs old) Cameron is black/white lab/husky mix, younger dog(1.5 yrs old) is black lab.

Been caching for 3 years and I believe I have the largest cache(GCPFHR) in the Maritimes(North east of Canada).

Oh heree's a pic of everyone expect me :rolleyes:8a3762a5-9977-432f-aab5-5b311c22caa2.jpg

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52. Married 33 years. 3 kids, 2 grandkids. A neighbor talked about Geocaching and seemed very enthused so I perused the forums a bit, bought a GPSr and started caching. Member since July 30th with 87 caches found as of today (October 3).


Computer geek (can't program worth a darn though) but I like building them and will spend a month researching the motherboard, power supply, RAM, etc. to build myself a new box. Played D&D when younger. Played Dark Age of Camelot (online Massivly Multiple Online Roleplaying Game - MMORPG) for 3.5 years. Played a LOT. I thought it sounded stupid but once I started I was sucked into it and utterly amazed by it. Played it until I found Geocaching and then stopped playing as if a light switch had been flipped. Now, instead of sitting inside on the computer and thinking "what a beautiful day it is outside" and then continuing to sit at the computer, I sit here and check on these forums and get my pocket queries and then head outside to roam around looking for silly caches. :rolleyes:


My wife has cached with me a few times and likes it but isn't nearly as into it as I am. That's fine. We can both enjoy it at different levels.


I'm not new to forums as such - I have over 4,000 posts on VN Boards -a large portion of them in the technical forums and the rest in DAoC related forums. As you can see here I can be verbose.


I work for a state agency as computer support for multiple offices - if I want to live in the town where I live I can't move up to the "better" jobs I'm qualified for but I love where I live (and my kids, grandkids, mother in law live here so....) and have NO desire to live in a freaking city so I'll stay with what I'm doing. On a REALLY bad day I have a 12 minute commute to work - normally it's more like 5 minutes.


I like camping and used to like fishing until they made all my favorite places catch-and-release. I want to eat them not just "torture them for fun". I love good Scotch and favor Single Malts over any blend I've ever tasted except for perhaps Johnny Walker Blue. OMG is that stuff good but waaaaaay overpriced. Normally I scoff at Johnny Walker but the Blue - ahhh the Blue........ :blink:

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I'm 22 year old engineer (civil, supposedly). I'm usually described as 'unique' or 'just plain weird'. I do a lot of the nature type things, hiking and pressing wild flowers and looking at rocks. I also collect 1950's kitchenware, belly dance and play Sims2 a lot. No ring or kids yet (and hopefully not for a while), but i'm still working on getting my brother to come out sometime, as he's a history buff.


I'm still new at this, but really enjoying it, as it seems to tie into a number of my interests between gadgetry and the outdoors and history and whatnot.

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I don't think there is an "average" geocacher; we're all different but with one thing in common. :blink:


I'm female, just turned 36. Married but not until I was almost 33. The reluctant hubby is 40 (no, he was not reluctant to get married, just to geocaching sometimes). No, this is not a second marriage for either of us (get that a lot). No, we don't have kids. I work for an investment advisor so I've developed a strong urge to make more money for my retirement! The hubby is a union heavy equipment operator, mostly road work and bridge construction.


I don't look athletic or outdoorsy, but I like hiking, biking, and riding my dirt bike. Yes, a real off-road motorcycle. I didn't learn how to ride until I was 32. Yes, I even race motocross sometimes. No, I'm not fast. The hubby likes hiking, biking, and riding his dirt bike too. We like to camp and own a travel trailer covered with motocross stickers. Our truck says "Eat Diesel" on the back.


We have one dog, Zoe the German Shepherd, and one black cat with attitude, Shadow. The dog is afraid of the cat, not vice versa.

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I'm kinda new to the forums. Jumped in one day and never did get myself introduced. I became involved in geo-caching over a year ago, but didn't really get into it for many months after that. I'm originally from Nebraska, but have lived in Wyoming for most of my 50 years (well..two saturday's away will be 50). I am single and have no children....Not yet sure if either is a bad thing or a good thing? I can tell you that most of my friends have a definate opinion. I enjoy traveling, bowling, billiards and anything to do with water. I do not so enjoy yardwork, traffic and long stop lights. Thats about it...


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Interesting. Many visitors here have left because they felt we were a hostile, rude and inconsiderate bunch. Some have gone as far as leaving this sport altogether because of the "horrible behavior" they encountered in the forums. I guess its all a matter of perspective and what forums you've visited before you come here. Personally, I think your view is closer to the truth, with some rare exceptions.

But, we like you anyway, Brian.


