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  1. Maybe it was supose to be a FTF prize that was never picked up
  2. Um, not to be a wise acker or anything, but have you read the manual? Also, knowing which GPSr you bought would help if someone is going to answer your question here. Maybe the dog is the observant one
  3. They said it is a GPSMAP 60C not CS, big difference!
  4. I have a Axim 51v, and use GPXsonar with GSAK. The biggest thing is to make sure you save it as a GPX/loc file when you send it to activesync.
  5. Sometimes it takes a few days for everything to catch up, give it a few more days.
  6. With topo if you zoom in (below 500ft) it should show all the streets.
  7. Way back in post 139 it says I won something, what did I win?? FLYRFN
  8. Getting back to the real problem, Vista's have electronic compass's that need to be recalabrated when ever the batteries are replaced. If you recalabrate the compass it should work much better.
  9. Are there any cachers that belong to the ANG's oldest unit??
  10. I bought a world travel coin and I'm logging it in one cache in every State/ Country I've cached in. so far it's over 20,000 miles.
  11. RW Dave, ordered 4 before I saw the results of last nights game. FLYRFN (Dave)
  12. Real nice looking coin! I can think of only one team that would look better on a coin! FLYRFN (Dave)
  13. I'd rather have it go the "natural" way. To me mailing is "cheating". That's fine, mabey I'll be able to help it when it gets here.
  14. It looks like they were caching in Arkansas on Dec 14th
  15. What about mailing it to someone in Anchorage , would that be cheating??
  16. Snow does cause some problems, but can also make it interesting by using snowshoes or cross country skiis. There are a few nighttime caches you can do early in the morning. The biggest advantage of caching in the winter is no leaves on the trees to mess with your GPS, both of my caches are winter friendly! FLYRFN, Anchorage, Alaska
  17. I'll join! have 12 years AF AD and 7 years and counting ANG. FLYRFN
  18. I have one thats having a hard time leaving Germany.
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