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  1. Ah: That's the one, Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I know this is a silly question and you will see why in a sec. Some years ago I found a map program that let me create and customize the map I use on my profile page. For the life of me I can not find that website again and I want to update my map. Does anyone know the site or is there a better site out there that everyone uses now? Thanks
  3. Thanks Brian: 500 is cool but it just makes you want to do 500 more!
  4. Allways When your hooked your hooked!
  5. I'm a member of the geocoin club. I got to agree with SunshineGang some are good and some arn't. Isn't that life> I'm still a member.
  6. OK I didn't get it but now that's funny!
  7. I think NY is May 1st.
  8. Didn't activate mine. Don't know.
  9. A little pricy but I'm in. eMail sent.
  10. No, as long as your not a hog about it you can take a coin without leaving anything to trade, just as long as you place it in another cache. Wooden coins can be taken, ah traded, you should never just take things out of a cache without a trade of some type, except TB's.
  11. Super nice coin, hope it's not to late! email sent.
  12. Very nice. Gota have a set.
  13. I don't drill mine and I have lost one so far, out of about 12. I think it would help but I couldn't deface a coin like that.
  14. Wow I don't activate my personal collection so I never had that problem but boy could it be!
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