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  1. SAME!! SO frustrating!! EDIT: It's working, thanks!
  2. Yeah, it sure does! Thanks Max for the response. Who should I contact next, does someone need to know? Or should I just assume TPTB know about it and wait for the bug to get fixed?
  3. Why can't I post a hide? Frustrating -- fill in all of my descriptions, coords, pic links, hint etc, click to continue to the last step and it takes me back to the beginning. It's been a while since I hid a cache, what am I doing wrong?
  4. Looking to replace my old-school yellow Garmin eTrex (from 1999) which I sadly lost yesterday in Liberty State Park (Jersey City, NJ). I must have placed it on the bumper of the car while loading the bicycles and drove off before grabbing it. (Dumb) Since '99, I have purchased a few GPS's with all the bells and whistles but I really like the basic simplicity of the old yellow eTrex. Are these available new anywhere these days? Or, if anyone has one in good condition that they want to sell? Thanks. Not sure of the exactly model number but it looks like this:
  5. Carry That Weight TB: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...ba-c98142417836 ====================================================== "...(redirected male) holding up the TB, in the crosswalk ON ABBEY ROAD!!!!" 2 spaces between sentences, brainiac.
  6. Agreed, us lowly non-members cannot view these caches. Frankly, I was floored and shocked by these responses, and my first reaction was to contact the posters privately to see if Sioneva or flask (both of them known agents provocateur) had perhaps paid them $50 to send those posts just to irritate me, but no, each of the posters really meant what they posted, and they believed that they were "right". Personally, I am amazed that these folks are asking/suggesting that the listing be removed from Premium member-only status so that they might view the listing page free of charge. The price of a monthly membership at Groundspeak is less than the price of mug of cheap beer, and about the price of one gallon of gasoline, for God's sake! And, from another perspective, we can look at the whole matter in any of the two ways, as well: let's consider how much it costs the owners of Groundspeak to run the site, in terms of salaries, bandwidth, servers, programmers, etc. the Otter Box container and associated cache-site hardware used for PUC #13 cost me about $28. the FTF and 2TF prizes for PUC #13 cost me over $270, and the FTF prize alone included $160 in cash. let us consider the fact that each of my two chartered helicopter flights to emplace the cache cost me about $160 apiece (the actual list price was somewhat higher, but I was given a sizeable discount because I am a pilot, and the owner of the helicopter charter facility was also a geocacher.) My subsequent maintenance visits also each cost me about $160 apiece for helicopter charter. For me to be able to emplace the cache, the helicopter needed to hover well below the "dead mans curve" just feet above the top of the 80 foot tall pier, and just 90 feet above a cold raging river. In other words, the procedure was rather dangerous, and only about one out of 100 helicopter pilots will even consider tackling the job, due to the dangers involved. I have taken these sizeable risks several times in order to emplace the cache and to do maintenance visits. the switchable electromagnet-on-a-cable device that I built in my lab shop in order to allow retrieval and replacement of the cache from the air cost (including the numerous D-cell alkaline batteries) over $130. It is obvious that I invested a lot of time and money and effort to place the cache in question. It is also obvious that it costs Groundspeak a lot of money to run this listing website. And yet.... some non-paying members, who are already enjoying a tremendous number of benefits at the site totally for free, have the gall to ask me to drop the PMO status of this cache, and of my other Psycho caches, just so that they can view the cache listing pages FOR FREE???? I am shocked, irritated and dismayed. In fact, since reading those requests, I have been continually looking to the western horizon for some sign of the approach of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, because if humanity has really degenerated to this point, then this must indeed be the beginning of the End of Days. So, then, to be fair, I decided that maybe these folks were right, and maybe I was wrong. So, I proceeded to contact the following businesses and ask them if they would start giving me their products and services entirely for free, rather than asking me to pay for their products and services: my Internet service provider, to which I pay $40 per month for DSL service. They said no. my phone company, to which I pay about $40 per month. Amazingly, they said no. my local gas station, where I fuel my car once per week. Amazingly, they said no. my favorite Vietnamese restaurant; I asked if they would give me all my favorite dishes for free from now on. Amazingly, they said no. my propane gas supply company, from which I purchase over $1,000 of gas per year for heating purposes. Amazingly, they said no. My electric company. Amazingly, they said no. I then contacted my old graduate school, and asked them if I could return in order to pursue a PhD degree for free; normal cost would be about $90,000 over five years. Amazingly, they said no. I then contacted each of the major US airlines, and explained that I often fly around the USA on research field trips, and I asked them if they would, from now on, give me free flights to any destinations of my choice. Amazingly, they said no. my car is getting a bit old, and has become a bit of an oil burner now that it has over 140,000 miles on it, and so I visited each of 11 different car dealers in my area, asking each of them if they would give me a new car for free. Amazingly, they said no. ...sigh....! I guess the biggest thing that I wonder is what causes people to display such egregious levels of sense of self-entitlement. Or, are they perhaps a different species than I? Why do I find their behavior so foreign and so distasteful? Do these people TOTALLY lack gratitude and appreciation? In fact, this kind of behavior is INFANTILE. . waaaah!
