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Local Legends


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i would like to think im a local legend but alas i am not.


Some of the people here that impress me as well as others are




NonniPoppy:450 finds and 28 Caches that will boggle you... including a series of encryped puzzle caches i have yet to go get.


HugoNaDie: 307 finds and 6 of the most original and midboggling caches i have ever seen in my geocaching career. These things are scary :rolleyes:

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My PA hero is edscott -- doesn't use a GPS!

How does he do it?????



Yea! Edscott! I don't know how he does it without the GPS! He just found one of my caches without the GPS, i loved reading his log as he got further along each day.


Waterboy and wife are also very admirable in my area with both their hides and their finds....fun to hang out with too!!!

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The number of caches hidden or found really have nothing to do with the quality of someones caching skills. The only thing that someone with 10 times more cache finds under there belt than me has is 10 times more free time. It should be about quality, not quantity.

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For the Memphis area, I'd have to say that Jamie Z is legendary for his long distance bicycle caching trips, entertaining logs and PaterQuest. We can't help but admire his caching integrity as well.


Arkansas Bugman is legendary for his incredible camo and innovative hides.


CWL may not be legendary, but he is widely known for using the Lutterloh Technique for getting to a cache location. It is a modified version of making a bee-line for the waypoint, but you can't let little things like impassable briars or a lake divert you from your direct route. He claims to have outgrown this tendency.

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Here in Portland, OR . . .


oregone probably has the most finds, but has slowed down a little recently. Regardless his logs are legendary.


fractal - not as many finds, but his hides are generally fantastic, as are his events. Pair him up with soup, and the events that come from this alien symbiosis are slightly dangerous. ;)


Lots of other prolific cachers like - Grandpa Rocks, pdxmarathonman.

And to this list I would like to Navdog who has some of the best placed and thought out caches I have seen and Kiwimonster who's pyramid puzzel caches have brought a few of close to insanity.

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In middle Tennessee it would have to be JoGps and Southpaw, these two guys find everything, and create some of the best hides I have seen anywhere.

In Middle Tn, everyone except me has 1000 finds, but the most ingenious cache placer has to be JoGPS. I find myself cursing him and RobertLipe quite often.

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Easily the first person that comes to mind in my area of Long Island NY is Bayonets4u, AKA: RPA.. He have over 300 finds. That may not seem like a lot but there are not very many cachers on LI with more than 300. But what really makes him stand out is his 45 hides. Always rock solid caches. And always right on top of things with his maintenance. Another cacher that comes to mind is LordWallace. He doesn't have a ton of hides but he always has a knack for finding the most amazing locations on the Island.

I can't forget WRR and M&M. The 3 of us all started around the same time. They both have some really great hides. One more: Squealy puts a lot of time and effort into his caches. Every one of his are great. He also has nearly 300 finds.

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:P In Southwest Virginia, we have "CacheHunter1." He has not only hid dozens of caches, and hosted an event, but is an overall great person. He has provided me with a total of four "containers" to hide stuff in and in return I've named two caches after him. He's a real asset to the sport in our area.


Also, re: CCCooper that someone mentioned above, she attended our Breakfast gathering after Thanksgiving and racked up a bunch of caches while here. She's a nice person who I'd love to visit and cache with in PA.


That's enough out of me! ;)

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From Oregon, east of Portland:


For log entries, Oregone is something beyond legend, but putting that in writing is about as superfluous as mentioning that the sun's coming up in the morning.


Our personal heroes: Captain Jack, First Mate, and their geodog, Max. When we began caching, Capt. Jack was in every log book before we were, he placed caches in our area, and we began a cult-worship-syndrome thing with the elusive Captain.


Two lizards finally got brave enough to attend an event cache, solely because we read that Capt. Jack would be there. The lead lizard, having to work that day, was justifiably steamed that we would be caching without him. He gave us the mandate that in order to log the event as a "find", we had to get our picture taken with Capt. Jack. Lizards are shy, and when we finally crept into the park, the first person to greet us was First Mate. Imagine her surprise when we began shrieking and high-fiving each other, then shoved a camera into her hands and begged her, "Please, I know you don't know us, but please, we have to get a picture taken with Captain Jack!" The picture stayed on our fridge at home for months afterwards.


