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The Red-handed Coin Payment Page

Lemon Fresh Dog

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I have phoned Groundspeak and left a message to see what the status is on the tracking numbers. The $900 payment for 600 tracking numbers was made on Oct 2nd, so it's been a little longer than the time they indicated.


The person in charge of coins is in on Fridays, so hopefully I will hear back tomorrow. I imagine the poor fellow must be absolutely swamped!

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I spoke directly with Groundspeak and recieved and immediate call-back!


They are actually putting a rush on the tracking numbers -- I think there was a mis-communication and they were unaware that I had sent the $900 payment!


Long and short is that I should have the numbers quite quickly and can get this to the little "coin elves" at CoinsandPins to start making.

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:cool: I hear you! The delay in the numbers caught me in a couple of travelling/traingn weeks so this has caused a bit of a delay as well (I'm in Toronto on Monday, back to Calgary on Wednesday, off to Vacouver on Thursday and then Calgary and Montreal!) -- at least I get to help about 15 TB's get some milage :o


Anyhow, I will do some work in the hotel on the final design/labels/communcation to CoinsandPins. Get then the cash and we should have these soon.


I just want to keep everyone in the loop and will do a post-project costing etc to help others in their coin production projects.

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Hello all!


I missed the weekly update because I was on the road the past week (which delayed the coin). Anyhow, I DO have the numbers and just need to e-mail CoinsandPins (which I will do right now), get the final quote (I imagine by weeks end) and they are....




It should be about 4 weeks max.


(the delay occured becuase I wantd to order prior to my cross-country training tour and the numbers were delayed )

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In production!


The number left will be determined after I mail out all the ones already spoken for. At that point I'll have a clearer picture, but don't think there will be very many if any -- I ordered pretty close to the pre-orders on this one as I didn't want to get left with a bunch of coins -- however, it seems that that was pretty unlikely!


Just a heads-up -- I once again have to jump up and down and rave about CoinsandPins. They really, really "get" the whole idea of geocoins and tracking etc.


For those interested, you can go directly to them as a one-stop shop for getting coins made -- they even have tracking numbers pre-purchased, so you can get them at the same time. With my coins, I drew the pictures as scribbles and cuts and pastes of elements I liked and they formed them into my personal coin. (this one was pretty easy -- especially as I had that great hand image posted here in the forum for us -- thanks!)

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Oh -- and for those wondering what the delay was -- I am still all over the continent (well, all over Canada). I had hoped to have these going before late Oct/Nov when I am travelling, but the tracking number mix-up caused a three-week delay and now I am really, really busy. (I have moved a few Travel Bugs close to 10,000 miles though!) -- plus I have found caches to the west and east!

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It's not something you can order from coinsandpins.  That is a convenience link for LFD to pay for the coins.


I am not sure if this answers your question.

I don't understand very well ...


this order is only for Lemon Fresh Dog to pay these Red-handed Coins?


it shouldn't be public this page, only the designer should see this page for payment ?



presently , everyone will be able to buy this set of 600.... I don't understand this procedure...

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Try to by a set :rolleyes:


They post this so that I can use the Lemon Fresh Credit Card to pay. If anyone else trys to order, they won't be able to.


Yes, it does make the price public -- however, I always have been up-front on the costs. I set the final count at 600 (well, actually 601 -- strange story). To accomondate all the orders that I recieved at the cut-off point. (the way I did it was to say "order until DD/MM and then no more" at the point I cut-off ordering there were about 500 ordered -- so I bumped it to 600.


Does this mean there are extras?


Nope. I am going to "cache" the little fellows -- release them -- let them LIVE!


Don't be stealing them! -- if you do.....you've been caught RED-HANDED!

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BTW -- I am assuming that folks want these coins UNACTIVATED. If anyone needs/wants their coin activated in advance -- let me know and I'll do so. (I guess it depends on which side of your icon gallery you want the credit)


oh yeah -- this is a PERSONAL coin (sort of) and does NOT have a custom icon :rolleyes:


I think it would be cool to have a little red-hand, but that's a no-go.

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Good news!

Coins and Pins has once again raised the bar! They have minted and shipped the coins! They are due here tomorrow,


It gets better! I just got a one-day training contract in Ohio - so I will fly in on the 29th and leave on the 30th, but that's more than enough time to visit a US Post office. This will speed delivery to US addresses considerably

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