Harry is, hmm, approaching 60. (That can't be true, can it?!?) He used to hike a lot (over 1000 miles on the AT in only 11 years). But now he geocaches. He is single, and maintains a trail in a state park. He's been to six events in the last year or so, and enjoys meeting fellow cachers. He has met a fair number of cachers on the trail. He is very outspoken in the fora, and usually gets himself in trouble. He frequently speaks in the third person, singular. But, he's a dolphin. What would you expect?

He finds the forum users to be quite outspoken as well. This leads to some very interesting, if off-topic, discussions.

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I'm 15 and my partner is 48. I like to hike, fish, backpack, canoe, run cross country, play soccer, baseball, football. Non-outdoor activities include reading about iron furnaces, caving, listening to classic rock, among many other things.


I'm kind of one of the "lone" teen cachers. I've spoken with probably 10 I've come across online, but it is not frequent a person without a driver's license is the one who's into caching so much.


My father, lately, has begun to catch onto the "hook" of geocaching. I've started to go and find more and have recently attained the 100 find mark (even though it means nothing in the grand spectrum of things, it's not about the numbers) and have really enjoyed most of the caches (minus a few).


The forums sometimes make you leave with a bad taste in your mouth, but I have one opinion about geocachers that has remained steadfast in the short time I've been here...I've never met a geocacher I didn't like, not matter how big and bad they are online, they are the nicest people you could ever meet when you meet them in person.


Sometimes these forums bring out the worst in people, but it's all fair game on here, got to have some thick skin.


Good luck caching Flyfisher, and hope to see you on the trails!

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31 and 28. We're your typical yuppies--intellectual jobs, no kids, European car, antique home in the trendy part of town, the works. I'm everything I was afraid I'd become when I was a hardheaded teen who dared to rebel against the Machine. :)


In all seriousness, I don't think there really is an average geocacher. In my parts they really fill the whole demographic from high school freshmen to cantankerous old geezers. And that's what I like best about it.

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I think this thread might be more interesting if you had to guess what the other geocacher was like, and then see if your close. :D But that would be another thread, but feel free to post it, I don't care if someone steals my idea.


I'm in my late teens, male, GPS nut for two years. I'm a student pilot and fly 2 seat Cessna's. I enjoy camping, Kayaking, hunting & fishing, riding my 3-wheeler, and anything outdoors.


I've never met another geocacher, but I think I've got a couple friends convinced. Never been to an event, but am thinking about going to one.

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I'm a cool librarian (who knew!), tattoos, pierced nose, wild hair, outrageous sense of humor. Love books (who knew!), photography, kayaking, hiking - in spite of all the exercising, I am still fat (who knew!). Oh yeah, I like food a lot, too.


Started caching solo because it looked like fun, got hooked. Met my partner through caching, and now have more caching friends than I ever imagined - though I have not been able to convert any of my "regular" friends to the sport ("Are you CRAZY? You hiked 3 miles in two feet of snow for a PLASTIC BOX?")


Based on the cachers I have met, we are smart, athletic, fat, thin, male, female, young, old, single, married, geeky, cool, outgoing, shy, friendly, grouchy, obsessive-compulsive, obsessive-compulsive, obsessive-compulsive...


Go to the next meet in your area - you'll be glad you did!

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29 years old (born in 1965) applications engineer (which means I program measuring machines and train people) who is about to turn to the dark side and be full-time sales (metrology equipment). I travel extensively for work in Western PA and New England (I'm gone about 100 nights a year, much to my wife's chagrin), celebrating our 10th anniversary Friday by leaving for the great Southwest for 9 days on Saturday (not for work, though). I have been caching for about two years, with a long hiatus due to stolen equipment.


I cache for two reasons: with all of my travelling, it gets me out of these stinking hotel rooms and into places I wouldn't normally go to in the cities I visit, or around home to take the dog for long walks.


I am a true solo cacher. About 2 months ago I actually hunted a couple of caches with a colleague of mine when we were doing a job together near PIttsburgh, but that's been the only time I've intentionally hunted with another person.

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I'm 53, married for 31 years, and have been caching for 6 months. I was introduced to caching by my brother and a friend of his about a year ago, and finally decided that my life involved too much indoor activities, and not enough outdoor stuff. I run a retail musical instrument repair shop in a restored turn of the century building, and specialize in string instruments. I play violin in a string quartet, a symphony, and also do free-lance playing when I can. I have 98 finds, and will hit the 100 mark this coming weekend! I usually cache with a teenager, orchestrakid, (who works for me in the summer) or by myself, and am a member of a geo-caching team with my brother, and his friend. We call ourselves team bald 2.5. I've tried to get my wife interested in caching, but she is only lukewarm about it, but has promised to go out caching with me this next weekend. I am owned by two cats.

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Im 30, im married (wife is 29) and have 2 boys, 11yo and 5yo.


Im a Transit Bus Driver for the last 5+ Years (San Diego 4.5+, and now Phoenix 6 Mo+)


I like Hiking and Camping, but rarely do either, i used to walk miles a day to and from school when i was younger, now i think about walking, but take the car instead.


