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The Red-handed Coin Payment Page

Lemon Fresh Dog

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Hello all,

I posted the Project Plan in my other post, but wanted a nice, clean thread to just link to the payment page for those wanting the coin.


Pay here if you'd like one.


Cost: $5 per coin, $1.25 shipping on coin 1 -- 50 cents for each additional coin.


THEY WILL BE TRACKABLE on the geocaching website. So in the preliminary artwork, the LF000 number will actually be a trackable number instead.


If you don't use PayPal that's okay -- there's still time to order so PM me and I'll get you my address.


The outline of the Project Plan is on the page linked to above and on the other thread "My absolutely must travel geocoin"


What began as a joke will soon be real! An inexpensive, guilt-laden way to prevent coin theft on travelling coins (yes, people will still take them, but let's see them post photos, or try to eBay them -- we'll easily see whether they are legit or not! -- no cetificate, no ownership )



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XRN95 -- for locals it makes sense to meet and save shipping, so no worries

Welsh -- some details are buired in the other thread "My absolutely must travel...." -- such as the quotes from the manufacturer etc (this is definately a NON-profit operation) -- size would be the 1.75" and I suspect the weight would be around 30-45g. The manufacturer is Coins and Pins and they have some similar coins under the MISC section of their site. They are metal (brass coloured - or is it bronze? -- yellowish metal :laughing: )

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Whoa! sure am glad I didn't go off of Lemon Fresh Dogg's post in that other thread :laughing: . They posted they'd be
SPECS: 1.5” diameter, 2 colors, Antique bronze finish

Don't know about color, example drawings are just that example, not the actual thing :D

Actually! That IS correct (sorry) - I posted the quote directly from the manufacturer (so everyone sees everything and is happy) -- they are 1.5" antique bronze! (I've seen too many coin specs lately).


I just had my geobones done by this company and there are quite a few nice coins they have produced. The objective of this coin is: Cheap, trackable, and funny.


To keep it cheap, I designed a coin with little graphics and colour. It should be nice.

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Paypalled for 4 coins, but you only need to send me 3, the additional $5 is because of the extra shipping costs, since I live in the netherlands.

Opps! Good point -- I never thought about our International buyers -- very rude of me! B)


International folks! -- Just buy the number you would like. I will figure out what the shipping is at the time of shipping and contact you with the amount. You can then pay the shipping at that time, revise your order, etc.


So far, it looks as if things will work out nicely. My cost on each coin is $4.48 when I order 500 (that's including the $1.50 tracking cost). PayPal charges me .48 on a single coin transaction -- so that brings it to $4.96. -- pretty close to the $5.00. I think I was also pretty good on the shipping -- but I will make sure to scan the reciept and share it with everyone so they know the exact cost. Again, I think this will be a slight personal expense, but that's okay. Should a profit arise, I will set up some local Scouts with caching stuff.


Thanks to everyone ordering! I'll pull the ordering page at the end of the week and start phase two of the "project" -- getting the tracking numbers from Groundspeak.

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If you don't mind how much was your coin and how many did you have to get made min?

Hello there, It is indeed outlined in the other thread, but you can also click the PayPal link -- before paying, there is a summary of the "project" -- basically, the coins (with tracking) are costing me $4.48 each when I order 500. PayPal is charging me .48 on a single coin transaction -- so my cost is about $4.96 (with tracking).


Tracking is $1.50 per coin (minimum of 500 numbers must be purchased on a personal coin -- $750.00.


Shipping to the US from Canada is $1.70 up to 60g and goes up from there (you can visit www.canadapost.ca for exact rates and tariffs.)


I am closing orders on the 15th, will add-up the number of coins ordered and start the process of getting tracking numbers, then off to the mint, etc, etc.


Ordering is going quite well actually and I think I will be able to pass along most of the 500. Who knows? Maybe even more!

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We would be very keen to buy one of these. Just getting in to geocoins-they look good on profiles and i think its great to be able to track there movement. Could you ship to the UK - how much would Postage be? Thanks. :lol:

Hello all,

I will ship international -- no problem. I am not sure of what the shipping would cost, but I "think" that it would be about $5 for the 1st coin and about .75 for eeach coin after.


If you are international and wish to buy, you can just order the coins you want off the PayPal site. When they arrive, I will contact you with the revised shipping cost and you can pay the difference (or revise/cancel the order if you wish).

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