  7. Reborn627 was indeed able to find the required info on the 'net -- looks like some tweaking is in order. I was actually able to find it myself after my last post and Reborn is right, it didn't take very long. I have checked over the years every now and then to make sure the info wasn;t out there -- I guess it became available sometime last year. Rebirth, you mentioned "it will only take a minor modification to you discription page to make it more difficult for someone to fake it." I'm open to suggestions from you and/or anyone else here -- what did you have in mind? Thanks.
  8. If you would, email me the answer to question number 3 -- and of course, a link to where you found it on the 'net. I wasn't aware that that information was out there and will be very surprised if you are able to supply the correct answer. If I get proof that the answer is available, I will certainly change the criteria required for a find. That said, out of 600-plus finds on this cache, I have allowed 2 virtuals. These came from handicapped/homebound cachers with extensive explanations. On both occasions they had an able bodied "surrogate" physically visit the site to get the info. One finder from was even from Europe and convinced a distant relative via email to visit the site. I felt he more than deserved to claim the find. Looking forward to hearing from you Reborn627.
  9. Okay...what did you forget to do this morning?
  10. I wouldn't count on anyone at gc.com intervening. Their approach is that typically, the logging requirements are between the owner and the finder and they stay out of it. Have you sent a note to the person explaining why you're deleting their logs? Not saying that will stop the armchair logging, but it might. Also, is there something you can change about your virtual so that an on-site visit is required? I've never been to that park, but the answer can be found in less than 30 seconds. It's time add more questions to your virtual. Not true -- look again. You cannot answer question number 3 without actually visiting the cache site. Not that it matters anyway, sunflower13 never bothered sending ANY of the required answers. This cache has been operating successfully for 6 and a half years and has over 600 finds -- come one guys, give me a little credit here -- I'm not exactly a "newbie" to all this.
  11. The user "sunflower13" keeps on posting a find log for one of my vituals without answering the required questions. It seems s/he is able to find caches all over the globe on the very same day s/he finds my New York City cache. I've contacted the "authorities" here at GC.com -- I hope they can do something. I'm getting tired of deleting the logs.
  12. Bad coordinates and/or meaningless encrypted clues.
  13. Congrats Kenny! And a helluva funny car driver too!
  14. To me, the only lame cache is one with bad coordinates and/or crappy hints. I found a cache today for the first time in a long time -- I saw another new(er) cache nearby but passed on seeking it for the following reasons: - The container was reported as a "vitamin bottle." I have vitamin bottles in my house that range from a 1-gallon "tub" to a two tablet container. Right off the bat, I have no idea what I'm looking for... - The encyrpted clue read "near a dead tree." A dead tree in the woods? I think that hiders intentions are good but just don't realize how ridiculous and useless this type of clue is -- some of my other favorites are, "near the big tree," and "by a large rock." - To top it off, knowing the area somewhat I could see that the cache was placed on the side of a fairly steep hill. After you play this game for a few weeks you realize that a GPS signal bounces around alot/aren't very accurate on a steep incline. I don't mind a good climb, that's not the issue -- why not put it at the top? I passed on seeking this one today. I may or may not go back.. No offense intended to the hider -- this is a far too common phenomenon in the game today. Personally, I like using the GPS, I don't like rummaging around for caches - and I realize that many do. But, I also believe that encrypted clues should be revealing by requirement thereby letting all enjoy the game on their own terms.