I love driving, to almost anywhere, its just fun. I hate people in general, but then that comes from dealing with the general public. :P if you were to say hi to me i would politely say hi back, but would not initiate conversation, but if you started talking to me i could probably talk for hours.


Like snoogans, im a pisces, and i fit the profile almost perfectly.


i like cats, any kind of cat, big cats and little cats (house cats, tigers, lions, leopards, etc...) i can tolerate dogs but prefer not to be around them because they are smelly, loud, anoying and slobbery. oh and they require too much attention.


I dont care what kind of vehicle i drive, im not into status symbols, i just got rid of my 1995 mazda 626 and bought a leftover 2005 nissan sentra, before my mazda i had a 1987 cadillac fleetwood that was sparkly blue with all white leather interior, it was super huge and heavy and got like 6 miles to the gallon, but was dadgum fun to drive. it died a terrible death and i sold it cheap.


im a little snobby i guess, i dont like going into wal-mart or kmart for that matter because the first thing that pops in my head is welfare/trailer trash, but i love target, i even worked at a target for 3.5 years.


i like anything new, gadgets, i bought one of the first mp3 players a diamond rio500, i bought one of the 2nd generation ipods (10 gig), but on clearance at target for $180. i bought a digital camera back before places would print pics for you from memory cards (like around 1995), and have since bought 3 others.


im a Ham Radio operator since 1997, started with a technician class license, upgraded to a tech plus after learning morse code, and eventually to general, but havent got my extra yet because i hate studying. although ive never failed a test. ie ham test, driver license test, anything ive actually studies for. and although ive been licensed for 8+ years, i rarely ever use my radios.


i subscribe to several magazines, but rarely read any of them.


and i think im about done typing...


oh yea i got into geocaching when i bought a gps for APRS (ham radio thing), started reading about gps' and ended up finding a link to geocaching.com and found there were tons of caches in my area, poof here i am..


also i was never an english major, my typing is fast, but my mistakes are frequent, and i rarely fix them because i just dont care.



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I'm a 33 year old female comic book geek. New to the game, saw it on the travel chanel and thought it was the freaking coolest thing I've ever seen, bought a GPSr the next day. I'm single, no kids, two cats. The cats don't like any games that don't involve violence against toy mice and tiny stuffed critters, so I drag friends and co-workers out with me. My other hobbies are sewing, glamor photography, collecting comics, toys, and shotglasses, painting, and I like to hike when I can get someone to go with me. I make a lot of friends at work since I don't like traveling alone, free trip anyone? heheheehe.

I think the people around this forum are hilarious. I read a thread the other night that had me laughing so hard I was snorting and sqeeking. When I get the chance I'm going to attend an event and meet some of y'all.

And I want a kite buggy!!!

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I think you all are nuts! B) I'm just plain crazy! I'm 26 ( I think ), male, just started caching. Read about it in a magazine, and then a guy that comes into my parents store ( where i work ) got me thinking about it again. I have only met one other local cacher besides Hounddogg ( He has a truck and a licence, something i don't at the moment!) So i make him go. :P I work almost all the time :P but it'll pay off one day, I hope. When I'm not working and can't go caching, I play lots of PS2 games. Thats all you get for now!!!

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I've been a member of Geocaching.com since September 15, 2001. I still have fond memories of that first cache, found so soon after September 11th.


I'm 33, and do advertising, design and IT for a local marketing firm. I first read about GPS receivers when I was a kid, and thought it was the coolest thing ever. Many years later I vowed that if the units ever dropped below $100 I'd buy one. Then I found an eTrex for $150 and thought, "Eh, close enough." Since then I've had a Geko, a Legend, 3 Rinos, and currently a 60C. So much for my frugality.


For me, the quality of the caches are far more important than the quantity. I don't have a lot of finds under my belt but I'm picky about the ones I search for, and I have a great time going to places I otherwise would never have been to (that's my favorite part).


I'm not married, although I've recently gotten into a relationship with another caching enthusiast, HazyRigby. When a woman likes Geocaching, you know she's gonna be special. :P

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Buggyho is a former kite buggier. Actually that's what got me into Geocaching. I bought a GPS for a trip to Ivanpah Dry Lake(needed a speedometer and didn't want to get lost). Did some Caching in Nevada while I was there. 5 years later I have given up my buggy for Motorcycles. Anything from cross country trips to road racing to dirtbikes and even pitbike racing. My wife rides her own bike as well. Whenever we do road trips, I look for caches along the way.

I'm a 44 year old construction worker and Mrs. Buggyho is a beta tester. Kids are raised and it's time to play!! :rolleyes:

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We are a family team, just added the newest member in December and he had his first find in February (with a little help). We don't get too it much but hope now that the baby's a little bigger we can get out more.


