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  1. The Wisconsin Geocaching Association sponsors a monthly "Lonely CacheGame" for WGA members nd friends. <http://www.wi-geocaching.com/modules.php?name=Lonely> Each month the WGA publishes a list of lonely caches. Many of the participants in the game donate prizes such as coins, pre-loaded cache containers, etc. for the monthly winner. In Wisconsin, lonely caches in the winter can be a real challenge. The real winners of this contest are those of us who like finding caches.
  2. This week I've found that both my PDA and Verizon phone are either dying or dead. I can't bring myself to buy another Palm, as that is now an obsolete product. I, too, will be visiting the Verizon store. The only question I had is will a Blackberry work with Cachemate? I've been using cachemate for a couple of years, and don't like change.
  3. It is interesting to note that one of the first responders to this incident is an active geocacher. In fact, after blowing the cache up, he logged a find on it. He made some crack about it now being a many part multi. I was co-FTF on this cache, and it in no way looked anything like an explosive device. I suppose that when a county has spent lots of Homeland Security $ on bomb disposal robots and equipment, periodically you've got to justify the expense by blowing something up.
  4. I discovered this game last summer when I was recovering all summer from a badly broken leg and couldn't geocache. It helped to ease the withdrawl of my geo-addiction until I could finally get out on crutches and find some real caches again!
  5. This is a first waypoint of a multi-cache that was put out a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the cache was intruding on private property (specifically a squirels home). As soon as we got the cache in place, a squirel would push it out and chew on the container. After a couple of attempts at replacing the cache, we devised yet another devious hide for the first waypoint. The squirel never even thanked us!
  6. There was a cacher in my area that enjoyed betting with her husband who would be the FTF on her new cahes. She would cheat though by sending me emails to warn me to watch for publication of her new caches. She doesn't bet on me any more as a couple of other cachers in the area have become avid FTF hunters.
  7. I haven't been drunk caching yet, and can't imagine that I ever will be. BUT, after a long cold day of winter caching, I like to come home and have a big hot chocolate with a generous splash of peppermint schnapps!
  8. I'm predicting that this cache won't last long!
  9. A year ago I brought my wife with me to find a nearby cache, GCY3CX. While I found the cache, my wife discovered about 5 hickory trees that were just dropping their nuts. We filled two empty cache containers with hickory nuts, and came back the next day and filled a shopping bag. It took a lot of work to shell the nuts, but was worth it in the end.
  10. Hey StarBrand, I hear you loud and clear. I'm glad you are recovering. I severly broke my leg May 11th, and after surgery, was told by my doc to not put weight on it for 3 months. Not only did I miss my planned 10 day caching trip to geowoodstock, but I have been confined to a wheel chair for more than two months. I was finally cleared by my doc to put 20% weight on the leg, and just last weekend I found 13 urban caches on crutches with the help of a friend (I am still not driving). I completely exhausted myself, but I cannot remember ever having more fun caching. Durring my convelesence, several cachers put on an event called Cacher's Rehab (GC13MR4), and held it at my house. My wife was in on the surprise event. They gave me a custom made travel bug, a set of miniature crutches with a custom tag which read "I've fallen and can't reach the cache". I was able to finally put the travel bug out into a "crip" accessable cache just this weekend. By the way, the first two visitors I had in the hospital were both geocachrs. I hope everyone appreciates their health, and caches safely!
  11. Head over to Army/Navy surplus store. They've got a buch of sizes and shapes to choose from, a number of them uner $20. I picked one up a couple of months ago just before I broke my leg. I've really come to appreciate the shoulder bag while using crutches. I can't wait to try it out for caching!
  12. I have been confined to a wheelchair and crutches for 6 weeks now, and have been absolutely going bonkers because I have not been able to get out caching, and won't for at least another 6 weeks. I have had a blast all morning playing the Jeep game. Thank you for the link!
  13. My brother and I and another friend make up Team Bald 2.5. This year I had some pocket combs made up at an advertising specialty store with each of our caching names, and team name on it. Although Ihad to buy a large quantity and pay for a setup fee, we were able to split the order 3 ways, and each of us has enough sig items for most of next year. I'll be able to reorder these without the setup fee next time. Although I missed the trip to GW5 this year, the other members of the team had great fun placing these combs in caches in about 8 states! These advertising specialty stores have lots of inexpensive items that can be customized for really great swag.
  14. Last November I had my car broken into. It was mid-day, parked right behind my retail store off of an alley. Kids broke the rear triangle window, and opened the doors. This was the one day I had left my Magellan Meridian Color GPS in the car. They took it, the power cable, and the windshield mount, and whatever change they could find in the car. The window cost $235 to replace, well below the deductible, and the GPS was not covered at all because it was not permanantly installed. I reported it to the police, but I suspect that it will never be recovered. To make matters worse, my other car was broken into 3 weeks ago, while parked in the same place. This time the alarm scared them off, and nothing was taken, but the window cost $500 to fix this time. AAAAHHHHH!
  15. Seven days before a scheduled trek to GW5 I fel at work, severly breaking my right leg, and requiring surgery 3 days later. I was told by the surgeon that I was to put no weight on the leg for three full monts ( crutches & wheellchair). Although I did not get injured caching, it did prevent me from going to GW5, and will keep me from caching all summer long. Do I qualify for the coin?
  16. From the comic strips recently: "So where were you when you lost your GPS?" Ziggy
  17. Frizz was a nickname I got in college relating to natural hair qualities that I had then (I used to have 360 degree hair). My wife over the last three decades has persisted in using that nickname, usually only when I'm in trouble. These days I'm sporting a different type of hair style, and am a charter member of the caching team Bald 2.5 (My big brother, Kadfar, and I are really bald, and the third original member of the team, Mr.RRKing, is in denial). A few months ago someone was all concerned in the forums about how you could now google geocaching names and see someones bio on the gc.com website. I thought that I would try that, but the first 14 pages of hits were all for hair care products!
  18. I' looking for a gently used Magelan Meridian Color (some low-life just broke into my car and stole mine ). I also need the car mount. Ihave the USB cable and all the mapping software (just got that a couple of weeks ago ). Let me know if you have one or know of someone who does. Thanks. Frizz
  19. I often find myself saying "That's where I would have hidden it!."
  20. I got my vanity plates in Wisconsin as soon as they were first allowed, long before geocaching became a part of my life. I am a violinist, and my plates are EADG, the open strings of a violin. Most people thing that I must be really stupid if i can't even spell EGAD!
  21. I just found a newly placed cache this weekend, GCYTDJ, Shore would Be Nice If I Won!!! Initialy stocked with a scratch lottery ticket, loggers are asked to trade tickets, and use one of two lucky pennys to scratch card. I also placed a CD trading cache, GCTYH2, Disc-Covery. There has been an interesting mixof musical tastes traded at the cache.
  22. I recently found a hardwre store with a dollar rack that had lots of neat potential swag. I ended up buying a number of 2" magnifing glasses (two of them for a buck). Each time I leave one in a cache, it seems to be the first thing taken by the next finder. Some of the neat stuff I've enjoyed finding in caches: a fun with sattelites geocaching pin, a plastic screen brush for my computer, and a whistle.
  23. Recently I found #300. It was very fortunate that I was out caching with my older brother and his friend who introduced me to caching. We took a picture, posted it with the log, and went out for a big meal and a cold beer! Some times when I don't have the time to get out to do some caching, I like to look over my finds in my profile and smile about the great times, places, and people that I have met while doing this activity. I don't get real hung up about numbers, but try to enjoy each caching experience, one at a time.
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