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How Many Times?

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From reading others comments, I know that bumping into other cachers, at caches is a fairly rare event. Since Saturday, I've bumped ito cachers four times.


Happy Landins who had Fruity with them at the entrance to the dunes were I have a multi (Saturday)


IREC666 at a cache local to me (Sunday, morning)


Phoenix at a cache near Chester (Sunday Evening)


Moorlander today as I was geting ready to enter the dunes to do a maintanence visit.


I was wondering if anyone else has had such a no of meetings at caches, when not in a area, and on the same day as a event, in such a small space of time.



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I reckon the newer the cache then the greater the likelyhood of meeting someone, the one where we met was an attempted FTF grab, and you met IREC666 at another cache less than 24 hours old.


As for the two at Warren Dee, those alone would rate an unusual frequency especially since Warren Dee isnt a hugely popular Cache

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While out caching with Bekandian this weekend we bumped into the Ollies and House of Boo. I always seem to bump into House of Boo whilst I am out caching!


Previously, I have bumped into DaBaEm (thought he was a particulary sinister muggle!), Daisy & her man, Gaz Nes and Layla, Herts Skip, Dan and Pid and Oldragbag.


There was also that couple at a cache whom I spotted as cachers and said hello to, but they scuttled off after a brief grunt at me and then wrote smug things in their log about spotting that I was a cacher. Weird!

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I nearly bumped into other geocachers on my second find, they were leaving the cache as I approached, didn't know they were cachers so tried the pretend it's a mobile trick...

They spotted it but didn't approach me, just logged their spot on the cache.



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I caught c2rm just as he was putting the cache back at Hellfire's Caves. I came around a bush thinking to myself "and the cache should be about 10m that wa...Oh, gosh, there's someone there. Is he a cacher? Is he just a visitor caught short using the loo behind that bush? Is he a mad axeman laying in wait for me?". From the look on his face, he must have been thinking the same, and I realised he was furtling at the exact cache location, so I introduced myself and had a little chat.


I met Oldragbag whilst doing one of his caches, but I think a lot of people do that, since the first clue is in his front garden!

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I bumped into Last Boy Scout while doing Denby Delights #2

Well to be honest he belted up the road in his 4*4, got out - walked down the road and he asked us if we were looking for something in a sort of 'Get orf moi laaaarnd!' type way while brandishing his Garmin Legend!! Bit of a givaway that but he is the only cacher I have bumped into in 49 so far.

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i found happy landings by taking a wrong turn wile on holiday in wales we saw the gps sticker in there car out side the house well i had to knock at the door would have been roud not to and as the cache they were going to do later that day (wind farm by pyro cacher ) was not but 500 ft from our caravan park i had to meet them there l8r and low and be hold whe maet the piro him self walking his poodle thing that had just drove bye me with is head out of the window mins before cool day

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I've only ever bumped into 3 other cachers - Sirius II (in the bushes with a girlie ;) near his own cache), the Cranes hiding in the trees B) waiting for me to move off (at a series of caches near home), and Base camp out doing his first cache (while we were walking off an excessively large Sunday lunch). I watched with interest to see if he'd caught the bug, but over a month later and he'd done nothing. :unsure:


I've just been in to check a minute ago, and luckily I hadn't frightened him off. In the last 6 months he's been to do another 3 caches. :blink:

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I think Deego should get some form of prize (either that or out more often)!


At the recent NW meet we were busy looking for a Micro cache when from behind a tree Deego and DomHeKnows appeared! We were a bit taken back when he greeted us with, 'Ah it must be Martin and Julie'. On further questioning it appears he spends a lot of time reading logs and had seen our picture! What a memory!


On our first day out we met Nediam and recently we met Apiget well two of them actually.




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I had a close encounter with a couple of Aussies at the top of Ben Nevis. I thought they might be cachers, but they had no GPS on show (they were coming from the direction of the cache), but I also assumed that as I was bumbling around with a GPS following an arrow away from the summit they might have thought that I was a cacher. I only knew for sure when I saw their log later that weekend.

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We were at Gatwick bug hotel on Good Friday grabbing Interception 3, when Tomtomgogo appeared thru the hedge(after the same bug), on saturday we met Capt.Bigglesworth at a new local cache, and yesterday bumped into Bracken's Bunch whilst caching in Hampshire.


Previous meetings include:

Ann & Brian at one of our caches,

The Wilkinsons,

The Southseekers,

Coastway Cruisers,

Friendly Flyer

a couple of foreign cachers who we passed but didn't manage to find out who they were as well as numerous others in the vicinity of the two events we have attended.

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Never bumped into anyone yet but only been caching for a couple of months. Must have had a few close misses tho judging by some of the logs.

I get the impression there aren't all that many cachers in West Wales. Please tell me if I'm wrong!!!

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I thought I'd bumped into a fellow cacher on Good Friday who hadn't a clue what I was talking about! Then I missed the real cachers who were walking to the cache I had just left!! Trouble is, we don't have a great big flashing halo (is that how you spell halo???) stating who we are!

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On the 25th March I went a did a maintenace visit on one of my caches as it had been reported that there was a problem with one of the clues. I spotted a guy with his toddler at one on the clue locations and introduced myself. It transpired that he was on his 1st cache hunt. I explained the problem with the clue and he didn't seem bothered. I wandered about and sorted out an alternative, then went to the cache final location. The guy had found it and signed the log! Sadly to date he hasn't logged it on the site :ph34r:.


So prior to meeting this guy on his first hunt I've met 3 other groups of cachers in 'the field as it were. They are Paul & Michael Blitz, Bravos Junior and Davy142.

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Trouble is, we don't have a great big flashing halo stating who we are!

Very true, but I do have a Geocaching patch ironed on to the bag I carry all my unsafe (see earlier thread) goodies around in.


And I carry a small, bright yellow box that 1) indicates to the initiated that I may be geocaching, and 2) tells me where the caches are using a big arrow! <_<


Edited because I inadvertantly used a smiley shortcut in the text - Doh!

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Bumped into DomHeKnows and Deego once, then another couple of times seen Hampk and at one cache it was almost like an event and Oneforzorro and others came running along the bank. Oh yes seen the Redpadas all of them. Then the Haywood Hornet and lastly Davester

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We were doing a maintenance visit on Boxing day for one of our Zodiac series caches that had been reported to be damp. At the same time we were taking the opportunity to introduce my nieces and nephew into the gentle art of geocaching. Having found the cache, my niece was standing somewhat obtrusively holing it in plain view when I saw a couple with a baby in a pushchair coming up the path close to us. As they were staring in our direction I urged my niece to keep the box out of sight and try to look less conspicuous. Finally, the chap leaned on the railing next to the path and quietly asked if we were caching. It turned out to be Wildtrekker who probably got one of the easiest finds of his caching career . :lol: Just to add to the coincidence, Lynn was holding a TB called (I think) Right Foot Forward which was a baby shoe from the little one in the pushchair.

We have had several chance meetings while caching and also met quite a few searching for one of our caches that is virtually on our doorstep.


Martin & Lynn

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