  15. To Helmut's kids: When I lost my Dad, one of his friends said something that stuck with me. He said: "It is okay to mourn his death, but don't forget to celebrate his life." Your Dad was an awesome guy, hold your memories of him close and he will always remain in your heart. .
  16. You should classify the sum total of your first caching experience more as a misconception and less a failure. Most new users believe that the GPS will lead them step-by-step toward the cache box until finally, they trip over it. I wish. There’s a lot of variables tied in as well. The conditions the day the hiders coordinate readings were taken, the accuracy of the hiders GPS and as you’ll find, the quality of the hiders clues. Double those factors by your own conditions and equipment. In reality, the GPS will get you “close,” then it’s time to rummage about for the cache. Many geocachers enjoy the rummaging, I’m not one of those. But, the rummaging is a big part of this game.
  17. Dave's not here. (sorry, I couldn't resist) My cache, Devil's Hole is meant for a bike. Try it. .
  18. Has anyone compiled a list of "paddle" caches for our region?
  19. This thread is stupid and self-serving. So, I'll be both: I tell you what...that little 5-shot, alloy, 640 hammerless, J-frame Smith revolver that lady in the picture got on her hip, ain't worth a bucket o'warm spit. Dang, I seen one o'them same-ole hand-guns blowed up in buddies hand when he was plinkin at some old sodie cans.
  20. That’s my dog. He’s not smart but he can run real fast. He’s a Greyhound--he weighs 90-lbs--he's retired. I don’t own a leash.
  21. Hey Jeff, did you ask for statistics? There's a start. You're a big "family values" guy, are you? Please explain to me how divorce protects the "sanctity of marriage".... I think it's also pretty ironic to classify your sister-in-law's sexual orientation as one that she "chose." You say you're not gay, do you remember the exact moment that you "chose" to be heterosexual? Explain.
  22. Why is it that you feel that you can make a generalization such as this one, yet if I did the same thing from the opposite end of the spectrum and used words like glory holes or tossing salad it would probably be too offensive for your delicate sensibilities? Yes, I admit on behalf of the entire heterosexual community that we have gerbil parties when you are not looking, and pretend to be wholesome and moral the rest of the time. Feel better now? I call ‘em as I see ‘em, that’s how. I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your home...(BTW, shhhh - any pics on your website?) speak for yourself! None here. I don't think I've ever been "offended"...I wouldn’t even get "offended" if you typed an insult about my mother: it’s just text. You could even try it face-to-face; I might be a little annoyed that I skinned my knuckle in the process of blasting your front teeth down your throat, but "offended?" No way.
  23. “We have two kinds of morality side by side: one which we preach but do not practice and another which we practice but seldom preach.” ~Bertrand Russell If ya ask me, the guy placing the stickers touting “family values” is the same guy that goes home, beats the crap out of his wife, rapes his children and later gets together with his “buddies” to suffocate a few gerbils in an unspeakable orifice just for fun. By now, don’t we all realize that the ones who preach morality the loudest also have the most dirt to hide? Don’t let it bother you, there are better things to worry about.
  24. Congrats Dan!!! Wonder how many days you'll lose when that piece airs? Hope you had your cover on. Be sure to let me know the T/P/O so I can tape it.
  25. I’m not singling anyone out, I’m addressing (what I see as a) a reoccurring concern that I think is hurting the game of geocaching. This problem is bigger than just one person. We’re talking about a mistake that is commonly performed, you, me, maybe even the infamous Stayfloopy probably did the same thing at one time. I believe when I used the line, “we’ve all done it” that point was emphasized. But Saylor, since you have “addressed” me personally, I will say this: I hold no animosity towards you, that’s silly. On the contrary, I was the guy that spent several hours of my own time helping you with your first (now defunct) Montclair Actors puzzle cache, fine tuning the puzzle at home and visiting the cache site several times and emailing you back-and-forth. I also took the time to supply you with better coordinates for your second cache when people couldn’t find it because they were more than 70 feet off. If you helped out at one of my caches then I certainly appreciate that despite the fact that I visit them often and determine (on my own) if changes need to be made. Although I don’t believe that your pictures accurately represent what I witnessed regarding the damage at Brookdale Park, we certainly have exhausted this topic. None of us are perfect as I stated. I, for one, can definitely answer affirmatively the philosophical question posed by Don-Billie-Jean-Rodney-Alan King when he asks, “can’t we all get along?”
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