On our kitchen wall hangs a framed Christmas poem, written about the Leapin' Lizards crew by our esteemed Captain. This is SUCH a cool hobby.

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Stayfloopy is GOD! The guy finds everything and quickly. I want to petition Jeremy to make Floopy a locationless cache - if you find him while you are caching you can snap a pic and log it. He's all over the place. Like a ninja! B)


There are some new people on LI who have gotten quite a few finds rather quickly - but I don't want to inflate some already healthy egos. Apparently their moms did a great job. :D

Hmmm.... I can't imagine who in the world you might be talking about. ;):P I think you should have more than 1 hide in order to be called a legend anyway.

Stayfloopy is GOD!  The guy finds everything and quickly.  I want to petition Jeremy to make Floopy a locationless cache - if you find him while you are caching you can snap a pic and log it.  He's all over the place.  Like a ninja!  B)


You can't talk about legends anywhere on the eastern seaboard without bringing up Floopy. I think the idea of a Floopy locationless cache is great. Except he's all over the place so much he's end up with 1200 logs pretty quickly and be archived like Yellow Jeep. :D Not to mention he's a super nice guy too. Let's all drink to Floopy!

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I wonder how I can work a dead (stuffed?) cat into my new cache?  ;)

9Key needs to visit the "hair raising experience" cache in Oklahoma for an idea on that statement. icon8.gif


For The OKC area I second Darkmoon for both finds and hides.

I gave him the Oklahoma Geocacher of the year award at my Tulsa Geocacher Christmas Party for finding almost 500 caches and placing almost 50 in his first year. Parkermen won it last year but has not been heard from since last Spring.


As for finders --cappy-- is the new madman in Oklahoma. Almost 600 finds and he still has a few weeks until he's been at this a year. There are less than 700 active caches in the state.


In Tulsa team JPenn01 has probably been the most active team in recent history. They will probably rack 400 by the end of their first year.


Most creative caches and best logs is Donna and Robert of the Tribe of Two. (aka ONC Staff)


Best team name and Mascot - Golden Retrievers Rest in Peace, we'll miss you Tucker


There are plenty more awards and mentions I could give out I'm sure.

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In the Southern Tier area of New York, I am with out a doubt the local legend. Okay, maybe not, but I like to blow my own horn. That title goes to Team Ferret, I'd say. Yesterday I had the honor of witnessing their 400th find. Actually another cacher and myself found it, but shhhh don't tell them that! The best thing about Team Ferret is that they're very modest, and don't strike up a band when they're a first finder, or any other "great thing". They take geocaching for what it is, a fun hobby, not a cut throat competition. I'm currently considering having a bronze statue erected in their honor.



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Radman is the King of Radman Land (Central Michigan). There are a lot of legends in Michigan.





Matt Stum (Did I get this guy's name right)




and many more who help the MIGO group to flourish and promote the good name that is the GPS Stash Hunt (God knows Geocaching has way too bad of a reputation to call it by that name anymore)!

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So where are all the BC cachers? Hmmmmmmmm?? I'm not sure about the mainland, but we in Victoria have a few 'legends' in different categories


Cool caches/awesome generosity: Team KFWB/ X-Treme GPS Team


Prolific hiding/teaching us to cache sans GPS: Sandpiper 7


'Pro' cachers extraordinaire: Team Phoenix


Beautiful locations/physically challenging caches: (tie) Eroyd and Plantman


Cool, challenging, caches/most finds on the Island (male): MarinerBC


Coolest caching couple/best dressed: Buzzle and Brieze


Coolest caching family: Eroyd, cachewidow, v-royd, and c-royd


That's all off the top of my head-I'm surprised that no-one has piped in before now. There are lots more, I'm sure!

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