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  1. I started making these a couple of months ago. I use 1/8" thick hardwood (Tiger Maple, currently) and cut them out with a scroll saw. Each one is about 3" x 3/4" and takes a few minutes to make.
  2. I moved this cache yesterday, but only a couple of feet. I was first to find and it was afloat, so I didn't think the owners would mind. I moved it to higher ground, but the rain continued and the next finders later in the day found it floating again.
  3. If you were doing This Cache, then I suppose it would be roughly equal to the value of your GPSr.
  4. I bought my Blazer 12 back in the 1990s (when SA made accuracy questions less relevant). When I started geocaching with it I found that the lack of a third digit in Lat/Lon limited my ability to find well-hidden caches. I switched to using UTM and it worked pretty well. If you don't mind the limitations of hand entering every waypoint and lack of computer connectivity, it will work fine. If you find you really enjoy the sport, you can always get something more modern in the future (and probably get your money back selling the Blazer on eBay again). I just got a Meridian Gold and it certainly is easier and faster to use.
  5. In and around Oklahoma City, my vote is for Darkmoon
  6. I've been using UTM for purely pragmatic reasons. My Blazer 12 is one digit shy of a precise waypoint in Lat/Lon . UTM gets me closer, but it's tricky for puzzle caches, switching back and forth in the field. Fortunately, a new Meridian Gold is on the way, so I doubt if I'll be using UTM (or the good old Blazer) as often in the future.
  7. I, too, wanted something "gator-related" that had to do with the game. (I'm something of an alligator enthusiast). I think what I finally came up with fit the bill nicely.
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