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  1. Here is the after photo of my beloved Jeep. (I posted the before shot way earlier in this post.)
  2. I have to recommend that you guys check out Navitraveler.com They have all sorts of google earth stuff like this. Just thought I would share.
  3. Another photo of my beloved Jeep. This was taken in Afton Canyon
  4. Yikes. Dude. You need to replace your brakelines with longer ones. They are being stretched to the limit, and you are going to wind up with a broken brake line. Heads up on that mate !
  5. Here's mine. Although since this picture, it is now lifted and has 700 watts worth of auxiliary lighting added to the cross beam up top.
  6. Oh no. Not another Geocacher on this as of yet unfound cache.
  7. For me, I would have to vote for Spooky Canyon Having done it now, I probably wouldn't do it again.
  8. I must say, I am disappointed in this post. Next time it should say "Doing the Nasty? Add photos"
  9. I would agree. You should just save your cash and get a decent handheld. Look around the forums... You might find yourself a good used one in the "GPS garage sale" forum.
  10. As to other ways to find caches while out, I know geocaching made a wireless application because I have used it. Also, I am kinda stoked about the new cell phone app.
  11. crzycrzy

    New guy

    Welcome to the gang. It's a good time. Kick up your feet and stay for awhile.
  12. Actually. This is a very good category to enter. It could prove to be a fun endeavor.
  13. This has been a trouble for me too. I always make a point to bring extra batteries as well as a secondary form of navigation. One trick I have used that works well in dense cover is to "triangulate". To do this, I get an idea of where a location is geodetically speaking, and then I try walking towards it from about 50 paces out in a generally triangular shape. Then even if I can't get a good reading in one spot, I can sort of figure out the location by zeroing in from three different angles. This works better for me in tree cover than trying to stand still. Best of luck and happy caching !
  14. No, he was dead and not dangerous in anyway ! Sure it was not during a CSI LAs Vegas movie making ? The sad but funny thing is that I had to wait about 4 hours until the real CSI Las Vegas unit showed up. But somehow it wasn't like TV.
  15. I see the log now... Took me several minutes to spot the box in the bushes. Thought my gps might have been tracking satellites wrong... =)~
  16. Yeah... Just wait until the taxpayers get the bill for those ammo cans. We are talking in the hundreds of thousands here !
  17. I had a friend who told me about it, and I went nuts thereafter. I think his screen name was Tuner.
  18. After having just returned from London, I can tell you that the Avebury Ring is extermely cool. It was made even before stonehenge.
  19. I imagine the worst that has happened to me was my pride got hurt. But hey, why not ?
  20. Quite awhile back I found a fellow who was murdered evidently on the side of the road near Vegas. Does that count ?
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