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  1. I never met John but I remember reading his forum posts when I first started caching. He will be missed and my thoughts are with his family.
  2. My view is that a Trig should only be logged as a YOSM from the date it becomes one and no retrospective logs should be allowed. Just my view Andy
  3. I did the same thing not long after I started caching, only it was the car I could not find Andy
  4. Very sad news. I met Dave a number of times at various South Wales events. My thoughts are with Pat and her family. Andy
  5. The November event has just been published GC2H7XX Hope to see you there Andy
  6. The Sussex cachers hold a monthly event on the third Wednesday of each month. The November event has not been published yet but keep an eye out for it. I would suggest you try and come along you will pick up all the information you need there. And their a friendly bunch Andy
  7. Still no fix for IE7 users though . Geocaching.com website problem, Locks up my computer, will not show geocaches
  8. I don’t see a problem in needing tools to retrieve or open a cache but the cache page needs to be clear as to what is required. This cache leaves you in no doubt that tools will be needed GC1V4XQ As to signing the log, yes this is a requirement unless for some reason it is wet, missing etc but then I would expect the finder to explain in their log why it was not signed.
  9. I agree, something along the lines of “Reviewer Attention Required” then the reviewer could stop by and make a decision on the action needed. It has always seemed to me very confrontational to say the cache needs archiving when in many cases all that is required s a prod from a reviewer to the CO to do some maintenance. I stopped using this function a few years ago as it seemed such a big stick to use when a small nudge is all that is required. Andy
  10. This error is also being discussed in the main forum I would add comments there. Geocaching.com website problem, Locks up my computer, will not show geocaches
  11. I’m getting the same error when looking at cache listings on profile pages. The error seems intermittent and has started to happen after the recent upgrade. For info I use XP and IE7
  12. Here are a few :- Hardest UK Caches D4-5 & T4-5 Extreme Caches UK Night Caches Andy
  13. Very strange, I would post this in the Geocaching.com website forum you may get your answer there.
  14. Its happened to some of mine in the past as well. To get round the issue I make a copy of the faulty one and set it to run then delete the old one. I don’t think there is a limit on how many times they run as I’ve some PQ’s that have been running for years without a problem, it just seems that sometimes one or two just decide not to run for some reason. I never have understood why.
  15. Just had a quick look at my stats and found the following :- Year_____Micros_____% of caches found 2004_______5____________8% 2005______14____________9% 2006______32____________11% 2007______135___________37% 2008______293___________43% 2009______511___________63% So from this it seems micros really took off around 2007 and now I’m finding more micros than regular caches. Not a problem though as I enjoy caching.
  16. As owner of the cache you can mark the bug missing this will remove it from the cache. To do this go to the TB page and under trackable items options you can select “Mark Item Missing” Andy
  17. I would e-mail the owner and either ask for the number or ask them to move it. Andy
  18. There is a special query you can run called “My Finds” It can be found on your Pocket Query page and there is a button to run it “Add To Queue This runs a pocket query which contains all your finds you can however only run it once a week.
  19. Don’t think you can filter on most watched but in the UK GC45CC is being watched by 70 people and world wide GCK25B has 287 watching it.
  20. Does this mean there is a window of opportunity to get rid of all the puzzle caches in Surrey ?
  21. Must say it was an excellent weekend I really enjoyed it. Many thanks to all who helped organise the various events must have been a lot of hard work but well worth it. Andy
  22. Very sad news, my thoughts are with Ewan’s family.
  23. I always log DNF's ………………….Except micros in ivy!!!! Andy
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