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  1. Or it could have been a honest mistake. I had a coin that was sitting on my desk that had never been released that got "discovered" at a woodstock avent. I just wrote them a note telling them that they had made a mistake and that they had 30 days to remove their logs or I would do it for them. When they were writing down the numbers of other trackables they must have wrote the wrong numbers. No harm no foul. Just let them know and take it from there.
  2. 75% of the first 100. That seems like an awfull lot until I realized that most of these were Urban caches and I did them all within the first 6 months I was caching (started in 2002). Urban caches seem to disapear faster. After the first year my caching slowed down and I found less urban and more "wilderness" caches. Of my last 100 which goes back to 2006 (I told you I slowed down) only 25% have disapeared. I found that interesting.
  3. Suziq

    Champoeg 2008

    Yes, now,why not this year, Yes Now that I answered your questions go to the Chamgpoeg website. I think the wagon master still had a couple sites left in the RV section for campers. (RV not nessesary) and sometimes if your lucky one of the other campers will have room in their campsites. Just post a reqest you could get lucky.
  4. Dont know if you concidered this or not but there are a few groups out there raising money for events with the sell of geocoins. I Know of one myself . If you would like to donate to the cause let me know. Also I would be glad to let some go in the Portland Oregon area if you dont have anyone from around here.
  5. I have used Magellan since I started in one form or another and have never had problems with "slingshoting". Always had a good fix whether walking through the woods in heavy cover or carreening down the highway. In fact sometimes I have had better luck than some Garmin's when out on a group hunt with keepin signals in heavy tree cover.
  6. Had to laugh when I saw this. I thought my comany was the only one with "code" names for projects. Currently I am working on project "Nova" named after the company on "Short Curcuit". Looking forward to the rise of the phoenix.
  7. Suziq

