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Nd Geocoin Design


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I represent the recently formed, Utah Based COin Ordering Liaison "COOL" group. At present, we would like 51 of these coins. Please scratch my previous request for 3 coins, as my order will now be part of COOL. There are a few other Utah Cachers that previously made coin requests, who will also be part of the COOL order. They will each make their own note in this forum. Please contact me when ready to finalize orders for this coin edition.




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Here is the latest design :P I think this is probably the most unique state geocoin available. I have spent many hours thinking about the design of this coin. The first part is the horshoe that will bring everyone good luck that owns it. Next is the tribute to my college mascot from NDSU - The Mighty Bison. The meadowlark and sunflowers are added as I remember them vividly from the summers growing up in ND.


The back of the coin came to me a month ago. I found a cache in the Badlands and next to it was a rattlesnake skin. I didn't wait around to find the snake it came from but thought wow, what an adventure.


Can anyone guess what 58623 relates to on the back?


So, there you have it!




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