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Best Finds???


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:huh: Seeing as I am (still) a newbie...I have a lot of ?'s and curiousities!!! I am wondering- what some of the more unique items that some of you have found? What made you jump up and down when you opened that cache? I'll even offer up one of my favorites so far (I've only found 3.) It was a mini cookie monster figure in PERFECT condition. Didn't expect to find something so cute!
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lol funny you mention the blown glass.my first find earlier in 2003..lol almost said earlier this year...duhwas kewl tree a members only cache and when i found it i placed a hand blown glass figure from holiday world here in indiana.the glass cat was never logged as taken from the cache and unfortunatly the cache has since been destroyed by someone urinating in the container and now is gone so i never will know if someone found and took my glass kitty :huh:

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The ball portion of a titanium hip implant. I won't say I exactly jumped up and down when I opened the cache, but I thought it was cool because it was unusual. I turned it into this travel bug (see photo). Unfortunately the TB disappeared into the hands of a geocacher in August and I'm beginning to doubt it will ever see the light of day again.

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i found a 1969 mets championship rheingold beer coaster and a 1986 Dwight Gooden "Dr. K" sticker. probably not worth too much but cool baseball memorabilia. i've also collected plastic army men, including a 6" guy with a flamethrower that are now hiding behind plants in my fishtanks.

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I found a cool camoflague material GPSr case in one cache, with a pocket for spare batteries. Not a huge value item, but one which I have found very useful for keeping my GPSr free from scratches when it's in my handbag (it pays to keep the GPSr handy, never know when someone places a new cache which might be doable from your current location!). Didn't have anything of equal value to swap, so left a couple of lesser value things. I like to find things like small torches, carabiners etc. It's nice to have things for kids, but I would like to find more things for us bigger kids too. Games are cool, I found Chess in a Tin for a pound at a bargain store and left that in a cache, I love to find things like that in caches.

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I found one the other day and the cache had the CUTEST little stuffed bear inside. It was holding a heart. Not really unique but it was so cute I had to do a trade. I have a shelf in my bedroom for knick-knacks. That little bear is proudly sitting on my shelf as I type this.


I looked through the log and didn't see where anyone mentioned leaving it there. So whoever put that bear in the Colorado "Enjoy some shade" cache, THANKS!

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Our very first FTF (Gobble-Gobble) had a pair of nice FRS radios inside. We had been contemplating purchasing a set anyway, so we took off right away when we spotted the new cache listing. We fought through a pouring thunderstorm, rapidly dropping temperatures and a final hike of roughly two miles roundtrip to finish the three stages.


It still ranks as our favorite find, both for the cool prize and for the pride of having overcome adversity.

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My best item found was a digital camera that was in a members only cache.


The most fun item was a really cute plastic bobble head tan dog. Ever since we got it, it sits on the dashboard of our vehicle and has accompanied us as a mascot for a lot of miles. Every so often, we comment that we are so glad we got it.

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One of my son's first finds contained a telephone, an "iEgg" - this fully working phone was the shape and size of an egg. an angled portion swivels away to expose buttons. An earphone/microphone set (included) plugs in, as does a phone cord (also included). It works great.


Needless to say this has never been equaled.


My favorite finds; a Johnny Bravo doll I found yesterday, mint and so cool. A BART ticket I found in chicago, of all places (until I tried to use it and found it had become unmagnetized), necklaces & stuff I have given to females (still working that angle).


My really favorite cache finds are all kept in my minds eye. Flag Hill in the afternoon light. The slopes of McGuire peak after everything has sprouted. An egret nesting ground. An FTF in my flashlight beam. I could go on and on. These I get to take and keep, diminishing noone else.

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A bolo tie made with a large piece of rare jasper. A rock & gem dealer offered me $100 for it, but said it was worth more, since the particular source is now gone.


A $20 Best Buy gift card. (GQ's Abducted Santa Claus)


A cool handmade cane. (Bosun's Cane Cache)


Many interesting handmade sig items. (Team Kender & LaMudbug's are awesome.)


A Homer Kong toy. (Burger King toy)


Lot's of interesting rocks.


Most of what I tade for goes right back in another cache. There are about a dozen items (other than sig items) that I plan to keep so far.


Sn :):) gans

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The weirdest thing I ever found was a Scalp Massager. It's made of thick copper wire and I had no idea what it was when I first looked at it. Just had to take it once I read what it was. Strange contraption!

Here's a picture of one that I found at The Happy Company...



I also found a Remote Finder in a cache. The only thing is, what happens if you lose the Remote Finder? ;)


A friend of mine took Pork Chops from a cache that we found together. I don't think I'd ever eat anything found in a cache (Shouldn't be food in a cache anyway) but he thought it was wild.

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As you requested!




For scale, it's about 1.75" long.

Very nice! Do I detect Walnut and Curly Maple? Hard to tell from the pic. :huh:

My guess would have been fiddleback or curly maple... thanks for the info!


And now it's official... I WANT one! Gonna look for one o'them someday... I'm an amateur woodworker myself!!

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