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  1. Thanks for all the info -- I contacted Garmin the afternoon and they agreed to "rebuild" mine for just $60 instead of the $99 they had on their website. So, I got an RMA # and will be sending it out to them. They categorically denied there being an issue with the screens, but opted to cut the price to make me happy. If I had seen your post prior to paying them $64, then I would have tried it. Thanks again, Bozz
  2. I'll give them a try and see what happens. Anybody successfully get them to do this common repair for FREE? Thanks, Bozz
  3. Any easy fix for display troubles with eTrex Legend series units? Mine started getting lines through the display a while back, and now it goes crazy all the time -- it is unusable. I can depress the top of the screen some and it will go clear for a small time.... then back to scrambled, lines, etc. I know it can be sent to Garmin for $99, but what is the experience with that -- if it is the only option besides replacement of the unit? HELP! Bozz
  4. The Yellow is a decent unit, but you might enjoy the Legend more -- because of the basemap and ability to add more maps if you so choose. I own both models in question, and the Yellow finds just as many caches as the Legend -- the Legend is a much more "usable" model because of the controls, maps, memory, screen resolution, etc. Bozz
  5. Dave5339, Cachemate is a great little program for taking that cache info with you -- very powerful! You'll never want to cut/paste anything again once you use it. Oh yeah, you can't beat the price.... just $8 and they give you updates with the latest version. Bozz
  6. The eTrex Yellow WILL find caches... my wife finds more of them than I do when we get to the area! Once your within a short distance, you have to set aside the GPS and use your other senses.... Lots of good advice here, should be helpful! Bozz
  7. Thanks, after speaking with him it is unclear whether he selected a reasonable region to use. So, I forwarded your info to him so he could keep trying it. Thanks, Bozz
  8. Garmin Legend, nice unit for the money! Ideal unit would be a 60CS -- just a dream for now! Bozz
  9. The latest firmware for the Legend (original, not color) should be 3.60, what version does your GPS have on it, should be able to find it by: 1. Go to your menu 2. Go to SETUP 3. Go to SYSTEM 4. Use joystick to scroll 1 place to the left and click 5. Go to SOFTWARE VERSION, click If you have 3.60, you should have the latest. Hope this helps. Bozz
  10. I'd say it really depends on your budget! Even though your a newbie now, you won't be -- very SHORTLY! Buy as much GPS as you can afford. For under $200 you can get a Garmin eTrex Legend, or a Magellan Meridian -- both do some mapping, store lots of waypoints, etc. Even the Magellan eXplorist is sub-200 and appears to have lots of features and memory (model 200). If you have to stay under $100, then an eTrex (Yellow) would work, but won't give you any expandability once your not a newbie anymore. Hope this helps, good luck! Bozz
  11. That is a nice unit, but I am not sure your price of $399 was the best??? Did you try Amazon.com for it? It looks like it can be had on Amazon.com for about $349 -- not sure what the shipping would cost though (would have had to login). There should be several options in that price range, such as the Garmin 60cs for around $399 -- which has special features pertaining to Geocaching. All in all, depends on what you want -- the Meridian Color is a nice unit, you'll probably be happy with it -- I'd just look at others as well. Bozz
  12. My friend is having trouble using this combination, any suggestions would be appreciated: 1. Magellan Meridian Marine 2. Magellan DirectRoute Software 3. 128MB SD Card Problem is, he is trying to learn DirectRoute and save maps onto the card, then utilize them. He is writing the data to the card from Directroute, using a built-in slot on his computer. Problem is: He writes to the card, can see it on the computer, but the GPS won't see the map once he plugs it in. He has formatted the card in both the computer, and then in the GPS unit. Possible things he is doing wrong? BTW, I am providing phone help for him, I haven't physically went to his house to help him out yet. I have Garmin products, and only know them. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Bozz
  13. I use the Ray-o-vac rechargables, they are GREAT! I'd recommend rech. ones to anybody that is going Geocaching. I always carry an extra set of alkalines as well, just in case I run low. Bozz
  14. Its not really a rip-off, used electronics are worth almost NOTHING! I think they were very up-front with you by telling you how they established that figure they quoted you. Maybe the deal wasn't for you, or me for that matter.... but they seemed pretty honest about how the amount was established. Lets not forget they have to make money too! Bozz
  15. I'd say any GPS that fits in your budget. For the sub-$200 range, you could have a Magellan SporTrak, or a Garmin Legend, or something of the like with some mapping capabilities and such. I don't think I'd buy a GPS that wouldn't do basic mapping, because they are only about 20-30% more than a non-mapping model. Personally, I have an eTrex Legend and love it. Bought my wife a yellow eTrex (Garmin) that won't map, I'm sorry I did now... she is wanting a fuller-featured GPS now that she's seen the maps on mine. Bozz
  16. I think I'd do all the things mentioned: 1. Lithium Batteries (lots) 2. Solar Charger 3. Any of the units you mentioned would be fine 4. Take the GPS V for backup 5. Shotgun is not a bad idea 6. Have fun, I'm very jealous! Bozz
  17. Glad you got it worked out, it is frustrating when something like that won't work no matter what you do. You'll be happy with your eTrex Legend, a great little GPS with enough features to make a cacher happy. Bozz
  18. Another thing you'll want to do is make sure that you don't have the Palm Hotsync software (or any other PDA syncing soft) running on your computer... this will tie up your COM port and not allow communication to your GPS. I had this problem and it made me NUTS til I figured it out. Bozz
  19. I've seen both, and use the Mapsource software, as well as a built-in Nav system in our Expedition... NONE of them give you perfect directions, in fact they'll frequently leaving you scratching your head going "WHY?". Personally, I find the Mapsource, and Garmin units -- more user friendly. Magellan makes good stuff, but I don't find it as easy to use. Hope this helps. Bozz
  20. You have to convert it to the right format.... I had the same problem til someone told me to use the converting program.... It is called GeoCalc. Not sure where I got it, but if you do a search, your likely to find it. Bozz
  21. Hey, your Garmin 60c only cost you $25,000! WOW, what a bargain.... sign me up.... Just kidding, that is pretty cool -- I'll have to talk my wife into a Toyota! Bozz
  22. Can an external antenna be used on the eTrex series? I have a Legend and would love to have a "plate" antenna to stick to the windshiled or sunroof..........it gets old trying to keep a signal while driving to a cache site. Bozz
  23. I think it was a good investment -- I have both Metroguide USA, and TopoMaps as well. However, where I live -- Topo isn't always necessary because all the terrain here is FLAT as a board. Bozz
  24. Sounds cool... but, agree that it wouldn't be TOO HARD to find a cache if the GPS got you within 4 inches of it! Bozz
  25. I use the Energizer Rechargables -- I think they are 2200 MAh, they work GREAT! Keep a spare set or two with me, but never had them dye in the field. They aren't too expensive either, I own about 12 AA's and a charger -- looking to get a few more. I power all my devices with them, from CD players, GPSr's, Digital Cameras, etc. Bozz
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