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  1. Dare I add "remember, it's just a game"? Paul
  2. One important section should be "How to hide your first geocache". Whilst many people's first caches are actually very good, some people seem to rush into things, they then wonder why the cache is muggled after just a week. Paul
  3. It was good to see you all again today... same time next year, same place? I found out a bit more history about the collapsed building where the cache was from some people I met as I collected the cache at the end of the day. It was called Kingsworthy House, and was probably used by the Navy during the war. There was a fire some 10 or 15 years ago (the building would probably have been empty for some time by then) that gutted the building. The gates you found as the first clue were indeed the driveway up to the house (and around the paddock... you may have seen the metal fencing). Been looking in the 'net, but can't find anything more... so if anyone finds anything more, I'd love to know! Paul
  4. If you look, it's not actually videoed, but a video of pictures. Paul
  5. I remember that day... it was good fun! And the tea round your place after was great!!! Sadly you won't be seeing Mike, as he's working on Sunday Paul
  6. BUMP! OK, guys, this event is only 8 days away, and so far I have had notes posted on the cache by 12 members requesting 20 carvery lunches. Now, I'm sure more of you will be coming, so please go & post a note & say how many lunches you need, so I can let the pub know. (some of you have commented above that you are planning to come... but if you want lunch, please go to the cache & post a note!): GC107BT: Winchester Late Xmas Cache Bash I've been out today, and have worked out some exercise for you, but I'm not sure if the cache can remain after the event though. Paul
  7. Here's a scan of the Cart & Horses Sunday menu, if you don't want the carvery: Menu Page 1 Menu Page 2 Paul
  8. Sorry for the lack of reply: been rather busy with doing Hospital Radio, plus being a bit ill. Right, the "bash" is most definitely ON: Sunday 28th Jan at The Cart and Horses pub, outside Winchester (same place as last year and the year before). This year is our FIFTH year! The pub opens its doors at 11am, and carvery lunch starts at 12 noon (as last year, the plan is for the majority of us to arrive early, ane eat as soon as possible) The main food choice is Carvery (£7.95, if I remember right, cheaper for kids)... there's normally a choice of 3 meats (I am told Turkey, Beef and another, such as Pork or Gammon), plus you get loads of veg's too. In addition, there is an "A la Carte" menu, which I'll scan in so you can see it. Children's portions are available. You'll find the pub's website HERE!. More details when I have worked out what they are! The Event cache is GC107BT. If you are planning to come along, let me know on the cache page, (and how many for lunch, so I can give the pub a good idea on numbers). Paul
  9. Well, doesn't time just fly by.... nearly 2007 already, which means that it's time to plan the NEXT "Winchester Late Xmas Cache Bash" (just rearrange the word order to make the version YOU prefer!) As for the last four years, we'll be down the pub in Winchester on the LAST SUNDAY OF JANUARY (= 28th Jan 2007). We'll start with lunch, and then go caching, then back for more chat.... Not checked anything yet, but I'm hpoing for it to be in the same place as last time (and the time before) which means it's only about 4 minuted from the M3! If so, if you've not been there before, you'll have a LOAD of caches to do... there's the 2 from last year, and the one from the year before (and that's just MY caches!)... and I'm sure there will be another new one for the bash! If anyone has any suggestions for "things to do" (quiz? silly games?) let me know! Paul
  10. Sadly, as long as they can either find a willing solicitor, or are willing to do it themselves, then almost anyone can take you to court (or threaten to do so) for almost anything that you (allegedly) did. Obviously, if it is something that is rediculous, it's not gonna get too far. And the farce of it all is that you would probably wish to take legal advice (= costs £££), yet the other person could then just drop the case, and you would probably find it difficult (unless you counter-sue them for your losses) to reclaim your costs. I'm just glad to be in England, and not the US.... Now, I remember you promised to return me the £10,000 I lent you last year.... I've not seen it, so I guess I'll be seeing you in court! :-) Paul
