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  1. Or you could email them privately with your cache issues, instead of humiliating them in a public forum. Lots of times there are issues that can be resolved without 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) party input. Just my .02
  2. Seeing as you folks are premium members, have you done a Pocket Query? You could use the coordinates: N 49 15.707 123 06.811, which is downtown Vancouver. I'm not sure where you'll be exactly, but it's a start. Here are a few caches from the above coordinates. A Pocket Query will let you input the level of difficulty and the area you want to focus on. Hope that helps! Vancouver caches
  3. I must be dumb...............I don't get it!
  4. My find I can't believe that was almost 2 years ago!
  5. Try here! Proud Canadians Click Here!
  6. Proud Canuck signing in!!
  7. Finally! A TV segment that was intelligently and accurately put together! Well done Cooper Family, Fox 6 News, and AGA!
  8. Happy Birthday Pepper, EGH, and MA!! BTW, mine's on the 25th!
  9. GG, if you weren't going to suggest it, I was.....one of my most favourite spots!And I would be remiss if I didn't include: Prevost Summit and Missed Maple also: Toys in the Attic If you're going to attempt 'Toys', I would highly recommend that it be the only cache you do that day, and that you give yourself lots of time. I didn't actually get to the cache, as it was placed higher than I thought, but the trip was worth it. It's quite a climb, but the view is spectacular. Mount Empress
  10. I guess it would depend on whether you drove 5 miles to get the cache or 55 miles to get it. Another way to make the most of your trip, is to search for caches near the posted coordinates, that you may not have done. That way if you miss the traveller, you can still hunt others in the area. When we had the travelling cache on Vancouver Island, we encouraged people to do just that. We also used the flagging tape, and had the cachers mark the date and time they were there. That eliminated unnecessary destruction of the area. Having said that, there are other places to post travellers. That's what I did!
  11. Geo-Cats 'taking care' of a Travel Bug! Geo-Cat 'playing' with MBC's signature item This is their way of participating in the sport, I guess. I'm sure they've made a few hides outside!
  12. Chick checkin' in! MarinerBC and I started this about 2 years ago, and we haven't looked back since. I love it because a lot of times we don't have time to cache together, so after using his GPS for a while, then accidentally losing it a few months later, we each got our own. I love being outdoors, running hiking, what have you, plus I love toys, so this combines everything just about perfectly! I have 'graduated' from a Venture to a Rino ( Rino) , and now am also thoroughly enjoying 'paperless' caching! I know lots of women cachers now, but when I started, it seemed to be mostly men doing it. I know there aren't as many solo femle cachers in my area, but there are a lot of women who cache under a shared ID with their hubbies. Glad to see all us 'chicks' out there! Cache on, ladies!
  13. !!!!!!!!!CONGRATS ON 1200!!!!!! Way to go you guys...........and what a great cache you picked..........sounds like one I would do...........puts me in mind of a cave cache that MBC, Fish and I did a while ago. Now THAT was dirty!! Rotten Little Grotto
  14. Ok, we confess to: Legend (MBC) Venture (me) Rino 120 (me) Forerunner 201 (unlike CG, only 1 ) (me) GPS 76 (MBC) Magellan MeriPlat (MBC) So, they're all evenly split, so MBC doesn't have to worry about getting me a broom or a shovel............just when I'm going to get back from caching!
  15. We used to make 'Milestone' certificates for local cachers here, which they used to get a kick out of. Anyone can do something like that....it's not hard, and you certainly don't have to pay for it! We just added the user's avatar. It really personalized them. Here's an example of one that MBC did for the Victoria Cache Machine last year.
  16. Looking forward to seeing all of you there!!!
  17. Yooooo Hoooooo!!! Where is everybody?? Are we the only ones coming??
  18. I think MBC and I got 71 at Spokane, and 91 over the 3 days..........YIKES!! I think the best day we've done that was non-Cache Machine was 18 in Vancouver in October of '02..........we thought we were SOOOOO
  19. This isn't my cache, but it IS my city, and I'm proud to anncounce Victoria's First CITO event, put on by our very own GroundClutter....yay!!!!! Look forward to seeing you all there! Victoria CITO
  20. Our local "Everything" store, Capital Iron...(mmmmm.......... Capital Iron) started out just having a selections of GPSrs in their marine department, then as the sport evolved, one of the main guys got into geocaching, and brought in geo-specific stuff, including Groundspeak stuff. He was a little leery at first, thinking only a handful of people would show up, and, well, guess what? It was a LANDSLIDE! They actually moved their stuff to a seperate area, to make more room. Now, they'll be doing caching seminars, and presentations, with support (prizes) from Garmin, and other folks. We're so lucky!!
  21. This was the most fun I've ever had at a cache! We slithered through the mud, and ended up in this really cool cave..it was so worth getting dirty!! Rotten Little Grotto
  22. CONGRATS!!! Actually, we found out at the BCM wrap up in Bellingham........You'll be sucha n awesome daddy.........so which CM will you be bringing him to?
  23. Yah.....NO!!! I've maybe seen 2 or 3 of these, and yes I do use a cartoon character, as it ties in with my handle. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease don't make me use an anime character!!
  24. I change mine from time to time, depending on the situation, My avatar line , is from Finding Nemo, and it just cracks me up, plain and simple. The poor little guy doesn't have anything else that's his in the tank, so he likes to looks at bubbles, because they're his! I can relate, because, I like to keep what's mine, as mine. Nahhhh............it just cracks me up! The other one is because....ummmmmmmm.........I like my Rino............a lot.
  25. Just curious, though...........what happened to the 'Found' log that was on this cache? From what I read, he found it fair and square, and now his log is gone. Is that right? As far as I know, if you find a cache, you've found it, regardless of any mistakes the hider may have made. Just curious. Any suggestions?
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