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  1. i liked the early idea of trivia like stats on the back...first in cache...most visited.....longest lasting...oldest curently active cacher with most anything like that
  2. wish i could have closed it first....but i guess this works
  3. isnt there standards in place for not commenting on a users use of spelling and proper spacing?? i will be praying for you negitive people this holiday season as it is clear you have no real life if all you can do is down me for my use of spaces and twisting my works. but before i go it was a newer thread not an older one where i said i was a three year veteran of geocaching not a three year old child. sorry i tried to help someone find a cool item for use as i micro.
  4. none of this info was helpfull in answering my question.the first came close but i know what i needed to do i needed to know how to do it!!! someone was nice enough to email me and helped me out a great deal so thanks to him i know am loading pages into my gps.
  5. i have a e-trex legend and my computer cable.i have downloaded the swiss army knife from geocaching.com and now i need to know how to use them.i know you cannot tell me word for word on here so please contact me via e-mail if your willing to help me. i have been geocaching for about 3 years started with no gps at all...then got a maggie 310 now i have my legend and want to try downloading some caches into my gps without hand loading every one.i have checked it out and found out quickly i dont know what i am doing.can someone please help me so i can enjoy this great sport more.thansk in advance for your help...eddthejailer oh and have a happy thanksgiving everyone!!!!
  6. i am not a scam artest people.. i am a 3 year geocacher who found a really neat item for swag. i thought some of you might be looking for a signature item. the item i know about is really cool!!if i tell you here it would be giving it away. it can be made with everyday stuff you can get at wal-mart for pennies and it would be a highly sought after homemade swag item. if your not satisfied with the info i would return your paypal payment in full!!! i just dont want to give it away. guess i should make some up and sell them but then you couldnt edit it to make it your own personnel swag. i understand your distrust but check my geocaching.com name out i do go geocaching.i am not just some scam artest who wants to rip people off.!! i am highly offended you so called geocachers would down me so quickly!!! its people like you guys that keep me from coming to the forums as often as i used too!!!!
  7. i have found a really nice item that can be made very cheap and easy.i have fallen in love with this cache item so much.you can even change it just a little and make it personalized from you.i am selling the directions to make these items...no tools needed for $5.00.you can make 100 kits/items for about 6 dollars plus your signature item if you have one.if not we have an all purpose item that can go in its place that you can get anywhere.i will send the info thru e-mail so there will be no waiting for the mail or shipping charges.pay thru mail or paypal.trust me you will not be disappointed in this item.once i give you the name of the item if you have seen or heard of it before i will refund your money asap since i dont want you buying something you have already seen.you may have seen this thing before but you have not seen it as swag i am sure!
  8. these little beauties are so cool. they are made by tupperware and the lids are connected to the key chain as well so no chance of lost lids.they are exact replica's of the heat n serve bowls now being sold by tupperware.i will show pictures asap but if you want to see one before then you can see them listed on ebay as heat n serve keychains.notice there prices while your there.i will sell them for 1.00 each and i will charge only exact shipping charges.i will even throw in the envelope or box needed to ship them.if interested e-mail me directly at edwardthrelkeld@hotmail.com if you check my feedback on ebay you will see 202 feedbacks 100%positive feedback.
  9. item number 5820485108 not my auction but a good deal
  10. oops sry i dont need it now that i checked ebays prices.
  11. does this cable fit the legend?also where do i send the money and is that including the shipping?if it fits the legend i want it 4 sure.
  12. first off i would like to say i didnt mean all speed cachers leave the cache open but from my experiances(i only have 2 caches so i check on them every time they get found)often they are left more exposed or left laying on the ground when they were hanging in a tree by power cachers.i know this is a part of the game and that is why i check them every time.i do not mind it.at least they left it there.and when i get a log entry i usually go see how many they found that day.so i do know who finds a few and who finds alot in one day.so i do know what i am talking about!!any i will conseed the piont that speed cachers probable do have just as much fun as i do.just in a different way.and i do realize some places have no caches so micro's would be welcome sites.i was not trying to offend anyone.i was mearly trying to make my piont that you cant say the guy with the most finds is the number one cacher.oh and count me in on that fun off caching contest.
