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  1. -Geocache friendly swaps (not every swap can stand the conditions of container) -CITO -Container Camouflage Kickapoo Council's Camp Tapawingo has a few geocaches in it for the girls to hunt with eTrex's they can check out from the Regional Office
  2. I'll sound off for Peoria area here.
  3. I thought aspirin was bad for dogs (or animals in general)...? Although I think I'm gonna go get me some Aleve right now... My knees are killing me. Ugh. Thanks for teh replies - keep em coming. One thing - my instructor has a bag filled with buckwheat husks and uses that as a gel pack - forms very nicely and because it's in a cloth bag, doesn't seem to get that condensation which really seems to give me "ice burn" if I can call it that... Gotta get one of those. Soon. A big one makes a good pillow too, actually. Out here in the Mid-East (some call it mid-west but heck we aren't even west of the Mississip) we load a pouch with dry corn kernals. Beans will work to. Freeze them for 10 minutes of cool, or stick them in the nuker for a minute or so for warm. Alternating works best, but if you're doing one or the other, go for cool. Sure warm feels good, but you want to reduce the inflamation.
  4. Very carefully I managed to get a 30gal. kitchen garbage bag in a 35 mm film can. It's alot of trouble. ANd I would guess if it got banged up a bit in a pack the lid would pop off. Perhaps a good wastepaper basket size (15 gal.?) would do better.
  5. Always. Usually on the way out if we're leaving by the same route. We have plastic grocery sacks with us, and will usually stop at one sack. Some places get a couple sacks. If by chance we're sackless, I've a pocket just for garbage in my pack or coat. We've packed over 100 film canisters with sacks to drop in caches and carry along to use. I've got a few that have a vinyl glove inside also.
  6. We just started this this year. We've have one for each of us. Dad's Addiction, Mom's Cachin' Tag, Ember's TB, & Aspen's TB. I log them into our finds based on who was present, and carry them with us when we geocache. Our intent is just to keep a record of who made what find, add any personal observations, have a record of our visits. If we see another geocacher at the hide or event, we invite them to log us.
  7. Didn't this already get covered yesterday/today here?
  8. ... which has rankings of posters.
  9. Looks like the rule needs a ruling. Cheese's and Mopar's versions are a bit different.
  10. Some are Finders. Some are Hiders. Some do a little of both. I'd rather see a few good hides than a hundred of half hearted efforts, no matter what the credentials of the Hider.
  11. Perhaps the manner in which it is described could be a problem.
  12. The idea of Signal the Sponge Frog was quickly dismissed.
  13. Yes, there was. There may have been one before that.
  14. Looking good K-9. I'd give it an 8. The brush guard needs balanced by a real rack on top or something. That rig will stand out in streets of The Burgh. Ours is also red. But less adept at off road adventures. It's an 8 for us but looks like a six. Here it is doing an impression of a 4WD & lifted Jeep. There is a pop-up camper attached to the hitch out of frame.
  15. Keep it up Cheese, and you just may have me on a road trip north.
  16. Biggest Girl scraps on occassion. She is way behind on various pages. She also is a very willing geocacher. However she is a very demanding log editor for this author. She won't write any of them but she will offer all kinds of advice on what I should document about the find. Just so she has a record later when she writes it into the scrapbook album.
  17. What the... The only thing i gathered from that is the ? picture is in .png format. Beyond that, I've got no clue. Perhaps there is something more at the listed coordinates. Yeah I was afraid that was the case... 2500 miles is a long way to go to find out Especially if it requires a "quick" trip back home to dig out a calculator and the old high school trig/algebra/calculus textbook.
  18. What the... The only thing i gathered from that is the ? picture is in .png format. Beyond that, I've got no clue. Perhaps there is something more at the listed coordinates.
  19. I came across some permethrin impregnated clothing recently. Can't for the life of me remember where I saw them tho - Gander Mtn?, some online catalog?, ebay?, these forums??? Anybody hear about something like that?
  20. Wow! Another crypto cache to solve! But I don't know if I'll go find it tho. Is it at least no further north than let's say 20 miles of Racine?
  21. Thorlos are great. If there is any chance of being wet and cold, I go with wool every time.
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