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  1. So are these cachers (the ones who voted to delete the logs) the same ones that now go around destroying other people's caches (as mentioned in your other topic)? "and anyone associated with the cacher" ??????? So not only this cacher - but anyone he knows? Anyone he happens to have cached with at any time? Anyone he has spoken to at an event? I think you are all well on your way to starting/having a major caching war in your area. What will be these people's reaction when the ostracized cacher begins deleting their logs from his caches and destroying/taking their caches in retaliation? Windrose
  2. I've just started Cache of Corpses (I decided to read books 1 & 2 first). I liked the books very much and I hope he writes more in the series. I've enjoyed getting to know Steve, Ginny, and all the other "Porkies". Windrose
  3. There's a cacher in my area who hid a series of caches titled "Not for the faint of heart". They all have a "haunted" theme, and several of them involve things that move, speak, or scurry when you approach the cache. They were a lot of fun to find and are at the top of my list of favorite caches. Everyone who's done them loved the surprises. Some of the caches were in the woods but some were in cemeteries, and one was a lamp post hide. A group of us found that one and everyone's reactions when the skirt was lifted and the "cache" fell out - was pricless. I've never laughed so hard when finding a cache. And watching the cachers elected to put it back trying to stuff that large, moving creature back under the the lamp post was more fun than finding the cache itself. Windrose
  4. A cacher here hid "It With Both Hands". I had to log a DNF (without even looking for it) just so the log would say "Windrose couldn't find it with both hands". Of course later I found it so the notice said "Windrose found it with both hands" (good to know I can still find it when necessary). Several of us were joking about possible names for future caches ("it with a GPS", "it in the dark", "it with a map", etc). He also used to have a cache (had to be archived after it was muggled) called "True Happiness". It was cute getting the notices "Windrose couldn't find True Happiness". "Windrose found True Happiness". Windrose
  5. What is it about Michigan's Upper Peninsula and murdering geocachers????? Just kidding. It sounds like a very good book. I'll be buying a copy after the holiday crush is over. I recently finished Abomination by Colleen Coble. (Also about murder and geocaches in Michigan's UP). Gideon (the main character) even created a series of caches in Michigan, with a puzzle bonus cache if you complete them all. First 50 cachers who complete the series get a copy of the book and the first 75 get a free coin. There are a few spots left for the prizes. Here's the final cache - Swan Song. Here's Gideon's profile which has more info. Windrose
  6. I still feel that being truthful and upfront is the best policy. I would have said something while I was in their house and saw the caches. But it's not too late. Ask them. "When I was in your house the other day I saw several cache containers sitting around. They were caches that have been stolen. I also saw several coins that have been stolen out of caches. I didn't say anything at the time, because I wasn't sure how to handle it, but I've decided to just come right out and ask you -- What's going on? Why are they at your house? " You could also inform them -- "You know everyone believes you're going around stealing other people's caches and coins." and see what they say. Windrose
  7. I agree with everyone else -- the less attention you give them the better. However I also believe in truth and honesty. So I think if I was invited to a house and I saw a bunch of caches sitting around, I would have said. "Oh cool, caches." and went over to check them out. Then I would have had to say, "Hmm, this is my cache 'such-and-such'. It was stolen, why is it in your house? Since it's mine I'm sure you won't mind if I take it with me." Same thing for the coins (if of course you knew the numbers so you knew they were yours). And if the caches were someone else's I would have had to say, "wow this is so-n-so's cache. It was stolen....etc" The person must have wanted you to see the caches and the coins, otherwise why were they left out in plain sight when you were invited over? Windrose
  8. Hi, another avid Saginaw hider here. I’ve got to agree with Mike, I’ve enjoyed both of your hides (man, was Homer a toughie), and hope you keep hiding them. There’s lots of room in our area (Saginaw County) for new caches. Roethke park (where your first one is) still has plenty of room – there’s a whole section with no caches in it at all. The bigger county parks (Price, Imerman, and Ringwood) have caches, but there’s still a lot of space for more (I’m eyeing a couple of places in Ringwood right now). Of course you should find the caches that are in these parks already so you know what areas are open (especially since a couple of them are puzzles and a couple are multi’s – and you have to be .1 away from each stage) but again, there are whole sections with no caches. You’ll have to be careful at Imerman as it tends to flood every spring. (You should do Nedwob’s cache there – Above the Flood Waters – to see a good way to get around that). Veterans Memorial Park is very long (a couple of miles) along the river and just has my one little cache in it (Salad Daze) lots of room there for more caches. When I was placing the Bug Crew caches I found a bunch of small parks in the township. I really enjoyed the logs from cachers who said “I’ve lived here my entire life and never new this park was here.” There are several small parks in the area around Saginaw (Freeland, Saginaw Township, James Township, Thomas Township, Carrollton) just crying for caches. The Saginaw rail trail and the Zilwaukee walking trail as well. Of course, being in Freeland, you’re half way to Midland – Midland desperately needs caches. There are dozens of parks without any caches at all, and even most of the big parks only have one or two caches. Bay City is the other direction but still very close. Tons of parks in Bay City too, including the state park. It’s huge – lots of room for caches, and they love geocachers (the park employees have hidden a couple of caches and even hosted a couple of events). Just be sure you follow the rules for hiding in a state park (filling out the permit & asking permission). The state parks in Michigan have a lot of restrictions and charge a placement fee – but MiGO (Michigan Geocaching Organization) has worked with the state to institute a placement policy and MiGO pays a blanket fee to cover all caches placed by MiGO members. You should consider joining MiGO, it’s a great organization and membership is free. I don’t want to brag (o.k. I do) but Mike, mizdeeds, and I have some tricky hides (Mike’s Mini Meanie series and our In Plain Sight series have received great reviews) and I think if you find a few more of the caches in the area, you’ll see some great possibilities for hiding caches. Team Kobudo’s Not For the Faint of Heart series is fantastic as well. I guess the bottom line is - explore the area and find a few more of the local caches. You’ll find that, the more you get into it, the more possibilities you’ll see. You should try to come to the next local event. The Bay City state park has one or two every year, and TeamLJ has started having meet & greets in Auburn every couple of months. The MiGO Winter Social is in February (not sure what city it will be in yet). Or just drop one of us an email – we’re a pretty friendly bunch and always meeting up at a park for a little impromptu group caching. Sorry to overwhelm you with information, but there are so many possibilities out there. Windrose