  11. Now there's an interesting thought... not for "individuals", but for any organisation that takes people caching (scouts? commercial organisations?): the leaders WOULD indeed need to carry out a risk assessment. Some "commercial organisations" have, I believe, actually placed caches (albeit maybe not listed at GC.com): I wonder if any of them had a formal risk assessment carried out? :-) Paul
  12. Brian I just highlighted your plight to the GAGB committee... maybe one of the other committee will be able to help.... after all, that is one of the things that GAGB is there to do! GAGB Website Good luck with placing your cache! Paul
  13. Sounds like something from "Max Headroom" (and if so, that's real spooky, coz I was looking up a link for Matt Frewer earlier on!) Paul
  14. Funnily enough, I had an archive request today, from the same guy.... and I decided that it probably WAS time to archive "Along the Canal" in Newbury. Paul
  15. Just uploaded my pics I took at the bash: http://community.webshots.com/album/547140846tajcsg Paul
  16. The "Bounus Cache" has been "upgraded" and will shortly be available to log (and to seek for that matter!) as GCTA70: it is called "A Tiny Itchen" (to get back to the pub) Paul
  17. I've finally gotten around to creating "Even more Itchen...." (GCT9WH) for the main cache, which I'm sure will be approved soon, and which I'm sure will get about 30 visits in the first hour! I'm intending to also do something for the "Bonus cache", to make it a standalone micro, but I need to visit the cache first to "upgrade" it, as I don't think it's not currently suitable for a formal cache. For those of you who are so desperate to do the cache before it gets approved, but weren't there last weekend, the coords are N 51 4.925 W001 17.640 .... park up at the Cart & Horses Pub in Kingsworthy (just off the A33) and enjoy a nice stroll to the cache. If you didn't do LAST year's cache (Itchen to get back to the pub - GCMJYQ) then I'd suggest you do that one FIRST!. By the way, no logging "found cache, took fox" :-( Paul
  18. I am planning to make both caches permanent... just been busy this week (on business)... should be able to sort them out at the weekend. (watch this space!) Paul
  19. I've been wanting to get a laminator for ages.... so far I've had to use the one at work whenever I've wanted to laminate things like the "stash page" to put into new caches, and caching cards. Finally got an A4 one today: Stationery Box have them at only £12.99, including 10 x A4 laminating sheets... which I reckon is a very good price! And I can report that it works 100% as expected! Paul
  20. All you need is somewhere to meet, and a few people to come along! Experience seems to indicate that if you give a time & date, and the location of a pub, then people WILL want to come along!!! What else you do at the event is what makes it YOUR event. One thing you can do is to place a "one day only" cache.... this can let you do fun things that you could NOT do for a permanent cache, making things a bit more interesting! Paul
  21. See you all tomorrow! I'd suggest you bring boots or wellies, as the paths are slightly muddy. Paul
  22. Having completed my tax return this morning, I treated myself to lunch at the pub, where Karen told me that a couple of you had been in touch! Indeed, dogs are allowed in The Snug (not sure where their owners go though!!!). We will NOT be using the skittle alley, but will be lurking about the pub somehwere... don't worry, you WILL see us!!! Also took a nice walk after lunch, and have found a couple of places for caches for Sunday.... so you WILL be able to walk the lunch off. Not decided whether it / they will be loggable yet though... Paul
  23. Well, the latest figures seem to indicate at least 40 adults and 16 children for lunch, and quite a few more just coming along for the fun. If you plan on having lunch, and haven't yet said, then please let me know asap, so I can let the pub have some numbers tonight. Whether there will be a special cache for the day rather depends of how my tax-return goes today! See you all on Sunday: remember, the pub opens at 11am, with food available from noon. Paul
  24. There's a pair of Travelodges just up the road (Sutton Scotney)... you don't HAVE to use the A34 access, you CAN get in from the village ok. They have rooms at £45 per night, for which you get a double bed, and a setee / pullout for 2 x under-16's Travelodge on A34 Southbound Travelodge on A34 Northbound Paul
  25. Ah, I forgot to tell you... I have you down for sitting on MCL's knee..... Paul
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