Hubby and I are 41 and kids ar 5 and 9 mo. We have a crazy black cat that would love to geocache but slips her collar too much to take out. We love the outdoors and camp, surf, windsurf, mountain bike, hike and scuba when we get the chance.


Found Geocaching here on the internet and sounded like fun. Hubby gave me a nice color GPS for my birthday last year and we were off!

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Hi everyone!


We're two 35 year olds and a 12 year old. I happen to be the fanatic and the others come along from time-to-time. I received an eTrex for taking a class and thought it was pretty cool. Then someone in another discussion forum asked if anyone geocached. That was it right there - I haven't looked back.


Oddly, I don't really like the outdoors but I'm starting to.


Thanks for listening.

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I'm 16 years old (17 on halloween). I have been caching since early 2001 despite what my join date reveals. I was new to the internet then and didn't know if i should be submitting my mom's email to this strange website. A year later I did. I did not start recording my finds on the internet until last year when we got DSL. Before that I went on the internet like once a week. This made me miss out on about 200 finds. :rolleyes: And I have no records of which ones they were.


Love geocaching. Don't get to do it as often as I'd like which explains my friggin high post count. If I think of anything else to add I will.

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Thank you for all the replies. Its funny, since I first posted this I've met a few fellow cachers while out caching. Its great to see such diversity and to see a few youngins like me :unsure: I have read a few of the flame wars here but its nothing compared to rockclimbing.com, my other passion. People will always disagree on things but it seems to be much more civilized here. Thanks again.


Hey snappyh, cool that you're a boy scout. I'm a scout master right now and we're working on our orienteering merit badge. I'm setting up a multi-stage cache next week for my boys to do in our neighborhood.



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Team Red Oak is 42 and 49 (almost the big 5-0 hehe). We have 4 kids, 2 girls, 2 boys, one grandson and 4 cats. I'm originally from PA and the hubby is from the other side (west coast) we met in Germany. Our boys (twins) think geocaching is dumb, we'd thought they'd love it since they are boy scouts and love to camp etc, but whenever we ask them to come along they feel the need to clean their rooms or some other horrible thing.


Our other main hobby is the SCA (www.sca.org) and we like to watch the kids play sports (although the boys are the only ones left in school). I like to weave, garden and put up food. My husband likes to build things, I've never known him not to be able to make something. We also enjoy camping and the men folk like to fish and hunt.


I really hate bugs, so when we cache he walks in front with a stick to clean up all the spider webs. If you ever cache in Maryland and happen to hear a scream and then laughing, it was probably me becasue I found a spider or other bug crawling on me and then of course the laughter is from the husband who is receiving the stare of death from me.


I'm in business management with a gov't contractor and my husband is the facilities maintenance manager for a local produce company. He spent 20 years in the Army retired in 2001.

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We are the hermit crabs.


We were born in the same year.

We grew up in the same city.

We went to the same college.

We had the same majors.

We were in the same classes.

We both took co-op jobs at the same place (which is where we finally met, after almost crossing paths all our lives).

After meeting, we studiously avoided each other for more than a year.

Eventually we gave in to the inevitable and got married.

Twenty-two years later we started geocaching.


That's about it.

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I figure this is a good place for a first post.


Me and my girlfriend (getson and zabby), 26 and 25 respectively, do all our geocaching together. We haven't found that many since we only go out when we both have the same day off, which is quite rare. I guess that happens when we've both been working 3 or 4 jobs between the both of us. Thank god we're both down to one a piece as of this month.


I am an archaeologist and slooowly finishing up my MA. During the spring and summer I work up north doing archaeological consulting work. Basically, we load up our GPSrs with waypoints, tracklogs, and shape files and head out into the deep bush to various forestry cutblocks and/or oil and gas pipelines and start digging around looking for archaeological sites. Sounds kinda familiar don't it? My brother actually told me about geocaching because of the similarity to my job. During the fall and winter I attempt to finish my thesis and do some lab work off and on.


Zabby works at a call center (boring) to help put me through grad school and volunteers at the textiles museum here on campus (University of Alberta). Once I'm done my MA, it's her turn to go back for a grad degree in something anthropology/museum/textiles related.


Since we have both done our share of archaeology it's fair to say that we both love the outdoors and everything it has to offer.


Hopefully with our somewhat reduced schedules this fall we can do a lot more caching. We're actually planning on hiding our first one tomorrow, weather and laziness permitting.

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I'm a 33 year old female comic book geek. I'm single, no kids, two cats. I think the people around this forum are hilarious. I read a thread the other night that had me laughing so hard I was snorting and sqeeking.

"You're the kind of girl that fits in with my world; I'll give you anything everything if you want things."


I've always wanted to use that Syd Barrett quote. Thanks for the opportunity.

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