  9. Just for argument's sake - logically, if you're going to log an event 6 times (once for attending and 5 times for the temporary event caches you found) then when you find a 6 stage multi - you should log it 6 times. Once for each stage you found. Each stage was a cache after all (even if it was just a micro/nano). So a 12 stage multi - that's 12 finds. Windrose
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll pass all the options on to Team Kobudo. Very cool coin CastleMan. Is that a gargoyle? I love gargoyles. Windrose
  11. I love the coin. So even if Jeff decides he's not interested (in that one) I would love to trade for one (maybe both). I will get a list together of what I have to trade when I get home tonight and email it to you. Thanks, Windrose
  12. Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for it. Windrose
  13. Yes I already posted MiGO asking if it has it's own icon or the generic event icon. Jeff (Team Kobudo) wants a coin that has it's own icon, to leave in the cache. Windrose
  14. That coin is awesome. Is it for sale still? Or do you know someone who has one to trade? Guess I could look on the geocoin trade list. This is exaclty the kind of coin he's looking for. Windrose
  15. Are there any Halloween themed coins (trackable w/icon) in the works? A cacher I know (who is not a coin collector -- don't know what's wrong with him ) is planning a Halloween themed multi cache and wants a coin (permantly) in the cache for finders to log. So I told him I'd see what I could do. If none are in the works, I'll try to trade for one of the past coins. There was the 2006 BooBash and Caching with the Pumpkin. Are there any others (trackable w/icon)? Thanks, Windrose
  16. I haven’t been around the forums much lately. I’ve been working 15-20 hrs overtime per week for a couple of months now, so anyway, enough about my hard-knock life. I got home last night at 9:15pm after a long, exhausting 15-hour day. I check the mail and what do I find? Well several bills, and lots of junk mail --- but what’s this manila envelope? I haven’t ordered any coins lately, and don’t have any trades in the works. Then I see it’s from me to me. OMG could it be??? My heart starts pounding. I rip open the envelope and my eyes light up. YES! I’ve been bitten! Thank you, thank you, thank you G.O. Coin B.U.G. What a great surprise. It really brightened my day. In fact it brightened what’s been a long, long month. Windrosse
  17. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes. While I do activate the trackable coins in my collection (for the icon ) only about half of the coins in my collection are trackable. As I've said (many times ) I trade coins I have - for coins I want. Trackable or not. Windrose
  18. Several of the commercial coin companies accept ideas for new coins from "the community". You could send your idea(s) in and see if there's an interest in producing the coin(s). The designer usually gets a number of "free" coins for the use of their idea. This might be the way to go if you just want to see your idea produced & have a few to keep/trade. Of course since you are so very new to this you might want to browse a couple of the coin collection websites first to see the kinds of coins that have been produced in the past. Not that there's anything wrong with being a newbie, it's just that the coins you see currently on the forums are a very small percentage of the coins that have been made. I've seen new people come in very excited about their idea only to find out that there are several coins already that are very similar to the ideas they had. Those of us who are advising you to wait and get to know the community before making a coin are not trying to discourage you. It’s just, that having been here a while, we have some experience with making coins. (That is why you posted the topic isn’t it? To ask for our opinions.) And since you’re asking about alternative ways to finance a coin (as opposed to paying for them yourself) you need to keep in mind that most people are going to be leery of sending money, in advance, to someone they don’t know. It’s kind of like the difference between loaning your expensive power tools to the neighbor you’ve known well for several years and the guy who just moved in across the street last week. Windrose (edited for spelling)
  19. Basically -- yes. I used my income tax refund to finance the Doodle Bug coins. The coins I had made before that were trade only (non-trackable) and I saved up to pay for them. Windrose
  20. He lost it according to the thread he posted asking for someone to please send him a free GPS. When someone asked what happened to the one he had, he responded that he couldn't remember where he left it. Deafhunt - I really do wish you all the best. I'm glad you were finally able to get a replacement GPS and I’m glad you’re having fun geocaching. Please take time to enjoy all the coins people have already sent to you for your collection, and I’d like to suggest that you save up and buy a coin or two with your own money. Many of the coin companies have clearance sales & bargain basement sales where they have coins as low as $2-$4. Windrose
  21. I am trying real hard to stay out of this thread, however I do feel that I need to point out that just because some of us are a little tired of the constant begging for free coins -- no one is “loosing patience or saying bad” because of his “infirmity” as you put it. If he wasn’t deaf we would feel the same way – and deafhunt would be the first to tell you he doesn’t have “an infirmity”. He now owns at least 10 coins (including the one you’re sending him). Which were all given to him (free) by other cachers. – and that’s just counting the trackable ones he’s activated, don’t know how many nontrackable coins people have sent him. I think that’s a pretty good haul. I think he should give it a rest. Windrose
  22. Yeah -- I was even able to pick up a set. Now when FSM does the new metal - I'll have a set of three. Cool. Windrose
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