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  1. Over an hour away, so I don't think I'll get that far. Too many caches close to home to catch up on. Thanks for the info though!
  2. Hello! Have not been out in a long time and was wondering what was going on in Southern IN?
  3. jadeskyline


    Is Jeep ever going to do a TB challenge again? I would like to have some mailed to me again!!!
  4. this is one of the best threads i ever took the time to read. keep up the good work ya'll!!!!!!
  5. Great job!!! Thats alot of caching!!!
  6. Just got a new Red Jeep in the mail today!! I already put it in one of my favorite caches!!!! Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying their summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm in Crawford Co Indiana, you got me thinking for a minute!!
  8. jadeskyline


    I do it all the time!!!! Just don't keep logging it as a find!
  9. i would, but i just HATE myspace!
  10. I find your sig line more offensive than all the other crap in this thread!
  11. I just type the hint into the note section on my gpsr.
  12. I've heard of a Bomb Shelter in Texas that is a cache. That would be cool!
  13. I hid a cache right in front of my parents store. I put in a coupon for a free sandwich. People loved it! The cache is still there, but I no longer offer free sandwich coupons, (maybe later [] ). As long as you are not advertising the business, but you are advertising Geocaching, i think its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. check out "Poor Boy's Country Store"
  14. I paint the altoids can 1st. I then have a roll of magnetic stip thats 3inch wide and I'm not sure how long. I cut the magnet to fit the bottom of the can and use epoxy or liquid nail to glue it on. As long as you don't fill the can full of lead, It holds pretty good. If you put the log in a good baggie and close the lid good, It will stay dry. Animals and muggles are my only problem!
  15. I only post a DNF if I spent more than 10 mins. looking for it. Other thatn that I find it or don't even stop!
  16. Wow thats funny! Pushed off 2 cliffs!!!!!
  17. My 1st 100 caches where with a buddy, but I got tired of holding his hand the whole time so I now cache alone. I would only do this in areas that I know. If the area is unknown to me I usually wait until I could find a new buddy.
  18. I hand typed in all of my cords. when I 1st got my etrex. After screwin' a few spots up I now put all of my wayponits in the laptop and then transfer them over.
  19. Congrats! I'm sorry that I missed TM6, I ended up having to work and get my truck fixed! I'll be hitting the trails as soon as I can to get "In honor of Doobies 2986th find"! Again, Congrats on many finds!
  20. What a cool idea! The stick looks Awesome also! If noone esle has thanked Mnt Climber, I will do so now! Thanks for the great work in S. Indiana! I think you need more sticks for all the great people that make our fun work!
  21. This time of the year I do alot of night caching. If anyone is hunting after dark I call my local DNR officer!! Everyone please be carefull!!!!!! p.s. If you shoot at me---I SHOOT BACK!
  22. jadeskyline


    Just checkin'. I hear them Diego sailors can get pretty crazy!
  23. congrats! Does anyone know if Garmin, Jeep, or Geocaching.com whould pay me a meger salary to geocache everyday? It would be alot better than the jobs I have now! "Jadeskyline-Offical Cache Finder", that just sounds good to me!
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