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  1. I just posted this also in another thread didn't realize that dirtymartini already posted but anyway I have been threatened by this person before and they didn't follow through with it. I doubt they even know how to use a GPS if the Stack is taken I'll replace it and add another.
  2. This email was sent to dirtymartini and forwarded to me has anyone else received and email like this.
  3. IMLost


    If you guys would like a forum to get your group going without using Yahoo, MSN or sites like that I can set one up for you on the Northeast Geocaching site. The price is right (free) and no popup adds.
  4. We'll keep him in our prayers hopefully he'll be better soon.
  5. We had a good turnout for this CITO last year at Moon Lake. Trash and Trout In PA 2004 There hasn't been any discussion yet of another but I can tell you the park really needed help and the park manager was very happy to have us there.
  6. Finally geocaching has gotten some good press with the hard work of Questmaster and everyone who helped in this CITO The Fab Five recognizes those sites that have remained clean as a result of dedicated volunteer commitment and community-wide involvement. The sites are located in: Forbes State Forest, Fayette County; Michaux State Forest, Cumberland County; Rothrock State Forest, Huntingdon County; Sproul State Forest, Centre County; and Valley Forge State Forest, Delaware County. DCNR works in partnership with PA CleanWays, a non-profit organization, to identify dumpsites and to form community volunteer teams to help remove the waste and monitor the sites. Read the whole article here.
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    It means Thanks For The Cache or Tales From The Crypt. You can check out the GeoFAQ it's a new but growing searchable FAQ.
  8. Hi Voncachstein I'll help you out with the website part. There is a loose group of us who get together for camp outs and CITO but no official group. If you know Team WBFD he could fill you in some more. I think it's a great idea.
  9. Very nice I added the RSS feed to the NEGeocaching.com headlines section.
  10. GeoFAQ is "Powered by cachers!" So ... we need your input! The FAQ is as good as you make it. Help geocachers of all levels of experience find the answers to their questions by adding questions and answers to the FAQ! Your skills and experience could also help make it the best, because we need your help with moderating member submissions and contributions. We need to keep the quality high, the answers up-to-date, the items findable and understandable. Thanks to the excellent moderation features in this new version of GeoFAQ it is even easier to merge and edit content. We really need just a little bit of time from a few experienced users. Can you help? This is a great opportunity to drive this project forward and create the best geocaching FAQ on the net! We have the tools, we have the skills and experience, but we need volunteers to help us. Send a private message to IMLost if you are interested. The GeoFAQ is currently hosted under the NEGeocaching.com website however, it can be accessed by any site visitor. It is completely open to everyone you can submit an FAQ or answer one without having to be a member of the site. Everyone is more than welcome to become a member I just don't want anyone to get the wrong idea that this is just to increase membership on the site that is why it is open without membership. Seems to me that it would be helpful to have a searchable knowledgebase for geocachers. If this project is successfull I would be more than happy to host the FAQ under it's own site. Click Here for more info on how it works. Below are the current categories more can be added easily if needed. Geocaching Magellan Garmin Paperless Geocaching Geocaching Software Geocaching Acronyms & Terms Ever wonder what TNLN stands for or what a geomuggle is? Then this is the FAQ for you. NEGeocaching.com
  11. My Compass Course 101 cache has been called evil and few other choice words. Most cachers take about 3 or 4 visits to get it. I know of only one group who completed it in one.
  12. Firefox on all my computers. I have disabled IE on my winXp computer if I get a site that only works with with IE it's not worth viewing. My other computers run Fedora Core 2 and Suse Profesional never had a problem with them. If you are going to try Linux I would try and get a copy of Suse it's very easy to install and has nice configuration utilities. If you right click on the icons below the top menu and click customize you can drag and drop the mail icon onto your toolbar. It works and by the way Thunderbird is a fantastic mail program.
  13. The only way to download more than one page at a time is to become a premium member for $30 year. Then you can set pocket queries to sent to by email which will allow you receive 500 caches per query.
  14. I have a Sprotrak Map and a Meridian Platinum. I owned an Etrex Vista once for three days before returning it for my Platinum.
  15. I have to say I have been all over the country backpacking, hiking, and skiing the high peaks region is easily the most beautiful places I have been. I haven't been lucky enough to be there in the winter but I am sure it's even better. If I can swing it and talk someone else in going with me I would love to come up.
  16. Here's our dog we refer to him as Nature Dog. His name is Bud he's 12 years old and has spent alot of time with me on the trail geocaching, backpacking, and hiking. He loves sleeping in a tent.
  17. This is from handicaching.com hope this helps. The typical cache rating allows for one to five stars for terrain. It is suggested by the Geocache Rating System that one star is used for caches that are wheelchair accessible. This idea is flawed in several ways and this site aims to address those flaws. Flaws of this system include: * The rating system or the wheelchair aspect of the system is often overlooked by cache hiders, who can rate the terrain for caches higher or lower than they actually are * A cache that may be wheelchair accessible may not be accessible to people with other types of handicaps, or even people who cannot use a wheelchair for anything other than short distances * Many non-handicapped people are unsure of what constitutes handicap accessible and are therefore unable to rate or mark a cache accordingly Attempting to rely on the fact that a one star cache should be handicap accessibile to some degree often turns into dissapointment for many handicapped geocachers. With your help we aim to improve this situation by providing specific handicap accessibility information for caches. We aim to: * Provide a set of handicap accessible cache hiding guidelines that can help to plan and hide a more accessible cache * Provide a rating system that generates additional information for each cache, along with averaging to eliminate inaccurate rating * Provide tools for handicapped geocachers to help locate caches near them that they might be able to do and how to plan for the trip. Click Here for more info from handicaching.com
  18. That's funny that's my motto. He has this geocaching thing nailed.
  19. Try the new GeoFAQ. It's new but growing.
  20. don't know how far you are from my neck of the woods in NEPA the Suscon Screamer is an excellent night cache. Be sure to check out all the pictures.
  21. I have had a pair of ASOLO AFX boots for years and they will probably last me for several more. I put a lot of miles on those boots and they still feel good. They don't make them anymore but these are probably their replacement. It's been my experience that one peice leather boots like these are the most waterproof you can get remember seams and stitching leak. Hikemeister brought up a very good point there is a difference between backpacking and day hiking boots. Backpacking boot are usually a bit stiffer and offer more support hen you are carrying a heavy pack. You might want to check out Backpacker they usually have a lot of good reviews.
  22. I use a Magellan Meridian and a Sportrak Map. They both work well if size is a concern the Sporttrak is a bit more compact. I would suggest going one step up in the Sportrak line to the map just because I prefer the software on this unit over the yellow one.
  23. Here is an article on Lymes which may help answer some frequent questions. I have been lucky and never had ticks on me near where I live. I have had some run ins with ticks in New Jersey and Delaware. I hope you make out OK. If you have been bitten by a tick and have any doubt I would go doctor and get checked it's better to be safe than sorry.
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    Umm...It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that once they started running .NET the server problems started. Every weekend there are errors and not always the disk space error. We can't blame those technologies because they aren't using them. If it makes you feel better we'll just blame PHP for the errors.
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