  13. ahh see what i mean.........you guys keep talking about it....i am going to go find some caches...have fun talking endlessly about the thing you cannot change
  14. lol top ranked geocachers.......i would say i am up at the top somewhere if you mean quality time caching.i would reather do an all day 4 start cache than 40 micros in the middle of a large town one every three blocks.so does that mean the guy running around getting 40 micros is a better cacher??hmmm.numbers are decieving.a top cacher to me is someone who takes there time to enjoy the site where i spent a day looking for just the right spot to place a cache and the 10 buxx or so it cost me to creat the cache and not someone who is going to run to it sign the log leave it half covered because they are rushing to the next cache to stay on goal time. sry for the rant just me 2 cents
  15. when i first started geocaching i came to these forums looking for answers to my goecaching questions....most of the responses i got were man how many times are these people going to ask the same questions.or other rude comments about my grammer.after about the first 5 replies someone would help me out.the longer i cache the less time i can spend in here with these forums...i go caching...find caches.....enjoy the view...ask permission to place caches get turned down...lol some say sure....some dont....but i enjoy the talk about caching with them and try to understand there reasons for not wanting geocaching agound there property...it is theres or at least theres to maintain in come cases.but i always seem to have fun with it.there are always new caches poping up to do.i just dont understand why some people live in this forum and all they do is complain about rules or other players or something all the time.dont get me wrong some do there best to stay positive and some start some really great topics....like the avatar free help being offered now..great post guys thanks a million.i know some people have issues with the rules.but cant you contact the admins about these things...why come to the forum and have half the people back you and want to revolt and half say go to another site if you dont like the rules.rules are set by the powers that be....why...because its what they feel is best for the sport and for its continuing success.why do some property managers say no to allowing geocaches...because its what they feel is best for there property in general.i have said all that to say this......the game is a great way to have fun...now as it is.....and i am sure that it will be fun after the new rules for virtuals come out as well.i am sure you think some things are not 100 right...and you may be right...it you tell the powers that be your conserns i am sure they will listen to your ideas and give them some consideration.so go...go out and enjoy this great game before its gone forever.....i but if uncle san says no more physical caches on any public property for the sake of post 911 security we wouldnt be so worried about the vacation caches would we....do what your allowed to do..cache....cache all day and night....use the forums to help and to grow closer as a body of people who wenjoy the same pastime.not to constantly complain it makes me not even want to visit the forums any more.and that in itself is a shame.
  16. i am still partial to army surplus stores they have a large selection of large waterproof containers that will keep it safe and sound.
  17. tonight i went to an auction house locally and i wound up buying alot of junk items they throw in with the good stuff so they can get rid of it.and since i cant leave anything there i take the junk home and sort thru it.well i came across this metal can about ham size and has some labritory writing on it.it opened like an old sardine can with the little key you wind around......anyway i just had to see what was in it before i threw it out so i opened it.it had 40 new from the factory round tubes for collecting blood samples.there were some dry chemicals in the tubes which i found out thru looking them up on the net were harmless aditives to the samples so i threw it out and washed the tubes.so now i have like 40 of these tubes and i do not need or want them but thought some of you guys might like them for mirco's or stages to multi's.i hate using glass but these have really tught fitting gray caps that push down and since it is clear glass you could write the coords on a piece of paper and they wouldnt even have to open it.anyway there free if anyone wants to pay the shipping on them.so all can get some i am limiting them to 5 per person to start...if i dont get rid of them i will drop the limit soon.e-mail me so i dont forget to check the board.edwardthrelkeld@hotmail.com.i will find out the shipping asap after i get your request and confirm to you that you get some.
  18. hmmm why did i say i thought glass was a no no..........originally i just didnt ever think of using it because of the use your common sense rule but after looking all thru the rules , guidlines and all i can not find one thing that says you cant or even shouldn't use glass.so here goes my best reasons not to use glass......glass breaks and your cache would get wet.kids cache...kids break things......glass is fragile when cold..could break in the warm hand of a cacher.when glass breaks cacher steps on broken glass for months after.do you want to pick up your broken glass after someone breaks it????it is your responsibility!!sure plastic leaks...but if wildlife steps on it the wildlife isnt hurt!i personally can think of way more bad things happening with glass than i can with plastic or metal.just my 2 cents.
  19. ok hacker seen this and would love some help.i kind like mine but its more cop than jailer.also whatever it is i would like to have a stamper also from a local shop so it would have to be kinda 2 colored one dark color and one light color.also it would be cool to have my caching name on it as well.maybe the one i have in a black and white outline with name below but i dont know how good it would look just the outline since it is so detailed!!thanks i know i am a pain but do it once and leave it right??.cool topic and thanks man
  20. glass???i thought glass containers was a no no??
  21. ebay has like 5 under 80 buxx at this time.some ending really soon.
  22. do YOU have a download cable for a legend??if so please e-mail me or reply to this.i know ebay and retail places to buy one but i am looking for a deal from a fellow cacher not to make money for a retail buisiness.thanks for your reply
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