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  1. Unpinning this since the topic and associated blog is waaaaay out of date!
  2. Also, here is a link to the Central IL group: Central Illinois Geocaching Association
  3. Hi! You posted this in the Great Plains Forum, but Illinois is covered under the Midwest Forum, so I am moving your post there so the right folks will see it.
  4. Sorry for the delay on that. I published your event yesterday. Enjoy!
  5. Hi! I am moving this to the GPS and Technology forum where it fits better and will more likely get an answer. Thanks!
  6. Looks like this was a duplicate thread from some other regional forums. Since the person who started the thread has removed the content, I am closing it. Thanks!
  7. That is unfortunate. Here is a link to the log.
  8. Since this is really a geocoin topic instead of a Great Plains topic I was going to move your post to that forum. Then I saw that you already posted there as well. So I am going to close this duplicate thread. For those who read this here and want to help out, here is the thread in the geocoin forum. Thanks!
  9. I enjoy being a reviewer, except when they make me go bushwack to check on a cache, such as in this picture of me. Those sticks hurt my nose!
  10. Missouri is in the Midwest forums instead of the Great Plains forum, so I am going to move this there. You might get more responses that way. Thanks!
  11. OK folks, I know that there have been some disagreements in the Dakotas. There also appear to be some issues with developing a coin. You are more than free to discuss issues here and to disagree with one another, but only within the forum guidelines. Those guidelines include treating each other in a respectful manner. Personal attacks will not tolerated. Please carry on your discussion without the name calling. Thanks. Edit: Please also keep this thread on-topic: A disscussion of whether an SD coin is being developed and/or a collaboration on how to get one developed.
  12. Since there are two posts on this here, I am closing this one. Thanks!
  13. Moving to the website forum.
  14. thanks for responding so quickly! i'll send you an email via the site. mods : please close this thread As you wish!
  15. The old Nebraska and Dakota reviewer site has been switched to a blog. Update your bookmarks! Info about cache listing and park policies etc is available there. The address is: http://nebraskadakotacaching.blogspot.com/
  16. The reviewer site had been switched to a blog. The same general info has been copied over to the new location. You can access it at: http://nebraskadakotacaching.blogspot.com/ I will unpin this thread, then start a new one to draw attention to the new location. Thanks!
  17. This is a duplicate topic, so I am closing it.
  18. This is just a quick note to add that the above post was made with the permission of Groundspeak. Thanks!
  19. I moved the 2 posts relevant on this topic that were in the pinned thread for organizations over to this thread. That way the pinned thread stays on topic as just a place to list items and this seemed to be the most on-topic thread for those two posts anyway.
  20. This topic is to let you know about regional geocaching organizations in the great plains. These groups often sponsor event caches and online forums where geocachers in the same area can get to know each other and share information. Geocaching organizations also often play a pivotal role in maintaining good relations with the land managers for the parks and forests where we play our game. Getting involved in your local group is a great way to make new friends and find answers to questions about the local caching scene. It is up to representatives of the organizations to maintain this thread with a list of links to the geocaching groups in the great plains. Please feel free to write a brief post about your geocaching group, giving its name, the area where most of its members live, and a link to the group's website, forums or mailing list. If your information changes later on, post a follow-up post. Please do not use this pinned topic to promote individual events or initiatives that your group is undertaking. You can start separate topics for those. The moderating team may split out off topic posts into their own threads. Finally, please note that this thread is not an endorsement by Groundspeak of any organization. It's just a convenient list of links. Thanks!
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