    Champoeg 2008

    Looking forward to our 5th year there.
  8. People who take activated coins from caches and start collecting them are known COIN THIEVES. People who take unactivated coins and don't trade fairly for them are known as SWAG THIEVES. There is a problem with leaving valuables in the woods but the geocaching community is built on and DEPENDS ON the trust that if you find a cache full of swag and take something you should leave something of equal or greater value. Like any community we have our share of rotten apples who abuse this honour system. But back to the point.... you can buy coins from the coin makers, e-resellers, commercial resellers and what you do with YOUR coins is your business. You can trade them, sell them, release them etc., etc. Joni's post covered all that. I dont do much coin collecting. when I buy coins its to leave them in caches. I dont expect anyone that finds a coin that I have left to "trade even" what is "even" I have some old coins that I expect on e-bay would cost 20 to 30 bucks so should I expect them to leave 20 to 30 dollars worth of stuff. How many people carry that much swag around. I guess what I am getting at is that to expect "even" trades is not going to happen and to call them theives because they did not trade "even" is a bit harsh. I used to mention on the cache page that I left coins in caches and the coins would disapear before the next new finder got there. So I dont mention I put them in any more in my logs. So finders can get their hands on something special.
  9. Glad you enjoyed your visit. E-mail Sent.
  10. Being form the Portland area I enjoyed your blog a lot. I have often wondered myself why all Portland caches seem to be downhill. Glad you enjoyed your visit.
  11. I have no problem loading the software to my sport track and XP all you have to do is change the serial number.
  12. Try posting at oregon forums most of the central oregon cachers dwell there. Oops spoke to soon looks like you already did. LOL
  13. --> QUOTE(R.O.B @ Mar 11 2007, 07:46 AM) 2756425[/snapback] This TB sat in one of my caches for almost a year before it moved...that's the longest I've ever seen. Fritz the Magnetic Fields Wonder Dog The owner at one point even sent it to a TB graveyard. I can understand TB's languishing that long in out of the way caches but this one was only .38 from the nearest parking. I don't really have a point to make, I just thought it was interesting. Must be the season I just had one of mine move after a year. majestic 12
  14. Went to add the Waypoints for mine but it was already done. Thanks "reviewer".
  15. I am suziq. I am always at the the cache. who I go with differs. Sometimes I am alone , sometimes my husband is with me, sometimes one or more of my grown kids. So on my SI We are the caching crew of Suziq. No one else owns a GPS or an account. They go because Its something I like to do, and it makes a great reason to get together and out and about.
  16. I went a few years ago with Belleterre. Part way through, she turned off her flashlight. I AM a Bumbling B, and I was scared, but I held onto the back of her shirt, padded along after her, and it was, indeed, a cool walk. Yes. if you can, lights off. My husband and I also did it in the dark Made it all the way without light. Just have to make sure others can see you so you dont get run over. We just waited until people got close then turned on our lights. Scared the **** out of a lot people doing that.
  17. Only if you don't bring enough aspirin. Not to scare off the non-imbibers. I live in the neighborhood and "day camp" at Champoeg, attending in the day ($3 park admission per vehicle) and going home at night. I enjoy the organized events, the potluck lunch, and the CITO projects and skip the adult beverages. Great fun, good people. I have to agree plenty to do without having to worry about the morning after. I have camped every year since 2003 and have enjoyed it. There are great events that all can participate in, kids included. Lots of cacher interaction. And if your into disk golf the campground has a great course.
  18. You might try Milo Mciver it looks like the closest place to camp. Also if you want to come you might post to the forum on the website. The sites can hold up to 8 people and you might be able to double up with somone that is already going.
  19. At least one of each maybe more depending on price.
  20. I have perfect example of this. I have a co worker that is an avid outdoorsmans. He hikes, caves, kyaks, ect ect. He even had a GPS he used to mark caves ect. But was only midely interested when I first brough up geocaching a year or so ago. A couple of weeks ago he mentions going to the beach with his family so I again say somthing about caching. Ok he says I will try it. I look through caches in the area he is going, find one that was done by a cacher who is well know for his great caches. Print out the page and gave it to him. He takes his mom, dad, sister, brother in law and their kids. To make a long story short. He now caches, he is selective and only goes for the ones that apeal to him, long hikes ect. but his dad has turned into a caching machine and does it all the time along with his sister who uses it to get the kids out and away from the boob tube. So it took a year of my caching stories and a great cache placement but now I have given all these people a new hobby that they each enjoy in ther own way. The moral of the story, yesterdays "you do what" can be tomorow's future cachers.
  21. http://www.oregongeocaching.org/Oregon
  22. If you post your street address here, I'm sure a local cacher there would be happy to, uh..."safeguard" your Jeep Travel Bug! Log: Found GJTB in mailbox hybrid. Whew me to. I was beginning to wonder. I am never lucky enough to get one in a cache. The two yellow I got were through the mail in and at an event. The white I got from one of the good "insiders" who took pity on me. If I dont get a chance at the beginning I never see one again.
  23. I've been checking mail every day since they started arriving at other cachers mail in my area - still not here. I'm hoping that my request wasn't lost in the mail, or that my mailman delivered it somewhere else, etc., etc. I wonder if I should send in another request form? Please, oh please, be in my mailbox today... I am in the some boat, and I live in Oregon. There is a catch 22 here, it was stated if you send in more than one request that you forfiet your chances of getting one. So if you send in one then they get your first one do you forfiet your chances to get any? I cant imagine why it would take so long to get from Seatle to Portland but I still hold out hope. I just wish there was a way to check if they even got my request. When we did it on line (for the last of the yellow Jeeps) at least I got an auto message that they recieved it. Now its just cross your fingers and hope.
  24. My son in law had shingles a few months ago he is 30. Since my daughter never had chicken pox as a child she then got chicken pox. She was much sicker than he was. He got a patch on his chest and she had them everywhere including in her mouth. I have seen posion ivy on a guy at work I dont think they look at all the same. The poison ivy was more of a red rash where the pox was individual bumps.
  25. Lost balloon in northwest forum I started this back when it was first lost. I know some of the guys involved. But maybe you can peak some new interest. I also posted this to the PDX page lost balloon PDX.com and the Washington state geopage. But feel free to do so again. Like I said maybe since its from somone official it will spark new interest.
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