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  1. Promax Protien Bars are my favorite! The Honey Yogurt is the best in my opinion and you can get them at Trader Joes. I also love nuts so we pick up a couple bags while we are at TJs and a bag of dried apricots and we are set!
  2. We are a family team, just added the newest member in December and he had his first find in February (with a little help). We don't get too it much but hope now that the baby's a little bigger we can get out more. Hubby and I are 41 and kids ar 5 and 9 mo. We have a crazy black cat that would love to geocache but slips her collar too much to take out. We love the outdoors and camp, surf, windsurf, mountain bike, hike and scuba when we get the chance. Found Geocaching here on the internet and sounded like fun. Hubby gave me a nice color GPS for my birthday last year and we were off!
  3. Most of our team after a nice hike to San Simeon Point on the California Coast GCJRE9
  4. I would like some too please I think a wave/surfer ciff/redwood on one side and print on the other would be cool. Of course I can't draw so its all immaterial anyway... Good luck!
  5. We didn't make it . Having a cold, combined with me being 6 mo. preggo made me not motivate the rest of the team over the hill on sunday. Sounds like you all had a great event and can't wait for the next gathering. I will try not to be sick and pregnant then
  6. Hi, My Hubby, Daughter and I just got into Geocaching and love it. We have been getting to a few in our area(Santa Cruz) and plan on hitting alot while camping. We just were down below Big Sur and got 3. My 4 yr old is now very into "treasure hunts" as I first called them but now has the lingo down . We will try to make the picnic on the 3rd and meet some of our fellow cachers. Also for the Camping Rec to Kealia - How about Plaskett Creek below Big Sur. We just got back from there and did 3 of the easier caches over the weekend. My 4 yr old was all over them! There were several more on the way down and back that we opted out of. The weather this time of year is great as long as its not raining. Great Sunsets! Have fun Caching
  7. Thanks, I got my coins and my dear daughter has already claimed one as her own. I would be into getting say 10 more and would love to see a new design and get some of those too. Thanks for your time and effort getting these out. I would love to see the new proposals! Natural landmarks would look great. What is on the CA quarter coming out soon? Anyone know? I think I heard it was a pic of John Muir and Yosemite but that may be my own idea! Thanks again and again! (formerly Kazmir) now TeamGatosLocos
  8. P.S. We started out with a cheapy backpack from a second hand store and I really killed my back and my husband wouldn't use it - it wouldn't fit over his shoulders. I bought the Kelty Back Country Backpacker off of ebay and this is a great carrier. Very padded and we used it until our daughter was 25 lbs at least. I have it put away for round two coming up real soon! I think its worth the money for the padding, straps and even distribution of weight that the Kelty provides. It comes with a sun shade too. Good Luck!
  9. My 4.5 yr old loves "treasure hunting" and I am currently carrying the newest member of the team in utero! I will start out with the sling or baby bjorn I used last time and I have a Kelty backpack for over 6 month of age. My daughter likes to find the cache and pick out a prize so its easy to motivate her and I just have to keep her from falling off a cliff or into a creek . Enjoy it!
  10. Hi, I just got started and my hubby got me the eTrex Vista C this weekend. I had a case I just bought at a sporting goods store for my cell phone that fit it perfectly. I use it for protection as it is a full cover with a zipper. It was made by freestyle and just big enough to fit the device and let the cord hang out. It's canvas, padding and a belt loop and clip. Now I need another one for my phone!
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