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  1. Hmm that must be why my etrex 20 wouldnt do advanced track navigation. I hit goto before I hit the trail. Next time I will try on the start
  2. Apparently you have never cached in no bars county. The phone compass is useless there. Actually the phone itself is useless. An electronic compass is not just for pointing to the north, it is for pointing in the direction of the cache, your magnetic compass really sucks for that use. Im not saying I am 100% positive, however the phone's compass should work with zero signal, and as far as the direction to the cache, it is a relatively minor thing to use an actual compass if you arent moving fast enough for the gps to measure for the compass. Just an opinion.
  3. I like the idea of the compass on the 30, but can't justify the extra $70 for it when I have a) a phone with a compass and a compass with a compass.
  4. I upgraded my 60C for a Vista HCx, and for the money difference, couldnt be happier. I like the smaller form factor, and I ordered the etrex case from Amazon and it appears that they are stocking the new cases that fit the HCx, so all in all I am a happy customer (although I havnet been caching with it yet)
  5. Slightly OT. I thought the etrex case didnt fit, but it looks pretty good in that picture!
  6. Amazon has the complete DVD for 109.00. I bought the non-NT version, and although it says v8, I receeived the 2008 edition
  7. Its on ebay and only selling for $5 at this point Selling due to my new Vista HCx purchase Here is the link. Thanks
  8. Quick question on custom POI's for the Vista HCx. I assume that you can turn off custom POIs so they dont show up on the map all the time? Same question with geocaching waypoints. If I have 300 geocaches on my screen, I know you can set the default zoom where waypoints will come on, but can you custom select geocache waypoints to turn off and leave others on? Thanks for the answers. I purchased my HCx a few days agon, knowing Garwin would fix the odometer problem, and evidently they have... (I hope).
  9. Im looking to update my ancient 60C, and was almost convinced to buy this Vista HCx. I find it hard to believe that there is no turn audio beep. Is this correct? thanks!
  10. This is a general FYI to people who have attempted to convert .csv files created from Microsoft Office into another format such as mapsource. The Microsoft Office .csvs are not padded with a space after the comma. This leads to many problems in my experience attempting to convert them into a good format. This is using the GUI wrapper of GPS babel. The simple solution is to add a space after the comma and then GPSBabel will read it fine. It is my hope that I can save some frustration from other people in the conversion process. I know if I knew that little tidbit I could have saved some time!!!
  11. The easiest way I know of is to download into mapsource and then select all then change the waypoint to a house and re-upload o your gps
  12. I use a Dell Axim X50V Pocket PC. it works incredibly well, and I guarantee that it works as well or better than any Palm solution. having said that I spent so much d@mn money on it, it does not venture out in the woods with me!!
  13. I use arcview some at work. its not that difficult to use... Nice piece of software
  14. To emphasize thg=is, let me tell you my Garmin love story. On my 60C I was using a differnet 1/2 size mini USB than what comes with the GPS. I stripped out the USB port on my 60C. It was hard to maintain connection. It still worked but I had to hold it and jam in the cable during transfers. Anyway, my warrenty was about to expire, so I sent the unit to Garmin for repair. They received the unit on a Thursday evening, and I had the unit back the following Tuesday, with upgraded firmware, spacers under the battery leads, and batteries. Any of the other GPS manufacturers will have to do a lot to sway me away from Garmin.
  15. Actually not 100% correct. The 60C will still show a direction even if you are standing still. It will be a little more accurate if you are moving
  16. Yea, use GSAK to generate html and load that into your smartphone's sd card. Then use pocket IE to view the html. SHould work well enough!
  17. I would ask Garmin to autoroute on the basemap, so having a limited amount of memory would be acceptable.... Oh wait... (The autorouting on the basemap does increase the usefulness of Garmins to Magellan. Try to autoroute from Jacksonville,FL to Seattle,WA on your Magellan) No seriously, give us SD memory, Garmin.
  18. I would add a review for GSAK export to html.. That seems the cleanest to me. I used to user gpxsonar but switched to GSAK only. i just use notepad to write down the naem of the cache found, and update it later. Then again, if I were power caching >10/day gpxsonar would be my pick....
  19. To be honest, if I didnt have autorouting, ii dont think I'd cache anymore(not that I have been doing it much anyway). All the wrong turns on different streets due to having to decipher the map on the small Legend screen vs getting close to the cache automatically. Of course some people will tell you that that is part of the hunt...
  20. Dude take it back and get a 60C(S). Its quite a bit more but absolutely worth it. Legend was my first GPS. I enjoyed it immesley, but the 60C(s) are a major step above. Get the 60C(s) and city select, you wont be sorry!
  21. I dont think so. I think it will do distance or speed vs altitude. I still haven't found any freeware that works. I have gnuplot and it should do it, but its a bit tougher to use than your average windows software
  22. That is cool...Wish my GPS with the 60C face plate was a CS edit: I had the same problem with my 60C and CS5.0 when I got my GPS.
  23. This is where I go : thomasdistributing . The maha chargers are the best! Ive been extremely happy with their batteries as well.
  24. Does it do 3d? I didnt think so, but maybe I am wrong.
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